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Published on 18.05.22 10:20 Age: 1 yrs
Category: Blog

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Work on the site, and more writing with my daughter

So, I spent some time making the site responsive yesterday. I googled how and discovered media queries.

The site was very ugly for hours, especially on mobile, but by the time I ended, it was acceptable.

I think I did the good job, and I am proud of myself.

I am also proud of my daughter, who wrote almost 3000 words of her story while I was coding.

This morning, I fixed a few details, added some dialog and well, improved it before she woke up, and she read the edits while eating breakfast.

She approved my changes.

She will write more tonight (if she has time) and I will edit.

But let me tell you one thing. She makes fewer typos that I do!

In fact, she thinks I might have some level of dyslexia, which is ironic for a software developer, but perhaps it doesn't affect my coding.

My wife laughs at this, as apparently, she's been telling me that my typing sucks.

I mean, she's been telling me that the $ sign goes in front of the amounts for what, two decades now? And I still can't get it right.

For my life to far, we are soon going to surpass 10,000 words, which are 75% from my daughter, and perhaps 25% from me.

The idea to have current day Julie insert herself into the story, that's from me. Same thing for stuff like "I forgot since". But the sunburn, the anger from Julie, that's hers. How it's articulated, well, she put it and I improved.

She is happy for my help, it's a much better story.

I'll get back to my clients, but I wanted to tell you.



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