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Published on 17.05.22 12:40 Age: 2 yrs
Category: Blog

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On this May 17th 2022, the site got major changes and is now bigger and better than ever.

The site is bigger

How it is bigger? It is now 1200 pixels wide instead of 775 pixels.

It was that narrow because it was made back when monitors were huge CRTs with low resolutions, and was never updated.

It should be responsive, it should be updated to a new CMS. But these are outside my knowledge. So, I put it wider.

If you visited today, there were a lot of moments when it was ugly as hell, but that's ok. I was debugging.

It's also bigger because the font size is bigger! I needed small fonts to fit the narrow width, so I put the site wider, and the font bigger. No need to zoom in to read anymore!

Now, on mobile, it no longer works well, but I am reading on responsiveness for mobiles. I might be able to do it.

The site is better

How? Well, the image the top was optimized to be about 80% smaller, so that it loads better.

Since launch, a change occurred and now, we have a SSL certificate. Who knew? I launched in SSL by accident, and the site was all broken. But I fixed it and it now worked in SSL! So you can read the archives without being spied upon.

There is also a new Blog page in the Blog and News page, and the broken bare pit page was hidden. I am sad it's not longer online, but what can I do? It's old. This site is old, I am old.

But what's better is that now, I have a ally, my daughter who is interested in writing for the site. She grew up with a father writing stories, and she wants to write.

Not everything she writes will end up here, since she also writes non-naturist stories, but we co-wrote a sequel to the pool stand-alone, and I am helping her write "My life so far".



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