The Richardson family is coming to town

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Published on 23.02.10 06:24 Age: 14 yrs
Category: Eden's Creek

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By: The Administrator

The Richardson family cannot explore their new house yet, so they have to sleep at the only Bed and Breakfast in town. In route, they briefly visit the beach.

Even thought the Richardson's future house was in the same sector as the Taylor's, they had to spend the night at the Base Sygma bed and breakfast because the current occupants of their house had not given their keys to the house yet.

The Richardson family inherited the house of the former colonel in charge of the defense of the town and his religious beliefs made him morally opposed to naturism.

A locksmith will have the situation sorted out the next morning, but sadly, the was no resident one at base echo, requiring one from a neighboring town to drive the 4 hours road trip required for the 15 to 20 minute job.

Until then, the Richardson had to go to the other end of the town, near the lake. 

Not that they initially complained: they got to see the beautiful beach built by the General's staff and which Kelly would need to oversee.

Rather than rushing to the Bed and Breakfast, the family decided to drag Derrick on the beach to see what they thought was the most beautiful sight in town.

To build a beach, you need water and sand. The water was gradually captured by the terraforming of the town and retained by the tree barrier surrounding it. As the years went by, the yearly monsoon which swept the valley during the summer and the former snow which usually covered it back when winters were cold were accumulated to form the lake.

You might think that because the base was in the desert, the sand was already in place, but the General's staff weren't happy with leaving things to nature. The entire valley had been covered by a membrane which collected underground water lost to bring it back to the aquifer/lake. Just leaving the sand near the lake in place would have meant a gap in the membrane.

No, the painstaking task of removing the bottom of the lake until the top of the aquifer was reached, and then, adding a reinforced membrane around it to ensure impermeability was performed over a period of 8 intensive months.

The result however, was fantastic. To improve the quality of the beach, the general bought a used industrial sand processor which refined the sand to make it even finer. The machine had been officially used to refine sand for electronic parts, but many tourist countries in recent years had discovered it could be used to transform their beaches.

The lake wasn't looking entirely natural, for there was a causeway leading to a small island in the middle of the lake.

Derrick explained the function of the island. "The Aquifer is under the lake and is a large underground cavern filled with water. There is an elevator going down built by the military to oversee the Aquifer. Because the island is off-limits to civilians, it will be the only place we will be able to be nude outside until the law changes"

Despite his pleas to move along, Kelly insisted they go check the island before the sun would fall down in a few minutes.

The gate for the causeway was open, so they just went back to Derrick's car and drove on the one lane causeway until they reached the empty parking lot near the ugly grey building.

It was Amanda who recommended that the  building be painted a nicer color, and soon enough, Derrick joined the group and decided to let his schedule float.

The sun came down on the valley before a consensus was reached, so they drove to the bed and breakfast almost in the dark. Fortunately, once they left the causeway, they discovered the town was well lit by lampposts, something they were lacking at their naturist center back Florida.

The Bed and Breakfast was simply a big two floor house with locking bedrooms. Far from an hotel, it made up for the lack of comfort by an abundance of warmth.

Family portraits adorned the walls and a lit fireplace heated the big living room.

The old lady who operated the "Lake Bed and Breakfast" however, was a cold as penguins. She never bothered to engage a conversation with the Richardson or with Derrick, and limited her words to explaining the rules of her establishment, insisting that if she saw any nudity in her corridor, she would contact the Sheriff right away.

The three keys to the family rooms were practically thrown at them seconds before she stormed in what looked like the Kitchen.

Derrick apologized for her. "She used to operate a Bed and Breakfast in California, where he son was posted. When his son was transferred here, she decided to open a Bed and Breakfast despite the General's insistence she would not get any clients. Oddly enough, she did get enough temporary workers to live by during the construction of the base and saw it as a sign of success. Sadly, in the past year, she's been living only because her son convinced his colleagues to spend the week-end from time to time. Now that the military is leaving, she is more bitter than ever and she blames the naturists for her misfortune. Sadly, it's the only place with comfortable beds available tonight"

"It's ok, we'll manage", reassured Peter Richardson.

The family members inspected their respective room, used the bathroom, and soon enough, the group was back on the road to go see their house, at the other side of the town.

After another drive across town, they were able to see the exterior of their wonderful house and peak inside the windows, but that was the limit to their investigation. Unlike the Taylor's, their backyard wasn't finished yet, having only grass and not even a shed or a bench.

Still, they got to take possession of their new car which in theory, gave them some independence until their old car would arrive with their furniture the next day.

The Richardson had finished packing early that day so their moving truck was a lot closer in its progress and was due around noon on Sunday, only an hour after the locksmith will have given them access to their new house.

The evening ended as Casa Mia with Derrick and his wife Ellen. The Summers explained that their son Michael is currently in Europe to further his studies.

The two couples still bonded a lot so the Richardson's ended up spending a nice nude evening at the Summers' house before turning in to the bed and breakfast and its angry matron.


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Comment from : The Administrator

Tuesday, 23-02-10 13:20

Oops... that's yet another typo that I didn't see prior to publication. I am not sure that Ben and Breakfast is an appropriate name for an establishment which offers private rooms ;-) At least not for this website.


Comment from : lordshipmayhem from Cyberia

Tuesday, 23-02-10 12:15

"Rather than rushing to the Ben and Breakfast"

Is that the too-cute-for-words name of the place, or should that be "bed and breakfast"?


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