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Published on 15.03.10 06:27 Age: 14 yrs

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By: The Administrator

As I already said, my first naturist story was about "Beth", written back in 1999 and partly integrated in 2000-2001 with my previously written Eliza story written mostly in 1996-1997.

In 2003, I had published "A Twitch of Faith" and I was working on a new novel which would become the current Eden's Creek story.

I spent over 6 months detailing the city, the major characters, the premise, but I was unable to actually write it.

For almost 5 years, between 2003 and 2008, I barely wrote, but In October 2008, I wrote the first 5 episodes of Mark and Jenny, which remained unpublished until the end of 2009. 

I was very inspired by Mark and Jenny, but I couldn't complete the series then and soon enough, I was once again staring at a white page and put the site aside. I did begin the outlining of a story called "Bliss" which has a great background and location, but which I was never able to write it. Perhaps one day.

In May 2009, I resumed my writing, first with  "The Secret Beach" and before the end of the month, I had published 7 episodes in the Catherine Reynolds series. It remains my most productive writing month in my life, despite the recent Eden's Creek publications, for I consider the Catherine Reynolds series to be one of my finest piece of work and your comments seem to show that you agree with me.

Between May and August,  I wrote several short stories including Suzy and her Father, Growing up in the Bathtub and a fiery teenager. My productivity gave me enough confidence so that in Mid-August, I felt I was ready to go back to Mark and Jenny and wrote 5 new chapters in the span on only 4 days.

I also began writing several other stories during that time frame which didn't work out but which might later get revisited.  "Saving the Pool" was one of such stories. In Its original format, it was viewed from the point of view of the naturists and was absolutely boring. In October 2009, I rewrote it from the point of view of the lifeguards and was satisfied enough to publish it.

The success of the Lifeguard rewriting led me to write "An odd Saturday afternoon" in the Mark and Jenny serial which prompted me to start serializing it.

But Mark and Jenny didn't speak to me. Instead, Catherine Reynolds kept telling me she was pregnant and looking for case to announce it to her readers. I know it sounds weird, but she had been bugging me since June 2009. 

I only got my criminal case around Christmas and I finally wrote most of "The case of the Funeral" a few days before the holidays. 

By then, I had written the first part of the upcoming Desert Beach story which is yet to be completed.

In February, after the last chapter of Mark and Jenny was published, a lot of e-mails begged me for more chapters, but I was out of steam. That's when I  wrote "A letter of my mom" which led me to finally write in the Eden's Creek universe I had conceived back in 2003. That's also around that time that thought of the "Envoy's of the Gods" universe I will visit once I am done with Eden's Creek.



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