Suzy and her Father, a day under the sun

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Published on 05.08.09 10:02 Age: 15 yrs

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By: Anonymous

A story submitted by a reader about a teenage girl who wants to get closer to her father, whom she only sees from time to time since the divorce of her parents.

"Dad, why did I never see your place ?"

"What do you mean sweetie ?"

"Well, every other week-end, we go together to the park, we hang out at the mall, we stay inside at mom's place, but never to your house. I've never seen it."

"Yes, I know, but I live a little far away, you know that"

"Maybe, but it doesn't make any sense. You have time to come to Mom's house, so why can't I simply spend the week-end at your house ? Wouldn't it be simpler ? Plus, sometimes you go back home on the Saturday evenings and come back on the Sunday morning. If you have time to do that, I have time too."

"Yes, but I don't really live in a house, I live in a kind of small cabin. I save my money for making activities with you"

"I understand, don't be ashamed for that. I wouldn't mind sleeping on the floor of your cabin. I am 15 years old, dad. I'm not a little girl anymore. I want to know more about you. And perhaps I could finally meet Colleen, your girlfriend ?"

"Who told you about Colleen ?"

"I heard you and mom argue about her once, while I was asleep. I want to know my step mother. Isn't my right ? "

He had nothing to add, but why couldn't he understand ? Ever since my parents divorced, when I was 8, I have been seeing my dad without ever seeing his place.

Sure, it was fun, it meant we spent a lot of time together doing fun things instead of just wasting time at place, but I felt like I didn't really know my dad.

I had memories from when he was still with my mother, but they were vague and unclear.

The rest of the afternoon was tense. Unlike the other times, we barely spoke to each other, as if there was a big elephant in the room with us and neither wanted to mention it.

In a big way, I was used to it. It was more or less the relationship I had with my mother. She was cold and distant, seemingly only there to feed me and keep me safe.

But my father, he could listen to me for hours, asking questions about my friends, my school or my dreams in life. He would simply be there for me.

At first, I thought it was simply because he didn't see me often, but about a year ago, my mom went into surgery and he took care of me for a good three weeks at my mother's house. He was just as patient and caring as when we only saw each other on alternate week-ends.

At the end of the afternoon, when we came home, mom opened the door and asked if we had a fun, in a semi-blazed tone.

I just told her : "A lot. Next time, I am staying at dad's place"

My mom became furious and yelled at my father : "No way, she's not going to that perverted place. I thought we had an agreement"

"We do, but isn't she old enough to decide ? "

"Yes mom, aren't I old enough ?"

I am tired of my mom deciding everything for me.

"See, she already agrees with you ! It's easy for you, all you do is take her out every once in a while. Who takes care of her full time ? I don't even get a single night off !"

"If she came to my place, you would."

"You are not converting her to your lifestyle. She's 15, is it even legal ?"

"There are kids living there Margaret. It's perfectly healthy. And I am not trying to convert her. I wouldn't press anything on her. If she wants to try it, I'd let her try it. Nothing more. The rest is up to her."

I was really intrigued by the conversation. What where they even talking about ?

"Can someone please tell me what is going on ?"

My father turned to me.

"Suzy, what your mother is trying to hide from you is the fact that I am now a naturist, and live in a naturist center. It's not too far away, but your mom didn't want me to tell you about it"

"What is a naturist ?", I innocently asked.

My mom answered for him.

"It means nudist. Your dad and his girlfriend live in a nudist camp. Like perverts. Anyway, go home now, I'll take care of her."

My mom then suddenly pulled me inside and closed the door, leaving my dad outside.

I decided to just storm to my room and lock the door behind me.

So, my dad's a nudist. That's why he didn't bring me to his house.

I searched a little on the Internet, and found out that it doesn't appear to be that bad. While I was searching, my dad came to chat with me.

"So, are you freaked out ?", he asked.

"No. It's a little weird. So I guess this means you're naked right now"

"Yeap, I am nifoc, like some say. Nude in front of the computer. We prefer the term nude, naked implies something is missing, as if it was abnormal"

"But it's not entirely normal, is it ? "

"Well, it depends on your definition of normal"

"So, where is it exactly that you live ?"

He send me a link to the naturist center. The website had a lot of pictures of nude people, including in the beautiful indoor pool or playing volleyball. I didn't see my father in the pictures, to a certain relief.

"Looks like a nice place"

"It is. Colleen works here, that's how I met her."

"So, one day you just decided  to visit a naturist center ?"

"It's a longer story, but in a sense, yeah, that's pretty much what happened. I was sad about the divorce and just started hanging out there. I met Colleen, we grew closer, and I eventually moved in with her, at the center"

"So, why didn't you tell me before ?"

"Well, your mom is convinced that it's perverted or sexual or something like that. It's not, I can assure you, but to buy the peace, I agreed not to mention it"

"So, do you want or not want me to come to your place ? This mean you and Colleen will be nude, right ?"

"Well, that's part of the problem. You would have to be too, at some point. I don't want to force it on you. You can remain clothed a few minutes to adjust, but after 5 to 10 minutes, you need to undress, or I need to bring you back to your mom"

"How is it ? Do you feel ashamed ?"

"You know how it could be humiliating to walk out in front of strangers without any clothes ? Well, it's not like that, because everyone else is also without any clothes. It feels natural, well, for most people. I'm not sure your mom would fit in."

"So, what do you want me to do ? Do I go to your place or do I listen to mom ?"

"I want you to listen to your heart. In two weeks, when we see each other, if you want to go to my place, we'll go, but otherwise, we'll do something else. It has to be your decision. It could seriously complicate things with your mother"

"I know. I'll deal with her. Thanks. "

It was already late, so I prepared to go to bed, starting with a bath. I passed by my mom on the way to the bathroom, but we didn't actually exchange any words.

After my bath, I wrapped the towel around me to get back to my room, like I always did, but this time, instead of dressing back up, I locked my door and decided to sleep in the nude, just to try it.

Somehow, I managed to get a full good night sleep and the next morning, was a little confused that I wasn't wearing anything under the covers, but shortly remembered why.

After checking the clock, I realized my mother had already left for work and wouldn't return until at least five that afternoon.

I decided to remain nude for the rest of the day, watching TV, eating, talking on the phone with a few of my friends, but mostly, researching about naturism.

It didn't sound to be too bad. I didn't buy most of the reasons for trying it, but if it was the only way to really get closer to my dad, I guess I should at least try it.

The next two weeks flew by rather quickly. I spent a few days nude, but since I saw a few friends, I was also frequently out of the house, reducing my nude time.

I made sure not to mention naturism to my mother, so that when my father came to pick me up on that Saturday morning, they barely exchanged words, like usual.

It was as if she had forgotten I now knew about my father's new lifestyle.

Once in the car, my father asked me what I wanted to do for the day.

"I want to go to your place and meet Colleen."

"Are you sure ? You know you'll need to undress..."

"I know. I practiced alone at home, when mom was at work."

"You did ? I guess I didn't know you that much..."

"Well, you did raise me a lot more than she did."

He thanked me and we continued having a light conversation, but shortly arrived at his naturist center.

It was located on the side of an almost deserted road. It was surrounded by a forest, but separated from the street by a high wooden fence.

The entrance was on the side, and located so that from the street, or even the driveway, all you could see was the administration building.

My father had a key for the gate, so we just drove to his house, a kind of small cabin. On the dirt streets everyone we passed was entirely nude, with several carrying a small towel. Some had shoes and even a few had a hat, but the rest were also bare footed.

While most of the people I saw were elderly, there was a significant portion of young families, but I didn't see any teenagers so far.

His house had only 3 rooms : a combined living room/kitchen, a bedroom and a bathroom, but it was nicely decorated and very functional.

There were pictures on the wall of my father and of a younger woman whom I presumed to be Colleen. In most of the pictures, they were both nude, but in a few, they were dressed. I also spotted a few of my pictures from school.

"Well, this is it", my father said.

I simply nodded and removed my clothes. My father did the same, but we didn't look at each other while doing it.

After only a few seconds, which looked like a eternity, we were both nude, and our clothes were on sofa.

My father took the piles and placed them in his room, coming back with two small towels, "For sitting on".

I put my sandals on, but my father chose to remain bare footed. We took a walk around the resort, toward the pool, while he presented me to some of the residents, making sure along the way I was feeling fine.

It's kind of weird, but after the first few seconds of adjustment, I didn't feel ashamed or self-conscious about being naked in front of others. Perhaps the fact they were just as nude helped.

By the side of the pool, I recognized the woman from the pictures, sitting on a chair by the side of the pool.

Dad introduced me to Colleen, who was both the lifeguard and the pool cleaner of the center.

My father was 38, but Colleen couldn't have been older than perhaps 25, making her closer to my age than to his. Still, I had to admit that if I were a man, I would have preferred Colleen to my mother, notably by the fact she actually knew how to smile.

Colleen, my father and I talked for almost an hour by the side of the pool. About nothing, about everything, about anything I couldn't talk about with my own mother.

Colleen had a lot of interesting things to say about life, happiness and wisdom, but mostly, like my father, she was capable of truly listening.

I discovered notably that she was raised as a part-time naturist in a normal neighbourhood, and in her teens, discovered that the pursuit of money and the pursuit of happiness  seemed to be contradictory.

As such, she focused on her studies, but when she saw the lifeguard position opening at this naturist center, she jumped on it, deciding to focus on her happiness, even if it meant not necessarily making a ton of money.

I spent over an hour in the pool, just relaxing in the cold water, frequently looking the families and couples around the pool. I quickly realized that contrary to my mother's assumptions, nothing wrong was going on.

Everything looked natural, except of course for the fact that no one was actually wearing clothes.

Around noon, Colleen, my father and I went to their cabin to eat diner, still nude. We ate spaghetti. I can tell you I was particularly attentive to make sure not to spill any of the hot sauce over my body, but otherwise, the meal was rather pleasant.

Most of the meals with my mother were taken in almost complete silence, whereas meal with my father were occasions to talk about my week, my ideas and my life. Colleen was just as accepting as he was, and I could see how they fitted well together.

In both cases, they had a kind of sparkle in their eyes when they looked at each other.

The rest of the afternoon was somewhat more boring. The novelty of being nude had passed, and there wasn't really much to do for a girl like me. 

I tried a few sports, but in the end, just tanned a little under the sun.

After Colleen finished her day of work, I shared my thoughts about the day.

"I don't mind the nudity, but there isn't much to do around here for me. I guess I have nothing against it, but wouldn't spend my days here."

"I understand", replied my father. "Would you like to go out to a restaurant and catch a movie ?"

"If you don't mind..."

Colleen offered to join us, and I gladly accepted. She Just decided to only put a yellow summer dress over her naked body, but I decided to actually put my underwear back on. I had enough nudity for the day.

Supper was just as fun as dinner, but sadly, the movie was rather dull. We did have fun poking holes into the story.

My father dropped me off at my mother's house right away the movie. I slept in the nude, but for now, I had enough of social nudity. Perhaps two weeks would be long enough for me to want to hang out once more at my father's cabin. Perhaps enough to spend the night there.

But that's another story...



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