Kristen Chapter #15: Crew

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Published on 23.02.06 11:32 Age: 18 yrs

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By: Nemo

Kristen meets the rest of the crew

“Pleased to meet you, Kristen. My name’s Don,” the man said, extending his hand.

Kristen felt almost as embarrassed about the way she had tried to cover herself as she did about being naked. With an effort of will, she lowered her arms to her sides. “Uh, hi,” she said, with a little nod. Awkwardly, she reached out and shook Don’s hand.

She blushed intensely. To be honest, meeting this man would have caused her to blush under any circumstances. She stood transfixed by the steady gaze of his piercing blue eyes. She expected him to look over her naked body, but his eyes stayed locked on hers. She was accustomed to the furtive glances of adolescent boys. This was different.

Don seemed to be in his mid-twenties. He was a big man, about 6’4” tall and 210 pounds, all muscle. Kristen admired the sleek strong lines of his torso. His white polo shirt wasn’t particularly tight, but he filled it out admirably, she mused. She allowed her eyes to wander over his body, studying his masculine form with frank admiration, losing herself for a moment in a sensation she had never felt so strongly before. She wondered idly what he looked like naked, and trembled a bit when she realized that she would soon find out.

She turned her eyes up again to his ruggedly handsome face. He smiled warmly, showing a row of even white teeth. His eyes were still locked on hers.

Kristen felt mortified—he had seen it! He had seen her checking out his body. Her eyes stung as tears of shame began to form. Rapidly she blinked them away. Don seemed to have noticed nothing; he was still shaking Kristen’s hand, still smiling amiably. “A—a pleasure to meet you, Don,” she choked, her throat try.

“Is this your sunscreen?” Don asked pleasantly, picking up the bottle.

For a moment, Kristen was confused by the question. She looked blankly at the bottle in Don’s hand, and suddenly recollected where she was. “Oh, the—the sunscreen,” she stammered. “That—that’s mine, yes.”

Don opened the bottle. “Do you want me just to get your back, or would you like the full service?” he asked.

Kristen’s face grew hotter still. She studied his face—was he joking? She couldn’t tell. There was nothing in his expression or the tone of his voice to suggest that he was not serious, or that there was anything the least bit unusual about the question. “J—just the back, please,” she said hoarsely.

Don made a circular motion with his finger. “Turn around,” he said.

Kristen nodded. With her heart pounding, she turned her bare back to him.

With workmanlike calm, Don poured some of the lotion into the palm of his hand. He placed his palm on Kristen’s tailbone, with his fingers pointed down. His fingertips rested softly on the upper part of her buttocks. Kristen stiffened. The sunscreen felt cold. She could feel some of the cold fluid starting to trickle down from her tailbone. Don pressed his fingers tight against her flesh, stopping the drip. One finger rested firmly between the cheeks of Kristen’s ass. Her body stiffened even more. Had he done that on purpose?

Slowly, with steady pressure, Don moved his hand up, spreading the cold lotion up Kristen’s spine. She shivered, not entirely from the cold. His palm stayed firmly pressed against her back, but his trailing fingers moved softly back and forth across her spine. His hand moved slowly and steadily up. At the base of her neck, he turned his hand so that his fingers ran across her spine. He gently rubbed the lotion onto the nape of her neck, up to her hairline.

Kristen’s breathing was fast and shallow. Now Don moved his hand back down her spine, making a series of firm sweeping motions, trying to spread the lotion outward across her back. He paused and looked down at the palm of his hand. “This stuff’s a little runny,” he said blandly. “Didn’t mean to drip.”

“It—it’s okay,” Kristen said meekly.

Don poured some more of the lotion into his hand. “Why don’t you lean over here and put your hands on the bench? That will give me a flatter surface to work with, and should make this a little easier.”

Kristen nodded. She turned toward the bench and bent over, resting her weight on the heels of her hands against the edge of the bench. Don had already started to spread the cold lotion across her back before she realized how unseemly a position she was in. Had Don done this on purpose? Was he deliberately trying to embarrass her? She twisted her head around to study his face.

Don seemed serenely unaware of Kristen’s emotional turmoil. He spread the lotion over her back as calmly as a careful worker painting a barn door. After a moment he smiled and patted Kristen on the small of her back. “Okay, I think that’s pretty good,” he said.

Relieved, Kristen straightened up. She gave Don a weak smile. “Thanks,” she said.

“Any time,” Don replied. He swiftly pulled his shirt off over his head. Kristen was startled by the suddenness of the movement, but she seemed to see it in slow motion. She marveled at the way the muscles in his back and shoulders moved.

Don kicked off his canvas loafers. In the blink of an eye, he loosened his belt, unbuttoned and unzipped his trousers, and slipped them down to his knees. Kristen’s heart raced. He was wearing no underwear. It took only a instant for him to step out of the trousers. Now he was as naked as she was.

He pulled a small bottle of sunscreen from the pocket of the trousers, then glanced at the larger bottle that was sitting on the bench. He turned to face Kristen without a hint of self-consciousness. “Kristen,” he said, “would you mind if I used some of your sunscreen? I’ve heard this stuff is supposed to be pretty good.”

“Help yourself,” Kristen said. She smiled as she remembered Mr. Robinson’s joking remark about the Black Knife Beach lifeguards signing an endorsement contract for suntan lotion.

Kristen watched as Don spread the lotion over his own body. He started by dabbing some of the lotion onto his forehead, then spread it over his face and down his neck. He carefully applied lotion to his ears, and to the back of his neck. He worked swiftly and expertly down his body, covering his shoulders, arms, chest. She watched in fascination as he stroked his hands across his tight abdominal muscles.

She felt she should turn away, but she couldn’t. She watched in fascination as he wiped the lotion onto his genitals. He seemed to suffer not a trace of embarrassment, working swiftly and efficiently while Kristen watched. As he bent to spread the lotion down his thighs, he looked up and spoke. “My brand is pretty good,” he said, cocking his head toward his bottle of sunscreen, “but it feels kind of greasy. This stuff is supposed to feel a lot more natural, and work just as well.”

Kristen lowered her eyes to the floor. “I, uh, I have a case of this,” she said. “The guy who gave it to me said I should share it with the other lifeguards. Do you want me to bring you a bottle?”

Don smiled brightly and straightened up. “That’s awfully nice of you,” he said. “Sure, I’d like to try it.” He poured a little more of the liquid into his hand, and reached around to spread it over his rear. Then he held the bottle out to Kristen. “Okay,” he said. “Ready.”

Kristen accepted the bottle with a trembling hand.

“Would you like me to sit or stand?” Don asked. “Or bend over?”

Kristen felt her face redden again. She tried to consider the question in a purely practical manner. “Standing will be best, I think,” she said. Don turned his naked back toward her.

Kristen poured some of the lotion into one hand, then rubbed her hands together briskly as she had seen Mary do the day before. She used both hands to spread the lotion over the broad expanse of Don’s back. Her heart beat faster as she slid her hands over the firm strong muscles. She felt the shape of each separate muscle distinctly, even if she couldn’t see it. She felt the separate bones in his spine. She felt the heat of his body under her hands. And she felt the strange tickling sensation rising in her stomach—a sensation that had become familiar during the past two days.

She fought to keep her mind on the matter at hand. She poured a little more of the sunscreen onto her hand, warmed it as she had before, and set to work spreading it across Don’s back.

“I’m next,” an unfamiliar male voice called out. Kristen turned to see another man entering the locker room.

“George!” Don said, cheerfully.

“Breaking in the new girl, eh?” George responded.

Don laughed and turned his head to look at Kristen, who had frozen with her hands still pressed against the small of his back. “Kristen is pretty good, George. I think you’re going to like her.”

“Oh, I like her already,” George said, smiling. “Your word is good enough for me.” George dropped a duffel bag on the floor and turned to open his locker. He looked a few years younger than Don. He opened his locker and started to unbutton his shirt. His hair was dark brown, and fairly long. He wasn’t as tall or muscular as Don, but Kristen saw much to admire in his lean, fit physique. She watched as he took off his shirt.

“Hey, back to work!” Don said sharply. Kristen looked up red-faced to see that he was looking at her over his shoulder, and smiling. She turned her attention back to the problem of spreading sunscreen over Don’s back. When she was finished, she felt tempted to give Don a little pat on the ass. She resisted the temptation.

“All done,” she said, timidly.

Don turned to face her. “Thanks,” he said with a bright smile. “You do good work.” He turned to open his locker.

Kristen looked over at George. He was already completely undressed. He was busy now with something inside his locker. She had nothing to do immediately, and she felt self-conscious and awkward.

A woman stepped through the door. “George! Don! Great to see you,” she said.

“Alicia!” the men called out, in unison. Alicia seemed to be in her early twenties. She was wearing jogging shoes and a baggy gray sweat suit. Her golden blonde hair was pulled back in a ponytail. She looked quizzically at Kristen.

“Alicia, this is Kristen,” Don said. “She’s new here.”

“I thought so,” Alicia said. She smiled and reached out to shake Kristen’s hand. “Nice to meet you, Kristen. I’m Alicia. If anyone has told you anything about me, I want to say right here and now that it’s all a pack of lies.”

Kristen laughed and shook Alicia’s hand. “Nice to meet you,” she said.

Alicia said, “Now, if these two guys give you any kind of trouble…” She paused, then shrugged. “Well, then I guess you’re on your own,” she said.

“I—I’ll keep that in mind,” Kristen said, with a puzzled smile.

“Just kidding,” Alicia said. “Excuse me, my locker’s over there,” she said, pointing past Kristen. Kristen pressed herself tightly against the row of lockers to give Alicia room to pass. She gasped at the feel of the cold metal of the lockers against her bare skin.

Alicia opened the door of her locker and unzipped the top of her sweat suit. Kristen could see that she was bare underneath. Alicia sat on the bench and took off her running shoes and a pair of high-topped white socks. She tossed them all unceremoniously into her open locker. She stood and loosened the drawstring at the top of her sweat pants. The loose pants simply dropped around Alicia’s ankles, and she stepped out of them. She kicked the pants into the locker. Kristen noted that Alicia was a natural blonde.

“Oh, I’m sorry. Could you excuse me?” Alicia said. “I left my beach bag out in the office.” Again Kristen pressed herself against the cold metal lockers to let Alicia squeeze by. Wearing only the open jacket of her sweat suit, Alicia seemed to Kristen to be more naked than naked. The clothing didn’t cover anything essential; it seemed only to call attention to what Alicia wasn’t wearing.

Alicia returned in a moment, carrying her beach bag, and Kristen pressed herself against the cold metal lockers again to let her pass.

“It’s a little crowded in here,” Kristen said. “I’m going to get out of everyone’s way.” She stepped toward the doorway.

Alicia and Don murmured indistinct acknowledgements. “You’re still going to do my back, right?” George asked.

Kristen nodded. “Let me know when you’re ready.” She stepped through the door into the office.

Beth looked up from her paperwork and smiled. “It looks like you’re doing okay,” she said. “Sorry I couldn’t come back and help you with your sunscreen, but everybody just pitches in around here.”

“It’s okay,” Kristen said. “It just takes a little while to get used to it.”

A voluptuous auburn-haired woman in faded blue jeans and a baggy yellow t-shirt came through the office door. “Lizzy!” she cried to Beth.

Beth laughed. “Katie!” she responded.

The woman laughed. “Okay, you win, Beth.”

“Trina,” Beth said, “I’d like you to meet Kristen. This is her first year as a lifeguard.”

“Ohmigod!” Trina said, reaching out to shake Kristen’s hand. “They put you on Black Knife Beach your very first year?”

Kristen nodded meekly.

“That’s a pretty big assignment for your first year,” Trina said. “Some people cut and run rather than working down here. I know I thought about it. Listen, I don’t know how you feel right now, but listen to the voice of experience, okay?”

Kristen nodded.

“This is the best beach in the world,” Trina said. “After you’ve been here for a while, you’ll be spoiled. You’ll never want to leave.”

Kristen shot a quick glance at Beth. “Th—that’s what I hear,” she said.

“Well,” Trina said, “I’d better get in there and get into uniform.” She glanced playfully at Beth. “The boss is extremely strict, and the penalties for being out of uniform are severe.” She laughed and walked into the locker room.

Kristen walked over to Beth’s desk. She said, “What did she mean—“

“Beth!” a man’s voice called. “Hey, and somebody new! Excellent.”

“Richard!” Beth said. “Meet Kristen.”

Kristen turned and shook hands with a man about thirty years old. He was shirtless, dressed in black slacks and cheap canvas shoes, without socks. He was about 5’10” tall, and clearly in good shape, but after meeting Don, Kristen found Richard’s physique unremarkable.

“Kristen,” he said. “I’ve always liked that name. And now I’m going to like it even more. Glad to meet you, Kristen.” He looked over through the open door of the locker room. “I’d like to stay and chat, but time’s getting short. I have to get into uniform.” Without waiting for her to say a word, he walked back to the locker room.

Kristen looked at Beth. “Isn’t he a little old to be a lifeguard?” she whispered.

Beth shook her head. “No, the oldest lifeguard employed by the city is over forty. Richard’s still in great shape, and he’s got a lot of experience. You can learn a lot from him.”

Suddenly Beth looked out the door into the darkness. She tapped theatrically on her wristwatch. “Cutting it pretty close again, aren’t you, Janet?” she called into the darkness.

Kristen turned and looked through the doorway. She could see a shadowy form approaching. A woman’s voice called, “I need my beauty rest, Beth. At least I don’t have all the overhead of the others.”

The woman came into the light and stepped through the doorway. She had shining shoulder-length black hair, and stunning green eyes. She had a beach bag slung over one shoulder. She was wearing nothing but a pair of leather sandals.

“Let me…” Janet stopped speaking and looked at Kristen with a strange expression. After a moment, she looked at Beth and continued, “Let me dump my beach bag in the locker and get my cap, and I’m all set.”

Feeling puzzled, Kristen watched the naked woman walk into the locker room.

“Well,” Beth said, “the gang’s all here.”



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What great story! How many people can say they started their first day at work nude? This is a well-thought out story.


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