Kristen Chapter #5: Perfect Match

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Published on 23.02.06 11:17 Age: 18 yrs

Letters : 16305 Words : 2813

By: Nemo

Kristen and Beth talk to the regulars met in the previous chapter

There were four of them—two women and two men, laughing and tossing around a frisbee. As if mesmerized, Kristen watched them move—running, jumping, bending, stretching, walking, throwing. They were as naked as she was. They seemed to be completely unconscious of the way things swung, swayed, bounced and jiggled as they moved.

Kristen noticed. She saw them as if they were moving in slow motion. Everything moved according to the laws of physics—she could see that. But there were rhythms and resonances at work quite different from anything she had seen before. It was beautiful, in a way. But how could they be unaware of the spectacle they were providing? How could they possibly not be ashamed that the most private parts of their bodies were flapping, flopping, bobbing and rippling with every movement?

Kristen suddenly felt acutely aware that her own breasts were jiggling, very slightly, with every step she took. With a strong tickling sensation rising in her stomach, she wondered what other sympathetic vibrations might be sweeping over her own flesh as she walked. Perhaps, in her quiet way, she was giving these strangers as much of a show as they were giving her.

Beth suddenly started walking more quickly toward the group. “Hey, you bums!” she shouted. “Don’t you know that the beach isn’t open yet?”

One of the men, tall, with a slender athletic build, tilted his face toward the sky with a look of exasperation. His long blond hair, bleached almost white by the sun, fell past his shoulders. Loudly, his voice edged with anger, he said, “Sheesh! Cool it, guys. The Head Nark is here!” All four of the naked people turned and glared at Beth.

Kristen froze, nervous and alert. Had Beth led her all the way down the beach just to confront these four strangers? Didn’t she know how big a risk she was taking? “Doesn’t she realize we’re outnumbered?” Kristen thought.

Beth walked purposefully, straight toward the tall blond man. She was about two feet from him when the man lunged forward suddenly and grabbed Beth with a powerful bear hug. He quickly jerked her naked body upward, raising her about two feet above the ground.

Kristen could hear her pulse hammering in her ears. On unsteady legs, she raced forward. She didn’t know how she would help Beth, but she knew she had to try.

“Beth!” the man shouted. “I am so glad to see you!” Laughing, he gently lowered her to the ground. Surprised and embarrassed, Kristen awkwardly tried to stop her headlong run toward the man. The tall blond man looked at Kristen with a puzzled expression, then turned to Beth with a smile. “Who’s your friend?” he asked.

Beth turned and beamed at Kristen. “Erik,” she said, “I’d like you to meet Kristen. She’s a brand-new lifeguard, and I’m showing her around the place.”

Erik turned toward Kristen and greeted her with a big toothy smile. “Excellent!” he roared, reaching out to shake her hand. He gazed steadily into her eyes. “Very cool to meet you, Kristen.”

Kristen didn’t know how to react. She nodded nervously and allowed him to seize her hand while she muttered, “Pleased to meet you.” She had never seen a naked man before. Erik was tall and very thin, but his muscles were sharply defined and seemed to be made of bands of steel. His long blond hair was parted in the middle of his head and reached well past his shoulders. His eyes had a faraway, dreamy look—she wondered whether he was stoned. He had a wispy blond beard. Kristen glanced down, and saw his penis hanging limp under a wispy blond patch of pubic hair. She didn’t know whether it was large or small, whether it was attractive or repulsive. But to Kristen it seemed interesting. How could he just let it dangle out in the open like this, for anyone to see?

Suddenly she felt that she had been staring at Erik’s penis for an embarrassingly long time. Blushing, she jerked her eyes back up to Erik’s face. He was still smiling and looking dreamily into her eyes. There was no trace of embarrassment or self-consciousness in his expression.

The other three people had drawn near, and Beth introduced Kristen to them.

“This is Maria,” Beth said, introducing a tall blonde whose taut lean body looked as if it had been carved from a block of flawless marble by some master sculptor. Maria’s golden hair moved gracefully in the sea breeze. It was cut in a loose, feathery style that made it seem soft and inviting. Kristen, feeling ashamed for checking, quickly noted that Maria’s dense pubic hair was jet black.

Maria advanced with her face downturned. She smiled shyly and blushed when she shook Kristen’s hand. She didn’t say a word. Kristen was puzzled. A moment ago this blonde beauty had been running and leaping about, without a trace of modesty. Now, meeting Kristen, she seemed almost crippled with shyness.

“Paul is Maria’s boyfriend,” Beth said, introducing a stocky man with a body-builder’s physique. Paul’s hair was black and cut short—almost like a marine. He wore a tiny crucifix around his neck.

“Kristen is such a beautiful name,” Paul said as he shook her hand. He made no effort to disguise the fact that his eyes were taking in everything about her, and he smiled a smile that didn’t seem entirely innocent. “I am delighted to have this opportunity to meet you.”

“And this is Erik’s wife, Sheila,” Beth said. Kristen shook hands with a short young woman with the same faraway look in the eyes that Erik had, and with long, straight auburn hair, parted in the middle of her head, almost perfectly duplicating Erik’s hairstyle. At a distance she had seemed trim and athletic, but now her body seemed a little heavy. Her stomach stuck out a little, and her large breasts drooped a bit. Perhaps she was in an early stage of pregnancy. She gave Kristen a warm smile and said, “Welcome, Kristen. No wonder you wanted to come to Black Knife Beach. If I had a body like yours, I’d never want to wear clothes.”

Kristen felt the blood rushing to her face again, but she smiled bravely and said, “Thank you. What a nice thing to say.”

Erik stepped toward his wife. “Sheila, you never want to wear clothes anyway.”

Sheila swatted at him playfully with the frisbee. “I do it all for you, buster. I saw some nice outfits on the Home Shopping Channel last week. If you’re not careful, I might just start wearing clothes again.”

Erik gave Sheila an affectionate hug. “Oh, I can’t let that happen,” he said.

Paul stepped forward and put his hands on his hips. “So, Kristen, do you play volleyball?” he asked.

“Oh, no you don’t!” Beth said, shaking her head emphatically. “Kristen is a lifeguard. If she plays volleyball, she plays for the forces of goodness, not the forces of evil. You find your own players.”

“Volleyball?” Kristen asked.

“Beach volleyball,” Beth responded. “There’s a sort of ongoing tournament every year. We play Skins vs. Skins, of course. Most of the lifeguards like to play when they’re not on shift.” She smiled, and added, “It helps to remind the beach bums who is really in charge here.”

“I—uh—I don’t think I could do that,” Kristen stammered.

Beth looked at Kristen for a moment, then smiled and said, “Well, we’ll keep working on you, but it’s entirely up to you.” Kristen looked up into Beth’s eyes and smiled gratefully.

Beth turned to the little group. “Well, I just wanted Kristen to see the depths that humanity can sink to here on Black Knife Beach. Thanks a lot, folks. You’ve been a big help.”

“Glad to be of service,” Erik said. He stepped forward and gave Beth a little pinch on the fanny. Beth laughed. Erik gave Kristen a big friendly smile. “I’d like to give you a little pinch, too, Kristen, but I wouldn’t want to be overly presumptuous on such short acquaintance.”

 “I—appreciate that!” Kristen said.

“Oh, Kristen?” said a soft female voice. Kristen turned to see Maria step forward. “I can see by your tanlines that you haven’t spent a lot of time nude in the sun,” Maria said, her voice barely more than a whisper. “You be sure to get a really good sunscreen. You don’t want to burn.” Kristen noticed that Maria’s body had faint tanlines—the only tanlines she had seen today, except for her own. Maria blushed and smiled her shy smile. “I’m still trying to get evened out, myself,” she said.

“That sounds like good advice,” Kristen said, smiling at sweet, shy Maria. “Thanks.”

Beth and Kristen turned back toward the distant lifeguard station at the other end of the beach. They had gone only a few yards when Kristen heard Erik’s voice shout, “Kristen! Think fast!”

Kristen turned and was startled to see the frisbee dart by just a few inches from her nose. Instantly, she leaped into the air, and twisting and diving into the sand, she snagged the frisbee on her index finger. Laughing, she stood up, still twirling the frisbee on her finger. “Did you lose something?” she said, and with a sweep of her arm and a snap of her index finger, sent the frisbee sailing back to Erik.

Erik snatched the frisbee out of the air. “Jeez—the girl is good!” he said. “Hey, Beth, if you’re going to bring in a ringer to play on your volleyball team, you’re gonna have to spot us a couple points.”

“In your dreams!” Beth shouted, without looking back.

Smiling broadly, Kristen turned and quickened her pace to catch up with Beth. “Who are those people?” she asked.

Beth turned her head and saw Kristen approaching. She smiled. “They’re regulars here—beach bums, but pretty nice people.” When Kristen caught up with her, Beth watched her carefully for a moment, then said, “I’m no expert, but I think Maria is probably not a natural blonde. Erik, on the other hand, is 100 per cent natural. Do you agree?”

Kristen turned toward Beth, stunned by the crudeness of the question. From Beth’s expression, it seemed clear she wanted an answer. “I—I don’t know,” Kristen said. “I—I suppose you’re right.”

Beth nodded. “Now tell me the truth, Kristen. After you had met Maria, did you, for one second, think that the dark patch of hair between her legs made her any less beautiful? Did you ever think that she should feel embarrassed about the fact that the hair on her head didn’t match the color of the hair below?”

Kristen stopped in her tracks, stunned. Her mouth hung open. Beth stopped and turned to face her. “You—you—how did you know?” Kristen blurted. For a moment she struggled to organize her thoughts. “You knew my natural hair color was light brown before I took my clothes off!”

Beth smiled and nodded.

“How did you know?” Kristen asked, a little frightened. Unconsciously, she clasped her hands before her pubic area.

“Elementary, my dear,” Beth said. She paused for effect. “You didn’t color your eyebrows.”

Kristen reached up and touched her eyebrows, as if she could feel their color. Beth turned and continued to walk down the beach.

After a moment, Kristen followed after, lost in her own thoughts. She looked up and saw the rhythmic motion of Beth’s naked ass—the swaying of her hips, the rise and fall of each bare buttock, the delightful gluteal crease that formed under each cheek as she stepped forward. Kristen felt a strange sensation low in her stomach with the realization that she was providing a similar spectacle to anyone who might happen to be behind her. She felt a growing tightness in her chest. Breathing seemed difficult. Once again she felt a wave of embarrassment and shame rising up to engulf her.

Beth turned her head and said cheerfully, “You’re going to fit right in here, Kristen. I told you that you would get used to it.”

Kristen struggled to find her voice. “Get used to it?” she said. “You must not have noticed that I’ve barely been able to avoid fainting all day! I’m dying of embarrassment!”

Beth turned and smiled. She waited for Kristen to catch up. “You know, Kristen, very few people really die of embarrassment. I can’t think of a single one.”

Kristen frowned.

“Let me ask you something,” Beth said. “When you dived into the sand to catch that frisbee, were you thinking about the fact you were naked?”

Kristen hung her head down. “No,” she answered in a low voice.

“When you stood up, and spun the frisbee on your finger, and flipped it back to Erik, did you think about the fact that these four people—five people, if you count me—could all see your entire naked body?”

 Kristen shook her head.

Beth smiled. “I didn’t think so. You and Black Knife Beach are a perfect match.”

They were near the lifeguard station now. Perhaps she really was a perfect match for Black Knife Beach, Kristen thought, but she felt a wave of relief when she stepped into the building, out of the sun, out of the wind, and away from the eyes of total strangers.

Her shoes and her towel were right where she had left them. She turned to Beth, who came in right after her.

“If it’s okay with you, Beth, I think I’m going to grab a quick shower and head for home.” She took a deep breath. “This has been a big day for me, and I think I’ve done about all I can do today.”

Beth smiled and nodded. “You’re probably right. You’ve come a long way, Kristen. I’m proud of you.”

“Thanks,” Kristen said. “Thanks for everything.” She picked up her towel and shoes, and walked back into the locker room.

As she put her shoes on the bench before her locker, Kristen realized that she didn’t need to undress for her shower. “That’s convenient,” she thought with amusement. She hung her towel on a hook outside the shower room, and stepped inside to begin her shower.

She had intended a quick shower, just to wash the sand and sweat off her body, but she stayed for a long time under the hot spray. The water seemed to wash the tension out of her muscles. For a long time she breathed the hot steam and felt more and more relaxed.

Finally, she turned off the water and grabbed her towel. The gentle friction of the soft cloth against her skin seemed to add to her warm sense of well-being. All her fears and embarrassment seemed silly now. Beth was right. She knew it. Kristen would fit in on Black Knife Beach.

When she had finished drying herself, Kristen sat on the bench in front of her locker. She smiled as she decided that she wouldn’t put her underwear on again.

She paused. She looked around, puzzled. She looked at the bench, on the floor, and around the corner of the row of lockers. She thought for a moment. She stood up and looked down the other row of lockers. Where had she put her beach bag?

The beach bag contained her locker ticket, with the combination to her locker. She didn’t remember the combination. With a sudden sinking feeling, Kristen remembered putting the beach bag inside the locker, with her clothes.

The door of the locker was closed and locked.



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