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Published on 16.05.11 06:23 Age: 13 yrs
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By: The Administrator

The naturist teacher reality show lost it's first candidate. Will their second choice agree to be their star?

Susanna did her promos and after lunch, we were back in the meeting room to explain the situation.

Things were thigh. Our third and fourth choices had been found unreachable on such a short notice and our fifth choice, Amy, wasn't in the top four for a pretty good reason.

We couldn't quite put our hands on what it was, but there was something which turned us off about her. Perhaps because she simply bore us out.

Both Sophie and Susanna had a kind of youthful energy, a passion for life which Amy lacked.

But hopefully, we wouldn't need her. Susanna had told us in an interview that she did have two passions: kids and fame. As a kid, she wanted to become a singer and tour the world but she realized she lacked the talent, so she sadly settled to become a teacher.

The vicious lack of employment offers meant that now, she had no luck in either becoming famous or teaching kids. We were the solution. 

Our two cameramen were in place and we decided to exploit her enthusiasm rather than go at it in a boring sad way.

"Are you excited Susanna, you are just one interview away from getting your own TV show?"

"Yeah, I am pretty wild. When would we start filming?"

"Right now. You would move tonight and meet the 14 wonderful kids tomorrow morning on your first day of class"

"Wow, this is moving so fast. I will need to revise the pedagogic programs in a crash course."

"Don't worry about that. You can start with just fun activities. We'll even give you a budget and spend a few days to get to know the kids. They were almost all home-schooled and their parents will help you out. They just now want a school to help socialize the kids"

"Oh, that's even better. I wasn't sure why you wanted to do such a reality show. I mean, I thought, maybe they all have down syndrome or behavior problems"

"Oh no, not at all. They are all very sweet. There is an angle however. Something odd"

"Here we go."

"Yeah, well, it's in a naturist center."

"Ha, now it makes sense. I couldn't figure out why you also offered a house. I take it that I will need to live on the center and won't be allowed to wear clothes during filming?"

"Well, if the weather permits it."

"What will be the rating?"

"What do you mean?"

"In short, will my students be able to watch it because it's a reality show respectful of their lifestyle or will you go for the shock factor and make their families regret to have signed the waiver?"

"No, not at all. We want to make it watchable for a whole family"

"Ok, I am in on three conditions."

Yes, we had our girl!

"One, I want final cut review on the show to make sure it's respectful. If I am to be their teacher, I cannot bring cameras which will make them feel bad about how their live. Their individual grades and last names are to be private. It's to be about me, not about them."

"Two, I want the house and the teacher contract to be granted at the end of filming, not at the end of showing the series like in the contract you sent me. If I do the work, I get the house and the job regardless of whether the network likes it or not. And it has to be a permanent contract, not a temporary one."

"I am sure we can arrange that, but the contract will be awarded by the school on your teaching performances. The TV show will be green light on how interesting it is on TV. If we love you but they think your are an awful teacher, there's nothing I can do."

"Fair enough. My third condition is about the second year of the show. If there is one, I am in it. I will have exposed myself on television, I want to ride the wave. I don't want a new girl next year or the one after to replace me. If the ratings are good enough to renew, it's me one again."

"And for the second season, I want twice of the house value in cash at the end of filming and 3% of the advertising revenues. Not 5% of the advertising profit like this year, I want 3% of the gross. I don't want the network to bullshit me with ridiculous expenses to prevent them from paying. This year they don't know me. If they renew, they know it's golden."

"That's quite high"

"The costs are low. You don't even pay the teacher salary."

"Indeed. So that's it? You'll do it?"

"Wait, there is one more condition I just thought of. When the show will be cancelled, which is bound to happen one day or another since nothing lasts forever, I want the right to continue it on my own in any way I see fit with access to the archive material. If the network decides not to offer a second season, I want to be able to make one myself, perhaps sell it on the Internet."

"You don't own the show"

"No, but it's my ass and my breasts and my teaching talent which will sell the show, not you. It's me, naked on TV which will make people watch it. If you guys cancel it, then my shot at fame might be over forever. Nobody might respect me or maybe I'll be a star. I don't know. But I don't want to be stuck in that little school for the rest of my life with no hope of coming out."

"We'll have to talk to the network. You would have to give a percentage of your revenues."

"I don't mind, it wouldn't be for the money. I'll get ready for tonight, assuming I get the new contract. Otherwise, good luck finding another girl. You'll find that most of the girls who want to be teachers are rather close-minded, I know, I studied with them."

Tim and I spent hours with the network lawyers and a few small changes were made to her conditions to prevent her from exploiting us, but in the end, a little at 7h00 PM, we all signed the new contract and a limo brought Susanna to the Green Spaces Naturist Resort, locate in a former state-park in Florida, not far from where we did the interviews.

In addition to Susanna, we had two cameramen who would live on the resort. One of them was a naturist and would be naked, but we had a waiver for the other to keep boxers on.

After weeks of interview, we were finally there. In a few minutes, filming of our show would officially begin.



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