Growing up in the bathtub

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Published on 05.08.09 14:26 Age: 15 yrs

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By: Anonymous

A rather peculiar story about a girl growing up. At the start of the story, she spends almost all of her free time in the bath. Interestingly, there is no real action or dialog. It mostly is auto-biographical (but still fictional).

Bath time was always my favourite moment of the day. I loved feeling the water on my body. When we moved and got a pool, I thought I would love it even more, but sadly, it wasn't the same.

I was only five, so I couldn't really explain it, but I still preferred the bath to anything else. Was it the warmth of the bath water ? Was it the fact that the bath was really small and isolated ?

When I was six, I started spending hours in the bath, until the water was cold and my fingers were all shrivelled up. I would often remain 4 to 5 hours straight in it, playing with the few waterproof toys I had. My parents told me that they consulted a lot of specialists, including a few child psychiatrist, but none saw anything wrong. I liked taking baths, and felt good in one.

It's only when I fell asleep on top of my bed after a long bath, at the age of seven, that I realized what I liked about being in the bath was the lack of clothes.

I tested the theory by sneaking out of the house one evening and skinny dipping in the pool. The plan was not as clever as I thought for my parent quickly found me and grounded me for going in the pool without their supervision.

Weirdly enough, I wasn't grounded for doing it without a bathing suit. I guess they had been afraid I would drown and didn't realize I had chosen not to wear anything.

Over the following weeks, I started spending more and more time in the nude around the house. My parents were already used to seeing me nude in the bath a big portion of the day, including moments I would leave the bath to retrieve a toy from my room, so it was just a matter of slowly prolonging the time between going out of the bath and getting dressed back up.

The first few times, either my mother or my father would ask me to get dressed, and I would simply reply I came out of the bath to grab a bite and would return in a minute or two. Other times I would mention I had a question to ask them. Regardless of the reason, I managed to try and make them feel it was not more abnormal then having a daughter practically living in a bath.

Slowly, I was able to extend the period until neither seemed to care if I was wearing clothes, as long as the bath was still filled and I returned to it before putting clothes on.

I would go to the living room to pick up a book to read in the bath, but sit next to my mother watching a TV show. Any comments triggered my return to the bathroom. Slowly, my parents learned that they preferred these small moments spent with me while I was nude to the moment I was isolated in the bath.

About three months after my initial discovery, I decided to dare even more on a rainy Saturday. I went into the bath later than usual, around 11h, knowing diner would come soon.

When my mom asked that I come eat, I came to the kitchen table without wearing any clothes. My father started to ask me to put clothes on, but this time, it's my mother who simply gave up and told me that I would probably return to the bath after dinner.

The dinner went well and I made sure to start as many conversations as possible as to show my parents it was a good thing to have me there. After dinner, I offered to clean the dishes, which we ended up doing as a family.

I didn't want to test their patience too much, so as soon as we were done, I returned to the bath. But the wheels were in motion.

Later that day, when I came out of the bath, I remained nude even if I had emptied it. This time, it's my mother who reacted : "Ok, you're out of the bath, go put some clothes on now."

Then, with a resigned voice, I just added I might as well fill it again, since I was not ready to put clothes back on yet.

Our eyes locked for what seemed like several minutes, and my mother gave up, allowing me to do whatever I wanted.

I know my father later had an argument with her, where both basically admitted they preferred to see me than to have me spend all day in the stupid bath, and thus, they decided to ignore any "stunts" I could pull.

Somehow, there were convinced I was testing them to see if they would order me back into the bath.

So I spent the rest of the day fully nude. We watched a movie together, like we often do, but when it was time for bed, instead of putting a pyjama on, I remained nude.

The next morning, I woke up before either of them, which is the case most of the time, and remained silent in the house as to be as quiet as possible.

Often, on week-ends, they used to be awaken by the sound of the bath filling up, so I decided to let them sleep. I even prepared my own breakfast, and as soon as I heard them waking up, started the coffee machine and put toasts in the toaster.

When they arrived in the kitchen, I was cleaning my breakfast plate naked in front of the sink. After breakfast, I vacuumed the house, to the surprise of my mother. I just reassured her that I decided to spend less time in the bath and more time helping them around the house.

It's only later in the afternoon, when they realized that for the first time in my life, I had not yet entered the bath even if I had the chance to do so that my father asked me what was going on.

I simply asked if they preferred seeing me or if they preferred me wasting my time in the bath all day. My father insisted to know why I wasn't wearing any clothes, so I just blurted out that I preferred it that way, but if they disapproved, I could always fill the bath.

It had been over 28 hours since I undressed, and over a year since the beginning of my almost day long baths. This had been most likely the longest time my parents had been able to spend in my company without being interrupted by a bath.

So, the big question in my father's mind was : Was it worth it to force me to wear clothes while in the house, possibly thwarting my attempts to come out of the bath ?

Instead of an actual response, I got a grunt from my father who simply decided to return to whatever he was doing.

I spent the rest of the Sunday indoor and nude, to press the point. I completely avoided the bath, and made sure they knew it. I never hid inside my room, always preferring proximity to my parents, in order to show them that if they just accepted my nudity, they could have an other normal daughter.

I would have thought there would be a discussion about the new events before bedtime, but the night came, and soon enough I was dressed back up for school without any words from my parent about the new developments.

As soon as I went home, I took a bath, after all, I had not taken one since Saturday morning, but it was a normal length bath, perhaps 3 or 4 minutes, after which I remained nude in the house.

It's only in the middle of the supper that my mother asked, half crying. "Is that your new thing ? Being naked all of the time ? Now, the baths are gone, but we need to see you like that ?"

I just replied, as calmly as possible. "I think this has always been my thing. The reason I liked baths so much was because it was the only moment I was nude. If you let me not wear clothes in the house, the baths are over."

My mother burst in tears, but I quickly realized they were tears of joy, not of sadness. I guess she was really happy the worst thing about her daughter, my interminable baths, was over.

It's only with time of course that we established a good rhythm with my nudity. I accepted to wear clothes whenever my parents insisted, and they agreed to not insist unless there was a really good reason to.

A year later, we moved to a new house with a secluded backyard, allowing me to play in the pool and on the lawn without wearing clothes.

When I was nine, we went on vacation near a clothing optional beach, allowing me to swim nude in the ocean while my parent kept their bathing suit.

When I was eleven, I convinced my father to accompany me to a naturist resort for an afternoon. With all of his courage, he undressed to be there for me. I knew he was not comfortable naked in front of others, but he was able to see me play with other kids almost my age which liked social nudity like I did.

After three visits, I invited one of the girls I played often with to my house, which allowed the both of use to undress while my father stayed clothed. The girl's parent also came to see our house, but they remain clothed and mostly talked to my parents.

I was able to visit the girl a few time at her house, where her whole family was usually nude, and even convinced my parents to let me visit the naturist center with them for a whole week-end. Sadly, naturism was our only point in common so the friendship quickly faded away.

At school, I was still mostly in the closet, but in the summer after junior high, a few of my closest friends knew about my lifestyle. A few of them came to my house when I was undressed, but none undressed and not all agreed to remain my friend. Apart from my brief experiences when I was eleven, most of my nudity was singular : if others were present when I was nude, they were all clothed.

In  grade 10, at the age of sixteen however, we were encourage in social studies to put forward a cause important to us. Most chose something impersonal like the environment or peace on earth, but I decided to come out of the closet by choosing social nudity.

My presentation was relatively neutral, I must admit. I never mentioned I was a nudist and tried to distance myself, only explaining I had chosen the subject because it was important to respect people who were different.

A few boys hit on me because they thought it meant I was easy, but a few serious students came forward privately as either being curious about it, or as literally having interest or even experiences with social nudity.

One of the gothic girls I barely knew admitted to me in private that she came from a naturist family and that she enjoyed it from time to time.

I invited a few over if they wanted to share my lifestyle and a few came, including the gothic girl.

Yes, some of the students made fun of me, but I decided to stand proud. I even decided to start wearing naturist t-shirts such as one  "I travel with only a smile", and one in support of nude volleyball.

That summer, I managed to convince my parent to let me spend time at the local naturist resort without their supervision. It was the first time in five years I had gone there and to my surprise, most of the kids I had known then no longer attended. Apparently, a lot of the kids simply decided to stop being naturists after puberty. 

Slowly, I spent more and more time alone at the resort, including one week near the end of August where I was nude for a consecutive 7 days. My parents came a few times at the gate to see me and make sure I was alright, and my mother even toured the resort for the first time, but even my father kept his clothes on, forcing them to stay only a few minutes at a time.

I spent most of my available time the next school year saving money for a better vacation, but sadly, my parents didn't agree to let me take a plane or an extended vacation away from my house, so I ended up only spending more time at the naturist center, this time paying my annual membership dues.

I went to college in-state, but couldn't still live with my parents, so I booked a room. After a few weeks, I found  another naturist girl and we traded roommates to be able to enjoy a naturist haven on campus.

Both of us became very active with the lifestyle, promoting events such a spring break in a naturist resort and nude swim at a reserved indoor pool.

Today, I own my own naturist center, and live a happy nude life with my husband and our three kids. My in-laws live in the naturist center in their own RV.

My parents do visit us from time to time, but even thought they accept my lifestyle fully now, they always keep their clothes on. Well, being the owner's parents has it's privileges...






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Comment from : Tom Roark

Wednesday, 18-08-10 10:26

Nice story. As I read it, I imagined it as a sweet foreign film. The bather realizing why she liked baths, and the stuffy parents learning to let their child be herself.


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