A new e-mail from the author of Stephany Conners' Naturist diary

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Published on 14.01.10 13:44 Age: 13 yrs

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By: The Administrator

The original author of the Stephany Conners' Naturist diary sent us an e-mail about the progress of the Naturist Fiction Archive and the missing chart of Stephany Conners' group

This morning, we received by surprise a new e-mail from the original author of the Stephany Conners' Naturist diary. We know it is authentic because it was sent from the yahoo account of the original author, back when the diary was still being written. Links are added for your convenience.


I really like what you guys have done with the website. When I initially gave my permission for re-publishing the diary I was sceptical, but the site is really amazing.

I love many of the stories, especially the Catherine Reynolds serie, but I am also anxiously following the Mark and Jenny articles every Monday morning to find out more. Mark reminds me of Stephany in her original days. Did you get inspiration from my story ?

Anyway, I just got a new computer (I love Windows 7) and once again, I re-migrated all my files from my old computer. You'll never guess what I found ? My old backups from the Stephany Conners' website !

Included in the backup was the missing file you asked me about, the chart of Stephany's group I had done in Visio back then. Sadly, I haven't found the original Visio file yet, but even if I did, I now longer have Visio itself.

That chart saved me a ton of trouble because I kept being confused between my characters. The Visio version had additional notes in it, but sadly, I seem to have lost it.


I have all of the old images and html pages from the site, so I included them in a zip file in case you were missing something.

In the zip file, you can also find some of my other stories I wrote back in the days, but most of them were incomplete. You are free to publish them as is or to write a fitting conclusion.

Good luck ! Stephany had brought me a ton of fun when I was writing her story, and I hope you are having as much fun writing your own stories."

The chart is included in this news article, and was added to the Stephany Conners' group article.









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