Interview with Annie

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Published on 13.05.09 14:15 Age: 14 yrs

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By: Anonymous

Rediscovered from, here is an Interview Stephany Conners had published with her friend Annie. It was presented then as authentic, even if we now know it is pure fiction.

This is the result of an Interview made with Annie on Saturday May 15th. The answers are not really quoted : They are reconstructed from Annie's answers.

Before moving on with Annie, here is her entry in my Groups page :

"Her parents became members of the center after having frequented several clothing-optional beaches. Annie practically grow up with Andrew. They were high school sweet hearts. I heard a funny note about them. Their high school learned they were naturists when they arrived at a Halloween party at one of their friends house dressed up as Adam and Eve ( they had glued fig leaves on ! ). Everyone was initially laughing, because they didn't know they were naturists, but at the end of the party, the fig leaves were off, and so did the clothes of several other people in the house ! Some are still friends of them and undress when they visit, but most never repeated the experience. "

There are also some entries in May relating to her, like this one, Dated May 1st :

"[Annie] told me about the time that, with a few of her friends, she went camping during a week-end. It was a mixed group of boys and girls. They were all in their teens. None of the members of the group knew she was a naturist. To shock them a little, while everyone was at the fire, she said she was cold and went in their tent to take a warmer sweater. While alone in the tent, she proceeded to hide the bathing suit of everyone. The next morning, she proposed to go take a swim on the lake ( they were beside a lake in a forest, they weren't in a official camping spot ). Everyone was looking for their bathing suit, including her. After a few minutes, while everyone was regretting the water, she lost patience and undressed in front of everyone saying she really wanted to swim. Some were partially shocked, but one after the other they followed. After the swim, after she was drying herself, instead of dressing back up, she simply sat on her towel saying how the weather was beautiful. Strangely, everyone was still naked, and wondering why she wasn't dressing back, yet, no one wanted to be the first one doing so. They therefore remained naked maybe fifteen minutes until someone asked her : "Aren't you going to dress back ?", and she replied "Why should I ? I am not cold". Not expecting that answer, the boy remained silent. She jumped on her feet and asked "Come one, let's eat, I am hungry".

Annie told me they all remained naked for a few hours, with nobody really wanting to remains naked, but with no one wanting to be the first "chicken" to dress back up. Eventually, Annie told them about naturism and how they just had their first experience. Annie remained naked for the rest of the trip, half of the others redressed, and of the rest, only one tried naturism again, to eventually abandon it. However, most accepted Annie's nudity from that point on.

She also told me another, even more daring story. When in high school, they had a swimming class and one of her friends had forgotten her bathing suit. The teacher had yelled at her since it was the second time she had forgotten it. Annie talked to her, and proposed her to defy the teacher by swimming anyhow. Two of her friends were there and all simply said : How ? And Annie simply replied : "Like this", and removed her bathing suit. After a lot of arguing, the four of them went to the pool naked. The teacher was yelling, saying they had to dress back up, that it was improper, etc... Annie asked if someone objected, and of course, no one did. Therefore the teacher ( which everyone hates ) decided to teach them a lesson by forcing them to stay naked for the rest of the class, thinking everyone would laughs at them. He even invited the others to join them. But no one makes fun of Annie without a serious counter attack : When a few boys laughed at them, she replied, yelling, that he was too chicken to do the same. She started to mimics a chicken, and soon, all the girls where doing the same. He replied by throwing his bathing suit at Annie, and ordered his friends to follow him. Within the first minute of the class, already nine students where naked : The four girls and the boy with four of his friends.

At that time, the class was divided into three groups : the four naked girls, the five naked guys and the clothed student. The five guys where being laughed at for losing to girls, and of course, they were being replied that those still clothed were chickens. On the side of the girls, it was more respectful : Annie was saying to the clothed girls that they could prove once and for all that girls had more courage than boys.

It seemed it worked more for girls than boys, since in the middle of the class period, on the about thirty-one students, 16 girls and 15 boys, nine of the girls ( five more ) had removed their bathing suit compared to seven for the boys ( only two more ).

At the end, three other girls had joined the ranks compared to two others boys, for a total of twelve girls out of sixteen and nine boys out of fifteen, leaving only ten students with a bathing suit out of 31.

After the class, every time the boys wanted to make fun of Annie, they were reminded that they had been more chicken than the girls. The following swimming class, the school director was present at the pool to make sure the situation didn't repeat itself, but no one was ever punished for the incident. It is only a few years later, at the costume party that Annie revealed publicly about her lifestyle. A few present there, had been present at the pool incident and said they now understood more what had happened that day.

Annie also told me that she is the one who started the Friday night tradition. After the Halloween party, Annie became very open about naturism. She in fact created the respect rule which reads :

"If you want me to stay dressed at your house, you must undress at my house"

The Friday parties were initially a clothing-optional event were people would come at her house ( or the house of a friend ) to prepare for the rest of the evening. A lot of people would undress on arrival and once it was decided where to go, would dress back up. Most would never consider becoming a naturist, but they undressed out of peer pressure : they did so because the others did so. Initially, only a few would undress, but gradually, it became more frequent.

She applied her rule strongly : If someone had never undressed at her parties, she would undress at their house. If the person refused to let her do so, she would leave. She had some problems with the parents of a friend. The friend like Annie very much, but didn't want to undress. Therefore, to invite Annie over, she had to let her undress, which was a problem with her parents. Eventually, the parents agreed to let her come, but before that, Annie had a lot of fight with her friend's parents. The way it was solve was almost by force : Annie had come a few times after school to see her friend, but always left before her parents arrived. One day, after her parent had said they no longer cared, Annie was invited to supper without the parents knowledge. Annie and her friend had prepared the food, and when her parents arrived, she greeted them naked and invited them to supper. The parents yelled a little, but Annie's friend took her defense. The supper was tensed, but eventually, the parents had to agree that Annie was not a pervert or something. After all, their daughter had still not tried naturism and as such they preferred to tolerate Annie naked at their house than their daughter "parading" naked elsewhere."

Here is another Entry, dated May 3rd :

After the Halloween party where they dressed as Adam and Eve, Andrew and Annie ( mostly Annie ) were getting more open about naturism. As a result,  a lot of rumors circulated. In order to set the record straight, she wrote an article for the school paper in which she explained all about Naturism.

The paper's administration refused to print it unless she got approval from the school principal. 

He was a tough one. When the article was approved, there was almost as much warnings as text. however, in her article, Annie invited people to an information meeting she held during lunch time.

The principal insisted on being present.. with two of the security agents !

More people than expected were present, so they had to change the location of the meeting for a bigger room. Annie explained what naturism was and tried to dismiss all stereotypes about it. She showed a video and distributed documentation.

She was actually glad the principal was there for two reasons : his presence somewhat officialized the meeting, and it also prevented the meeting from turning bad. A lot of interesting questions were asked, and at the end of the meeting, Annie proposed to people who were interested to learn more about naturism to leave her a message in her locker in the next few days, saying everything would be confidential.

Of course, a lot of letters dropped in her letters were of "disturbed" students, but some were of genuinely interested people. She contacted them, and met them first at school to talk with them about naturism. Eventually, she invited all those who seemed right at her house for their first experience. Some liked it, other didn't, but she repeated the experience every Friday from then on. Initially, she screened the invitations, but eventually, she got enough of good people to drive off the perverts.

One day, she even got permission for a nude swim in the school pool after hours where about thirty students attained ( plus Annie's friends ).

With time however, she lost contact with most of them. A few come to our centers sometimes during the summer, but she suspects that most abandoned the lifestyle.

The Interview :

First Part : Bio

Annie was born on August 16, 1974. Therefore, she is 24. She as a younger brother, Patrick, who is Lucie's boyfriend.

Annie graduated from University last year, as a teacher. She got a job in a small high school were she teaches Science. She lives in an apartment near her school, and Andrew spends most of his time there, but he still lives officially with his parents.

They have been together for longer than they know, since they practically grow up together.

Annie's parents

They discovered a clothing optional beach near where they use to swim. One morning, they decided to try it when there was almost nobody present. They liked it and stayed naked all day on the beach even thought several naturists joined them.

From that point on, when they went to that beach, they spent their time on the naturist side, but they never thought about naturism until they went travelling and discovered another clothing-optional beach by accident. Upon returning, they searched information and discovered other such beaches in the area. Eventually, they visited a naturist center and bought a chalet there.

About a year after they bought the chalet, Annie mother became pregnant. Having several months of vacation during her pregnancy, she simply moved to the tranquility of the naturist center for the last three months of pregnancy.

It was planned to go to the hospital as soon as the labor started, but due to a twist of fate, Annie was delivered in the center by one of the members who was a doctor.

Annie says it is part the of reason why she loves naturism so much...

Annie's Experiences with Naturism

Well, a lot as already been said.

Therefore, I will only include new stories she told me.

The nude pool session

"After I went open with naturism, a lot of rumors started to fly at school. A polarization of opinions started. There where some who thought naturism was bad, those who thought it was cool, and those that didn't care.

After the meeting I had organized ( See May 3rd ), I asked permission to the school principal to organize a naturist swimming session to initiate new members. After a lot of yelling, I managed to convince him, but we had to find a teacher who would supervise us. I placed an ad in the school paper, and surprisingly, my English teacher responded ! She told me that she admired my courage, and that she thought kids should be helped to follow their dreams. She said she would be there, but would remain clothed.

With a teacher, and a lifeguard, we could keep moving forward. We started taking reservations. We had decided to try to keep a gender balance, but we succeeded by a simple rule : Boys had to undress on arrival, but girls had a few minutes to get acclimated.

We got 17 girls and 21 boys registered. We had an objective of 50 persons, but we decided to go forward anyway. I took care of the girls, and Andrew and the Life guard took care of the boys.

To help, I had decided to undress before going to see the girls, but Andrew went to see the boys dressed. Amongst the girls was a few naturists, but the others were new to the lifestyle. Maybe 5 or 6 of the girls were surprised to see me naked : One told me somehow that she hadn't fully grasped the idea that everyone would be naked.  I locked the door to make sure no one would get in behind us. I re-explained the rules, and everyone agreed with them. I told the group that they could remain clothed a little if they wanted, but that it was easier if they undressed right away. After my speech, I gave them the permission to undress. On the 17, 6 undressed right away, and 3 others waited a little, to make sure it was alright. Another one had brought a bathing suit but undressed in front of the others to put it on, saying that she wasn't shy at all with the girls, but didn't know how she would react with the boys around. Another two had decided to stay dressed a little but changed their minds. I talked to the other 5. ( They are not necessarily those who reacted ). I managed  to convince three of them to undress, and wrap themselves in their towel. The other two stayed dressed.

It was time to got meet the boys. Strangely, for once, the girls were faster than the guys. Andrew told me he had some problems. After the speech, he reminded them that they had agreed to leave or undress. All the boys except two undressed. They said they were too shy. Andrew let them wrap their towel around them.

The actual moment the boys met the girls went well. A few of the girls were with their boyfriend, so they paired again together.

All the boys and the girls who had kept their towel eventually dropped it. As for the two girls who remained clothed, one quickly undressed, but the other decided to leave, saying it was too much in one time, but that she will try it again, but this time, will undress upon arrival. As for the girl who kept her bathing suit, she removed it as soon as she was in the pool.

The biggest surprise came from my English teacher : in order not to shy away the teens, she was asked to stay in the water when we arrived, in order to hide that she was wearing a bathing suit. But, when we went in the dressing room, she removed her bathing suit. She later told me that she had to have at least as much courage as us.

Later during the summer, she came visiting the center with her husband. She had successfully converted him. She keeps visiting the center, from time to time.

As for the others, most loved the experience, and some decided to visit the center during the summer. Unfortunately, not all parents approved, but some did came.



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