Stefany Conners' diary entried for May 1999

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Published on 22.02.06 15:19 Age: 16 yrs

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By: Anynomous

May 1999 Entries for the naturist diary of Stefany Conners.

Friday April 30th to Sunday May 2nd : At the Naturist Center for the Week-End

Friday April 30th

Friday was so beautiful, that we decided to leave early for the center.

I was nervous since it was the first time I would spend a few days somewhere without bringing any clothes. I was asking questions to my boyfriend like : Are you sure we don't need to bring any clothes ? What if is too cold ... etc.

We were supposed to be only four, that is Suzie, her boyfriend and us, but Audrey called :

her boyfriend and her are going to help us clean the chalet, after all, they are going to live there too. Lucie and Patrick then decided the same, bringing the cleaning party to eight persons.

On location

Upon Arrival, we left the clothes in the car, after parking it at the gate. We then separated in two groups : Suzie, her boyfriend and us at our chalet, Lucie, Patrick, Audrey and her boyfriend at Patrick's chalet. After reopening the water and electricity, general cleaning was to be done : floor scrubbing, wall washing, ceiling spider un-webbing.

With four at every chalet, it went well however. We had arrived at 3, and at 7, almost everything was done : at Patrick's chalet, they even had started the closets and drawers.


We stopped for supper. Too tired, we decided to order a pizza. I was surprised : I didn't know you could order food from a naturist center. Patrick said that doing so guarantees a speedy and good service : the delivery boys always hope they will be able to peek inside, but they never can, as the person taking the pizza wraps a towel around him (or her ).

He decided to go take it.

I wanted to see that so I insisted on accompany him. I wrapped a towel around me and we waited at the gate for the pizza. The delivery boy seemed disappointed by the fact that we wore towels, but he nevertheless couldn't let his eyes off of me. I wasn't ashamed, so I took the pizzas while Patrick was paying. The guy asked if it was true that we were all naked inside. Patrick said that it was indeed true, that he should come try it someday. He refused and we prepared heading back. I had the pizzas, so Patrick offered to take them.

When I gave it to them, my towel fell on the ground. I was still facing the delivery boy who was staring at me, both ashamed and curious. I picked up my towel, and was surprised to find out I wasn't ashamed or shy, so, instead of wrapping it around me, I simply put I across my shoulder and said to the boy : "Well, what are you looking at, don't you have other deliveries to do ?". He almost ran to his car, halfway between being panic stricken and horribly ashamed.

Once back in the center, Patrick and I couldn't stop laughing !

After Supper

Every couple then cleaned their own room to make it comfortable for sleeping. Once ready, we made a fire and talked around it for a few hours.

We decided to put our watches back in the cars, so that we would spend the next day entirely without clothes and without time.

After all that cleaning, I can tell you I really slept well.

By the way, Our chalet has three rooms. my boyfriend and Audrey have their own room, while Suzie and her Boyfriend sleep in the Master bedroom when my in-laws are not in the center.

Patrick and Lucie sleep in Patrick's room of his parent's chalet.

Saturday May 1st

Early Morning

I was the first person awake in our chalet that morning. I woke up, and since I didn't to dress up, I simply went in the living room. It was already hot outside, so I put my running shoes on and decided to go take a walk around the center. Before leaving, I left a note on the kitchen table.

In front of the lake of the center, I hesitate as to whether I would take a swim of not, but the freezing water helped me decide. Instead, I took a walk in the forest. It wasn't really a forest, since trees don't have leaves yet, but I still liked the tranquillity and peace of nature. I don't know if being naked brought me closer to nature or not, but at some point, I almost felt like it was a religious experience, being so close to nature.

A little dip

I went back to the center. Lucie was sitting in a chair beside the lake. I made her jumped when I said hello. Patrick was still sleeping. None of us had any idea of the time. 

She told me she was wondering whether she would swim or not. We finally decided to take a little dip in the water. We did stay long, but the cold revived us.

Lucie had a towel, but I didn't. She offered hers, but I declined and instead we walked to our chalet ( hers is really close to mine ). I decided to leave my shoes beside the

lake, now being totally naked, from the top of my head to the tip of my toes. I was cold, with the water dripping on me, but the sun was hot enough. Back in the chalet, everyone was up.

Cleaning again

We ate breakfast together, and decided to keep cleaning until dinner, and then take the afternoon off for some fun.

While we where cleaning, we where surprised by Annie, Andrew, Elizabeth and John, who had decided to join us in the cleaning spree. Of course, he couple cleaned their own place

( Annie is Patrick's sister, so she cleaned her room with Andrew, while Elizabeth and John are in another chalet with Elizabeth's father ).

Dinner and Afternoon

They had brought additional food, so we all ate together.

Being twelve, we decided to play some volleyball for a few hours in the sun. Drinks and sunscreen were on the menu. After a few games and a lot of exposition under the sun, we started to feel a little dizzy. Lucie suggested the lake, which, after so much sun and exercise didn't feel as cold as this morning. We didn't stay long, because the coldness of the water attacked us soon enough.


The newest addition to our cleaning had followed our suggestion to leave every watch in the cars, so we ate supper only when we where hungry. We had brought steaks for supper and the new gang had brought chicken, so I decided to prepare the meal on the campfire. It made more rustic. I can tell you one thing, when you cook in front of a fire naked, you really watch out for sparks of fire !

When the fire was dying, John, who had been in the scouts when younger, suggested a fire watch : We would keep the fire alive all night by taking turns in watching it.

Everyone agreed. We would each watch it an hour, in teams of two, but there would be a rotation every half an hour. We would therefore each be half and hour with two persons. ( One person would do the first and the last half an hour.

We took out a watch, so that we would know when to go wake up the other person. 

We each chose a number, and proceeded, at random, to the assignments. Here is the list
















Audrey's boyfriend



Audrey's boyfriend









Stefany's boyfriend


Suzie's boyfriend

Stefany's boyfriend


Suzie's boyfriend








As you can see, I had my first half and hour with Audrey's boyfriend, and my second with Annie. In a sense, I was happy, since I don't know either very well : Audrey just started dating her boyfriend, and I never had a chance to be alone with Annie.

Before talking about the night, I will come back to supper...

After Supper

After supper, we picked up some dead wood to guarantee we will last the night. After that, there was some cleaning again, but this time, most was already done so we had some chance to relax a little. My boyfriend and I decided to take a walk in the woods, where we encountered John and Elizabeth who had the same idea.

Most of the others went to the center's dinning to dance a little.

Sun Set

After the sun set, we started the fire. We told each other stories until eleven, when everyone went to sleep except for Audrey and Andrew.

Amongst the stories were jokes, riddles, scary stories, naturist experiences, we tried to remember as much jokes about naturism as possible. We had a lot of fun.

At 1, I was sleeping deeply, probably dreaming when Lucie came in our room to wake me up. Once awake, she told me Audrey's boyfriend was really nice.

Fire watching, Part 1

He is, Indeed, really nice. We talked for the whole half an hour, and I can now say he is close to becoming a friend. He now really likes naturism, and think he will spend the summer at the center. I must say I was wrong, he is funny, but in a special way. I can't really explain it, but now that he is less stressed than the first time I saw him, he really seems to be a great guy.

He admitted he felt strange about being alone with another girl in front of a fire, with both being naked. Especially since I am the girlfriend of his girlfriend's brother.

He says he finds that strange since before, since he was with Audrey, he never felt anything weird, but now, he almost felt guilty. Eventually, the feeling went away and so did he, to be replaced by Annie.

Fire watching, Part 2

Unlike Patrick, Annie is very open about naturism. ( Read her description in my groups page ). She always seems to have great stories about naturism.

She told me about the time that, with a few of her friends, she went camping during a week-end. It was a mixed group of boys and girls. They were all in their teens. None of the members of the group knew she was a naturist. To shock them a little, while everyone was at the fire, she said she was cold and went in their tent to take a warmer sweater.

While alone in the tent, she proceeded to hide the bathing suit of everyone. The next morning, she proposed to go take a swim on the lake ( they were beside a lake in a forest, they weren't in a official camping spot ). Everyone was looking for their bathing suit, including her. After a few minutes, while everyone was regretting the water, she lost patience and undressed in front of everyone saying she really wanted to swim. Some were partially shocked, but one after the other they followed. After the swim, after she was drying herself, instead of dressing back up, she simply sat on her towel saying how the weather was beautiful. Strangely, everyone was still naked, and wondering why she wasn't dressing back, yet, no one wanted to be the first one doing so. They therefore remained naked maybe fifteen minutes until someone asked her : "Aren't you going to dress back ?", and she replied "Why should I ? I am not cold". Not expecting that

answer, the boy remained silent. She jumped on her feet and asked "Come one, let's eat, I am hungry".

Annie told me they all remained naked for a few hours, with nobody really wanting to remains naked, but with no one wanting to be the first "chicken" to dress back

up. Eventually, Annie told them about naturism and how they just had their first experience. Annie remained naked for the rest of the trip, half of the others redressed, and of the rest, only one tried naturism again, to eventually abandon it. However, most accepted Annie's nudity from that point on.

She also told me another, even more daring story. When in high school, they had a swimming class and one of her friends had forgotten her bathing suit. The teacher had yelled at her since it was the second time she had forgotten it. Annie talked to her, and proposed her to defy the teacher by swimming anyhow. Two of her friends were there and all simply said : How ? And Annie simply replied : "Like this", and removed her bathing suit. After a lot of arguing, the four of them went to the pool naked. The teacher was yelling, saying they had to dress back up, that it was improper, etc... Annie asked if someone objected, and of course, no one did. Therefore the teacher ( which everyone hates ) decided to teach them a lesson by forcing them to stay naked for the rest of the class, thinking everyone would laughs at them. He even invited the others to join them. But no one makes fun of Annie without a serious counter attack : When a few boys laughed at them, she replied, yelling, that he was too chicken to do the same. She started to mimics a chicken, and soon, all the girls where doing the same. He replied by throwing his bathing suit at Annie, and ordered his friends to follow him. Within the first minute of the class, already nine students where naked : The four girls and the boy with four of his friends.

At that time, the class was divided into three groups : the four naked girls, the five naked guys and the clothed student. The five guys where being laughed at for losing to girls, and of course, they were being replied that those still clothed were chickens. On the side of the girls, it was more respectful : Annie was saying to the clothed girls that they could prove once and for all that girls had more courage than boys.

It seemed it worked more for girls than boys, since in the middle of the class period, on the about thirty-one students, 16 girls and 15 boys, nine of the girls ( five more ) had removed their bathing suit compared to seven for the boys ( only two more ).

At the end, three other girls had joined the ranks compared to two others boys, for a total of twelve girls out of sixteen and nine boys out of fifteen, leaving only ten students with a bathing suit out of 31.

After the class, every time the boys wanted to make fun of Annie, they were reminded that they had been more chicken than the girls. The following swimming class, the school director was present at the pool to make sure the situation didn't repeat itself, but no one was ever punished for the incident. It is only a few years later, at the costume party that Annie revealed publicly about her lifestyle. A few present there, had been present at the pool incident and said they now understood more what had happened that day.

Annie also told me that she is the one who started the Friday night tradition. After the Halloween party, Annie became very open about naturism. She in fact created the respect rule which reads :

"If you want me to stay dressed at your house, you must undress at my house"

The Friday parties were initially a clothing-optional event were people would come at her house ( or the house of a friend ) to prepare for the rest of the evening. A lot of people would undress on arrival and once it was decided where to go, would dress back up.

Most would never consider becoming a naturist, but they undressed out of peer pressure : they did so because the others did so. Initially, only a few would undress, but gradually, it became more frequent.

She applied her rule strongly : If someone had never undressed at her parties, she would undress at their house. If the person refused to let her do so, she would leave. She had some problems with the parents of a friend. The friend like Annie very much, but didn't want to undress. Therefore, to invite Annie over, she had to let her undress, which was a problem with her parents. Eventually, the parents agreed to let her come, but before that, Annie had a lot of fight with her friend's parents. The way it was solve was almost by force : Annie had come a few times after school to see her friend, but always left before her parents arrived. One day, after her parent had said they no longer cared, Annie was invited to supper without the parents knowledge. Annie and her friend had prepared the food, and when her parents arrived, she greeted them naked and invited them to supper. The parents yelled a little, but Annie's friend took her defense. The supper was tensed, but eventually, the parents had to agree that Annie was not a pervert or something. After all,

their daughter had still not tried naturism and as such they preferred to tolerate Annie naked at their house than their daughter "parading" naked elsewhere.

With Annie, time went really fast, and soon it was time for me to wake up John. When I entered John and Elizabeth's room, they were both sleeping. You should have seen them, they were really cute : Elizabeth had her arm around John, and John was holding her hand.

I almost felt sorry to wake them up. I then decided not to go sleeping yet : they would wake my boyfriend in half an hour, so I wrote the stories Annie told me on paper, which I later typed here. Annie came to wake up my boyfriend, and we talked the two of us again, supposedly for only a few minutes, but we were caught by John who came to be relieved of duty by Suzie's boyfriend. Annie and I went sleeping. My boyfriend didn't even wake me up when he arrived.


Sunday May 2nd

The next Morning

I don't know why, but everyone slept late, can you figure why ? ;-)

Sunday Morning, Annie, Andrew, Elizabeth and John left early, since they arrived in Andrew's car and he had other things to do in the afternoon. The others would have stayed, but they wouldn't have had a ride back home.

The rest of us decided to hike a little and have a little picnic in the forest. Patrick

proposed to clean one of the trails, so it would be easier to hike there in the future. We went to see the owners to get some tools. They were happy for the offer and offered us to eat supper at their house in exchange.

We agreed and proceeded with the cleaning. The fall leaves had been removed last year, so we only had to remove the branches who fell during the winter. My boyfriend decided to go barefooted on the trail. Audrey's boyfriend followed him but the rest of us kept our shoes on.

We ate in the woods, and came back soon after dinner to discover that Elizabeth and John had came back meanwhile with Diana and Johanne. Diana had borrowed her mother's car.

We helped them clean their Chalet, which is, fortunately, smaller then the first two we cleaned. Being twelve on the job, we finished soon enough to play a few volleyball games on the beautiful day.

We ate supper with the owner. He told us a few stories about our parents ( well, not mine, but of those whose parents were members for a long time ), about the center, about naturism. His wife is also very nice. After supper, I confirmed with him that I would prepare food for the restaurant and that I will be able to use the center's computer to update my web site daily. Everything is still perfect.

After supper, everyone went home and went to sleep early.

Monday May 3rd

Technical Problems

I am trying to solve my technical problems : in the mean time, please, use my bigfoot address.

I worked most of the day on my web site : as you can see, the entries for the week-end are a little longer than usual.

I have also registered with several other free web hoster and will try to put several copies of my web site online until my problems are solved.


Also, it is now official, almost everyone is moving in the center on Friday May 21st for the summer.

On another side, I stop working for the summer Friday, in the mean time, I will work only a few hours everyday.

Annie and Andrew

After supper, Annie and Andrew came to our apartment for a visit.

We talked a little, but they didn't stay long, Annie just wanted me to put on my web site another story she remembered.

After the Halloween party where they dressed as Adam and Eve, Andrew and Annie ( mostly Annie ) were getting more open about naturism. As a result,  a lot of rumors circulated. In order to set the record straight, she wrote an article for the school paper in which she explained all about Naturism.

The paper's administration refused to print it unless she got approval from the school principal.

He was a tough one. When the article was approved, there was almost as much warnings as text. however, in her article, Annie invited people to an information meeting she held during lunch time.

The principal insisted on being present.. with two of the security agents !

More people than expected were present, so they had to change the location of the meeting for a bigger room. Annie explained what naturism was and tried to dismiss all stereotypes about it. She showed a video and distributed documentation.

She was actually glad the principal was there for two reasons : his presence somewhat officialized the meeting, and it also prevented the meeting from turning bad. A lot of interesting questions were asked, and at the end of the meeting, Annie proposed to people who were interested to learn more about naturism to leave her a message in her locker in the next few days, saying everything would be confidential.

Of course, a lot of letters dropped in her letters were of "disturbed"

students, but some were of genuinely interested people. She contacted them, and met them first at school to talk with them about naturism. Eventually, she invited all those who seemed right at her house for their first experience. Some liked it, other didn't, but she repeated the experience every Friday from then on. Initially, she screened the invitations, but eventually, she got enough of good people to drive off the perverts.

One day, she even got permission for a nude swim in the school pool after hours where about thirty students attained ( plus Annie's friends ).

With time however, she lost contact with most of them. A few come to our centers sometimes during the summer, but she suspects that most abandoned the lifestyle.

Tuesday May 4th


We decided to eat a salad outside for supper, since it was too hot inside.

I partly regretted that most of our friends are naturists : nobody bought an air conditioning unit nor a pool since they spend their summer at the center.

I must realize one new fact with the summer approaching : I am going to have less original entries with time passing by.

The future of my site

At least, I won't be able to update the diary daily. Furthermore, with the summer, I suppose I won't be read as much since everybody will try to be outside as much as possible.

Therefore, starting from now, I will update my site only every few days, unless something interesting happened.

Also, I will add a new section : interviews. Every week, I am going to interview a naturist and put the result of the interviews online. Initially, I am going to interview my friends, and after that the other members of our center.

But, you can submit me your answers. I will sometimes choose an entry and will publish it.

Even if you don't submit an entry for the interviews, please answer my polls on the right pane.

Wednesday May 5th

Guest book Entry

I received in my guest book a note from a new reader.

He said that he had just started reading it, and that he had just read the entry when I had answered the door naked at my apartment.

He said that no true naturists would ever forget that he his naked, so he felt my diary was a fake.

I went on cybernude, and discovered that several people online have had similar experiences. I also checked the letters that my naturist pen pals sent me when I published that entry, to find out that several one of them have had similar experiences. I therefore sent him a nice letter explaining my point of view.


Fortunately, I had a really nice reply. After several e-mail exchanges, we got to a point were both our point of views changed a little.

He asked me to remove his comment from my guest book, since he no longer thinks that I fake ( but I didn't remove it ), and I now share is point of view about naturism and non-naturist which is something like that ( the words are mine ) :

Naturism is often misinterpreted by our society. It is our duty to make sure that non-naturists have only true and respectful contacts with naturists.

Answering the door voluntarily naked to an unsuspecting delivery person isn't naturism: it is more in the realm or exhibitionism. He therefore was under the impression I was a fake naturist. But he now understands that such a mistake can occur. As such, he now feels that I am honest.


Speaking of which, let's analyze my encounter with the pizza delivery boy.

The fact that the towel fell was an accident and the guy wasn't unsuspecting since he knew he was in front of a naturist center. However, I was irresponsible by not putting up my towel again. If this situation ever happens again, I will wear a long T-shirt or a bathrobe in the future.


Everything we do has a consequence on the people who see me. I addition to people who see me, I have a special responsibility to those who read me.

I will not censor myself or lie about what happened in my life, but I should be careful to give a true good impression about naturism.

Naturists are not the only readers of my diary : non-naturists who question themselves as to whether they will try it or not read it too, and some non-naturist looking for a cheap thrill also scan it in order to find compromising parts.

Even if naturist will be able to balance my actions, non-naturists will not always be able to do so.

Is that it ?

Yes, the rest of the day was pretty boring, so I won't explain what happened.


Thursday May 6th

Big news

I have a big news to announce you !

Yesterday, Suzie invited everyone ( Every members of our group ) at her apartment.She explained to us that her couple went to a lot of problems in the last few months. Now, they both feel their couple is stronger than ever.

Therefore, they decided, this summer, to get married at the naturist center.

I will be a small wedding amongst friends, since neither are very close to their family.

It won't be a religious wedding, since it would require a naturist priest, but they will eventually get married in church.

They still don't know about the date, they want to be sure everybody will be able to be present. She says that her parents won't be informed of the wedding, but that she will probably invite her sister. Emilie, who was present at the announcement, said she will definitely go, but would prefer to remain clothed.

Isn't the wedding a great news ?

We celebrated for the rest of the evening.


Another note, tomorrow is my last day of work until September, I'm so happy it's finally coming !

I might have, however, to come in next week for some accounting, but it will only be for a few minutes at a time.


Friday May 7th to Sunday May 9th

What an awful week-end !

We had decided to leave early Friday afternoon to get the most out of the week-end. All of our friends were there, and since most had not "opened" their chalet yet,

those who had done so last week helped them, hoping we could spend a nice Saturday afternoon playing outdoors.


The nice Saturday afternoon never came however : it was cold, it rained for most parts of the day and there was a chilling wind.

Instead of great fun in the sun, we were stuck playing board games inside.

Eventually, several members of our group left, and only about half stayed for the night.

Mother's Day

My in-laws were supposed to come to the center for a mother's day meal we would have prepared for them, but instead, the four of us left the center and ate at their house (But we did the cooking ). We spent the afternoon there and actually had a little of fun.

We left Audrey and her boyfriend there, and went for supper with my parent's house.

Initially, everyone remained clothed, but at some point my mother suggested everyone undressed "to get some practice for the summer".

In two weeks, we are going to move to the center for the summer, and my parents might help us finish moving our things, in order to see the center.

My mother really wishes to spend two weeks there with us.

Monday May 10th to Thursday May 13th

I am sorry I didn't write much, but I had a lot to do this week.... ( I had typed part of this entry last Tuesday, but I forgot to put it in the diary, sorry... )

Tuesday's entry

Where is the summer gone ? During April and the first week of May, we had clearly summer temperatures, but we now seem back into the cold. I hope it's going to warm up soon, since in the mean time, we are stuck inside for naturism.

Suzie had a few questions about the summer : What to bring, what to do to get ready, etc. We tried to answer as best as we could, but we finally directed them to my in-laws, since they will be sharing the same bedroom ( Suzie will either sleep in a tent outside or in the living room when my in-laws are going to be visiting ).

Rest of the Week

I also took the opportunity to see some of my friends who are close enough for me to miss them this summer, but were not close enough for me to talk to them about naturism. I decided to explain to them the situation. Nobody reacted really badly. I must say I am proud of the way I chose my friends.

None of them wanted to try it however, but two will come to Suzie's wedding if she wants them to go ( and let them remain dressed ).

I also saw Emilie a lot, since she my closest friend who won't go to the center. I decided to remain clothed with her, in order to respect her, even if she says she doesn't mind. I will see also see her next week a lot.

She says she will take every clothing-optional opportunity to visit us ( when she doesn't work ).

Plans for the Week-end

I am bringing my cooking equipment to the center, and I am going to make a few meals, to show the owners what I am capable of. My mom gave me a few low-cost recipes which can easily be made for a lot of people. Speaking of parents, my in-laws are going to spend the week-end at the center, and my parents might come visit if the weather is nice.

Friday May 14th

Another week-end at the center...

At least, this time the weather was really nice. It was even a little too hot.

Every member of my group came to the center. All members of my group were there, and a lot of their parents ( Including my in-laws ). Suzie and her boyfriend had to sleep in another chalet, since my in-laws slept in their room, but it Suzie told me it went well anyway.

Also, in the past week-ends, only our group was present at the center, but this time other members came to prepare for the official opening next Friday.

Friday evening was a little cold, but it was warm enough to stay naked. We had arrived early in the afternoon, so we had enough time to play volleyball a little.


Saturday May 15th

It was truly a wonderful day.

My parents

Shortly before dinner, my parent came to visit. They both undressed upon arrival. They spent all of the afternoon with my in-laws ( now, that's a scary thought ... LOL! ) and left only after supper, saying they had a really great time.

My parents love the center, they like it's tranquility, it's peace and think it is quite beautiful.

Surprise ! Emilie at the Gate

Emilie came a little after dinner to the center. It wasn't really a surprise, since she had told me she might come for a visit since the center is clothing optional until the opening next Friday.

She spent the afternoon with us, but didn't undress. It was so hot that she removed her shirt to play with only her bra. We tried to convince her to remove it, but she didn't want to. She had fun, but I don't think she will undress soon. She seems comfortable with being with naked people, but she still isn't fine with undressing.

After the games, I discovered something new : Outdoor showers ! Initially, I found the idea strange, wondering about privacy, but then I thought that we were naked anyway.

Another fire...

After supper, the sunset, we gathered around a fire and talked a little. It seems it is a tradition of the group. It helps everyone calm down.

Sunday May 16th


Today, the water was much warmer than last week-end, so we could swim a little. On the other hand, the sun too was much warmer... so we took a siesta around noon.

Sunday Evening

Lucie and reminded me that I had promised to become a smoothie this summer. I now promise I will shave next Friday, so celebrate the beginning of the three months I will spend at the center. Elizabeth told me she might consider doing the same thing. 

Final Note on the week-end:

I had indicated that I would make interviews with the members of my group in the next few week. Almost all requests I got were for an interview of Annie, which is becoming one of the favorites. Well, I interviewed her Saturday evening, so I will type everything and put the result on my web site in a few days.

Tuesday May 25th

NO, I am not dead ! Quite the contrary !

It is true, I have put my diary a little aside for the last week. For that, I apologize. Also, I didn't finish typing Annie's interview. I apologize Again.

I saw my non-naturist friends last week a lot. They knew that starting May 21th, they would not see me for the summer. Some said they would come to Suzie's wedding ( Since it will be clothing-optional ), and two even said they mind come at other times. One of them even tried naturism with me last week.

So, I have been really busy all week, plus, there was the preparations for Friday.

Speaking of which... Here comes Friday

We left for the Center at around 2 p.m. We had a lot of stuff. We undressed on arrival, knowing that we would not have to wear clothing for a long time ( unless the weather became too cold, like yesterday ).

I started cooking for the center for Supper Friday. I simply made Spaghetti, since I didn't have time to prepare, but I started to diversify the food Saturday. I am still getting acquainted with the kitchen.

My in-laws spent the week-end ( which was a 3-day week-end in Canada since Monday was Victoria Day ) at the center, and my Parents came in Saturday.

Every naturist member of our group, and most other members of the center were there, and since Friday was the official opening of the center for members, we had a lot of fun:

There was a big party.

It seems there are a few newcomers this year, as well as a few members who left. But only one new person is about our age, a 17 year old girl who came with her father. We talked to her, and we learned that her parent got divorced a few months ago, and that her father became a naturist afterward ( He had been when younger ). Friday was her first social experience. We put her at ease, since she was quite nervous at first, but in the end, she had as much fun as us. Saturday, she played volleyball with us, and she is quite good.

I probable won't update my site everyday from now on, since the computer of the center is really slow, and I can't use it anytime I want : It is actually the computer of the center's owners, and when I go on the internet, the line of the Center is busy, so nobody can be called.

But I will try to write from time to time.

Don't hesitate to write me ! I get my e-mail, hang-up, reply and call back in to send it, so it's not too bad.

Thank you !



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