Interview with Kristina

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Published on 13.05.09 14:18 Age: 13 yrs

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By: Anomymous

Rediscovered from, here is an Interview Stephany Conners had published with her friend Kristina. It was presented then as authentic, even if we now know it is pure fiction.

This is the result of an Interview made with Kristina on Monday June 14th [1999]. The answers are not really quoted : They are reconstructed from Kristina's answers. Before moving on with Kristina, here is her entry in my Groups page :

Kristina, Peter's Girlfriend : They have been dating for four years now. During the first two, she didn't hear about naturism since he was too busy at school and work to bother with it. When she learned about it, she refused to become a naturist and to let him be one. Last summer however, she started to change her mind, and now is a full naturist.

First Part : BIO

Kristina was born in November of 1972. Therefore, she is now 26. She had entered university in Accounting, but after her father had an accident, she dropped out to take care of the familly business ( she below ). Peter was in some of her classes, but now, in addition to being his boyfriend, Peter is now also an associate.

Kristina's Parents

Kristina's mother is an housewive. Her father is the owner of a grocery store. He was the manager of the store until four years ago when he was hurt in a serious car accident in which he lost an eye and the usage of his legs. Furthermore, he was hospitalized for more than two months.

While he was in the hospital, Kristina took care of the familly business in addition to her studies. But is soon became too much, and she dropped out of school to work full-time at the store, managing everything. Having close to no experience, she had a lot of problems just taking care of the daily activities. Peter, who really liked Kristina helped her, and one day, they started dating.

The business

Eventually, with Peter's help, she managed to take reel control over the familly business. When her father left the hospital, he knew he couldn't keep up with the work, so he gave control of the company to his daughter, along with part of the ownership to thank her. He took an early retirement and now Kristina is considered by everyone as the new owner, with Peter as an associate.

They both were very busy for the first two years, when Peter was finishing his studies, and Kristina was still trying with him to make the business easier to manage, so Peter, who had been a naturist before entering University, never had a chance to talk to her about it.

Naturism enters Kristina's life

When he graduated, he finally got time to talk to his old friends again, some of whom are naturists, and he broke the news to Kristina.

She didn't take it really well.

"I actually left him. Right away. I couldn't accept it. If he hadn't come to work the next day, I would have never talked to him again. But with work, I didn't have a chance : He had received parts in the company as a gift from my father, so I couldn't simply ignore him. Eventually, we patch things up, but without naturism.

When he had told me, it was the beginning of the summer and we had planned to move in together. At first, I hesitated to keep our plans intact, but I finally accepted that I couldn't control his past. However, when we did move in together, I had to fight continuasly to have him wear clothes. At first, it was war between us because of that, but eventually, I let him do whaterver he wanted when we were alone. He did what he wanted : He was naked 100% of the time we were alone together. Initially, it was really weird, but I grew accostumed to the fact he was naked.

Then one day, we took a shower together, and after leaving the shower, I simply kept the towel, I didn't dress back up. Normally, since I take a shower right before going to sleep, I would simply stay in a towel and eventually put a night gown. But this time, it was before supper. So Peter ( Naked ) made supper while I was sitting at the table, cutting some carrots. When I stood up to give the carrots to Peter, the towel dropped on the floor. Having my hands full, I gave the carrots to Peter in the nude. Being busy cooking, he didn't say a thing, but instead asked for something else ( I don't remember what ). Instead of hurrying to the towel, I fetch what he wanted. One thing leading to another, I didn't get a chance to pick up the towel until supper was ready. By that time, I was dried up, but my towel was still wet. It just didn't feel right to wrap it again, yet I was hungry and didn't want to run to the bedroom to get some clothes. So, intead, I simply ate naked.

Fortunately, Peter was kind enough not to make comments, so I didn't feel too awkward. After supper, I dressed back up, but later, I repeated the experience.

Slowly, I gradually spent some time naked with Peter. But I was terrified of the idea of being naked in public.

It was only by accident that I had my first social naturist experience.

In the beginning of the summer, I had agreed to go to a secluded naturist beach in the area, but only outside the peak hours, and only in secluded places where we would be alone. It worked fine, except when one day, a friend of Peter came by us, also naked. I had thought before that moment that I would have panicked if this situation would have arrived, but I didn't.

Eventually, I managed to agree to visit the center, and now I love it.

Naturism Experiences

I don't really have stories to tell. I am fairly new to naturism, and most of the time I have been naked, it was when we were either alone at home, or at the center. Further more, I never told any non-naturist that I was a naturist, not even my parents.

Possibly the most special moment was after I had tried naturism at the center.

We were eating at home with Peter's sister. Out of the blue, she asked me: "So, how do you like being naked?". I had no idea that Peter's Sister sometimes came to the center, and that Peter had told her that I had tried naturism.

I discovered naturism late last summer, as such; this is my first real naturist summer. Peter and I won't spend as much time as the others at the center since we have to keep working at the store. But we managed to work only weekdays, and often, only a few hours a day. So we start early in the morning, and finish when everything is done.

Second Part : Views

I view naturism as an activity that enables me to let stem take off. I guess any relaxing activity could do, but I like the fact that naturism tends to eliminate the social divisions by putting everyone on the same level.

For me it isn't really a lifestyle since I don't really see myself as a naturist, rather as a person who enjoys naturist activities.

Third Part : Personnality

I am normally a shy, introverted person. At work, Steve handles the human relationship problems, while I deal more with material and money.

I enjoy life more in a routine way. I have a certain number of tasks to perform at work, and I always follow the same steps. I think it is a more sane way to work: with time you know your sequence, and as such, you are able to optimize your work.

Steve says that I live a boring life, but I don't really agree. I just prefer to have some order, instead of chaos. In a sense, naturism is a kind of liberation for me: it breaks routine since at the center we don't have a schedule.



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