Stefany Conners' diary entries for February 1999

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Published on 22.02.06 07:58 Age: 16 yrs

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By: Anynomous

Stefany Conners' Diary for February 1999. Not written in real time, since the website was started in March only.

My first Contact with Naturism

Last January 24, my boyfriend announced me a shocking news: he is a naturist.

First shocked, I nevertheless let him explain what he meant. After trying to reassure me, he proceeded to explain most of his friends are naturist too and that they spend the summer in a naturist centre. I know most of his friends.

He tried to convince me to try it, but I first wanted to get some external source of information. I browsed the web and eventually, the 26th, found cybernude. I chatted with some girls there and they convinced me to talk more about it with my boyfriend.

That evening he showed me his naturist photo album and a video they made. It did not disgust me, nor did it convince me to try it. Nevertheless, I allowed my boyfriend to be naked at home when we were alone.

At CyberNude, I was convinced to try it alone at our apartment. I did so the next day when my boyfriend was at school. I did not feel any different than if I was dressed.

Monday, Feb 1st, after having sex with my boyfriend, I stayed naked to sleep: it felt more appropriate than leaving bed and dressing up. On Tuesdays, I don't have any scheduled classes, so my boyfriend leaves before I wake up. That morning, I decided to remain naked.


I chatted on CyberNude, and one of the girls insulted me by saying I sounded fake since I did not make a lot of progress and was asking the same questions over and over. Insulted, I replied I would welcome him naked for diner. I had already decided to do that, but later this week. So, in a sense, thank you Doris!

However, it didn't go exactly as planned.

My first naturist experience

When he arrived, he was not alone. He was with a friend, a girl.

I was surprise, but not ashamed, my boyfriend was surprised too since he had no idea I would great him like that. Therefore, she is the first one who spoke: she reassured me that she was a naturist too; that she came to talk about it with me. (I already knew her).

They both undressed after I gave my approval and we ate diner together. My boyfriend had a 1pm class, but his friend stayed another hour to talk with me.

After that, I went on CyberNude, still naked, and chatted. I explained I didn't feel any different as if naked or not: not better, not worse.

Later that evening

I decided, after chatting, to invite a few of my boyfriend's friend after eating for a naturist experience.

My boyfriend was proud of me, and most of his naturist friends came over. At first, we wanted to play something like monopoly or watch a movie, but we were a dozen in our apartment, so we could not. We ended up in playing Trivial pursuit in team of two (we were second and almost won). It was a great happening, but not different for me as if I was wearing clothes.

The weekend I first visited my in-laws naked.


Friday, we watched a movie with a group of our naturist friends. After that, we went out dancing (dressed of course).

Saturday, at my in-laws house

Saturday, we went to the house of my in-laws. Upon arrival, they were naked, and so was his sister. I didn't feel strange. While I was removing my coat, they offered me to stay dressed, but I simply declined and kept undressing until naked, just like my boyfriend was doing. His sister was taking my clothes. We had a nice supper, like we always do, and I got a second tour of the house, this time with the naturist pictures still on the walls

Later, Saturday, at the house of a friend

After supper, we went to the apartment of the girl who came at my house the first time, and we talked while listening to music, and watched some romantic movies all naked. Later, after the movies, they offered us to stay for the night (they have a hide-a-bed sofa).

Sunday, still at the house of the friend

Sunday, we stayed until supper, but something happened in the mean time: the girl's sister came over and she is not a naturist, but she doesn't mind to see people naked. We played a board game with her and it finally didn't bother me to be naked with "textiles" around. We came back home and we had a nice romantic (and nude) evening. It was quite a good weekend.


I still don't see any difference between being naked and being clothed, but I am beginning to enjoy the time-spent nude. In fact, Saturday, before leaving for my boyfriend's parent's house, the doorbell rang and I answered, without noticing I was naked.

Fortunately, it was the owner (Who is a naturist too) who had a question (If the pluming froze during the last few days). Since there is a double door, I didn't feel the cold from outside, so it's only when he left I noticed I was naked and thought it could have been a stranger.

First talk with Lucie

Monday, I talked about naturism to my best friend ( Let's call her Lucie), and I want her to join me because I would like her to come with us this summer. She loves camping and in the past, she would come with me (and a few other friends) camping during the summer. It is something we enjoy a lot. However, if I spend the summer at the naturist centre, I will miss the camping with her, so I tried to reconcile the two of them. She doesn't want to try naturism.

My boyfriend decided afterward that we could go camping with them part of the summer anyway (at a non-naturist site) since he has to do some efforts too.

First talk with Suzie

Another one of my friends (We will call her Suzie) and her boyfriend agreed that if we go to our usual camping site, they would agree to spend as much time at the naturist centre, naked. They will not, however, undress at our home: they will undress only to be with us at the centre this summer.

My best friend (Lucie) told me after that she feels left out she will be the only one of our gang not busy when my friend will come with us to the centre!

I think in the end, she will agree to come, but only at the last minute. (Unless she starts dating one of my boyfriend's friend she find cute (he his a naturist too), but that's another story...)


Later that week

Lucie at my house

We talked afterward (when the two others left) and she said she has no intention of trying naturism, now or ever. By the way, I talked to Suzie, she invited us to come eating summer at their apartment tonight, and she said we would be allowed to undress if we wanted, but that they wouldn't themselves.

The next Morning

At Suzie's Apartment

Before going at Suzie's apartment, we called and confirmed we would be undressing upon arrival. They confirmed it was fine with them. So, when we arrived, we tough we would simply remove our clothes and proceed to undress completely, just like we do at our naturist friend's houses.

However, we were surprise to see them already naked when we arrived: since they said they would never undress before this summer. While we were surprised, Suzie's boyfriend said: "Please, don't say anything. Give us time"

So we undress and the four of us were naked. We proceeded to the kitchen, where towels were placed on the chairs and we were invited to sit down. We did small talk ("How are you, how was your day, etc. ") while eating, trying to place the situation as natural as possible.

However, after only a few minutes, Suzie left the kitchen and came back dressed back up, simply saying "I am sorry. I felt too bad". My boyfriend said she didn't have to feel sorry. Her boyfriend offered her to dress back up, but she said it was ok. After another 15 minutes, she said we could stay, but she would go sleep, that it was too much for her. We offered to leave, but she said to at least finish eating before leaving. She then left for her bedroom.

She came back, naked again, after another 5 minutes.

Her boyfriend tried to take her in his arms, but she pushed him, saying she was fine. However, I know she wasn't. I proposed to leave the boys there and go talk in private.

She agreed.

We went in her bedroom, and she hid herself behind her blouse (just holding it against her). She started crying, so I took her in my arms. After a few moment, she seemed like she just realised we were both naked, so she pushed me back violently, turning her back to me and hiding her face under the pillow. I told her I would come back in a minute or two. I put my clothes back on and came back to see her. I took the clothes lying on the floor and offered them to her. She first took them, with tears running down her cheeks, but then threw them away saying: "This is stupid, why can't I do it!" I offered her to leave and try this later, but she refused. She says she doesn't understand what happening to her. I asked her to try not to think about nudity, just to be normal. She said she was unable to think about anything else and that she was thinking about sex continually. I asked her if she wanted to first try with only woman around, and she said it might be better. I told it to our boyfriend and they left the apartment.

Alone with Suzie

I undressed after I got her approval (she was still naked), and we washed the dishes together. We actually had some fun and threw water at each other. After the dishes were cleaned, we were hungry, since, unlike our boyfriend, we didn't finish eating. We prepared some food (if you call "grilled cheese sandwiches" food) and sat down to eat.

She told me she had a lot to do before being ready to try naturism for real. She said she comes from a really close-minded family and that she feels like she is fighting her parents. I told her I understood, and suggested taking it easy.

She agreed to be me again naked next week (just the two of us), and that in the mean time, when we see each other, we should all stay dressed and not mention this.

We dressed back up, I paged my boyfriend, and we left for the comfort of our home.

Later during the same week

Suzie at my house

there was some development with Suzie : we had decided to put naturism aside until the end of the week, but yesterday, while I was studying alone (and naked) at home, the doorbell rang.

I put on a bathrobe and answered: It was Suzie. She asked if she could come study with me, because she felt too alone and had the blues. I agreed and offered to dress up more appropriately. She agreed, so I went to my room, removed my bathrobe and started dressing when she knocked on the door and said she changed her mind, I could remain naked. I asked across the door if she was sure, and she said she was. I undressed and opened the door, to discover she had also undressed.

I said nothing, since she was obviously shy about it, and we went studying. (We are not in the same classes, so there wasn't many interactions).

After a while, she thanked me, dressed back up and left. Before leaving, she said she felt a little better about herself being naked and asked if she could come back today to study. It was implied that it would be done naked.

This section was written a little late (a week after the previous)

Suzie at my house, the day after the previous entry

As planned the day after, Suzie came back and we studied naked together.

I asked her why she wanted to become a naturist. She told me that at first it was only to see me this summer, to convince me to come to the camp site anyway, with, in exchange, her coming to the naturist place.

In fact, initially, she told me, she had no intention of coming. She said she would have changed her mind in the mean time. However, she became to feel guilty about it, so she decided to try it, so we would see her efforts and would not feel bad if she didn't come.

That's why the first day it didn't go well: She still felt too guilty. She therefore eventually convinced herself to try it for real, which she did last week, and it didn't feel that bad so decided to try it again. She is starting to like it, she says she always felt really bad about her body and hoped naturism would help her.

I proposed that she could come to a party we would have Saturday and the house of one of our friends. Everybody would be naked, but she could remain clothed and see. She thought and told me: "Ok, but I want to undress upon arrival, it will be easier". Since they have a garage, we agreed to undress in the car, and enter the house through the garage. (We would pick her and her boyfriend up).

Next Saturday : The party

She agreed, and called me Saturday to tell me that her boyfriend had agreed too. We therefore pick them up as planned, and our friend reserved us the garage. At the party, everybody was naked and it went well.

After the party thought, she was a little drunk and decided not to get dressed in the car: She decided to ride in the car naked. It was late at night, so when I saw her boyfriend decided to stay naked also, me and my boyfriend couldn't let them down... so we all went to their apartment naked! There was no problem on the road.

At their apartment thought, it was another matter: It was really could outside. Suzie's boyfriend got dressed but she (still a little drunk) decided not to even put her boots on! We didn't leave the car.

At our house, my boyfriend placed the car right in front of the door, and I ran, foot naked, in the snow with only the keys of the door in hand! I never opened the front door so fast! My boyfriend parked the car and came inside. He had fewer problems since he had put his shoes on to drive the car and the door unlocked (by me).


I guess I am becoming increasingly daring... or it might have simply been the alcohol! (I didn't drink as much as Suzie thought...).


Sunday, she told me she had a great time, but felt stupid for coming home naked... She came at our house, in order to experience naturism again. This time, we invited Lucie over (who doesn't want to try naturism), then we threw out our boyfriends (Lucie is single). Suzie and I were naked, but Lucie didn't undress, but didn't feel bad about us being naked. Maybe one day we will convert her, now that we are two "working" on her!



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