Stefany Conners' diary entries for June 1999

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Published on 22.02.06 15:26 Age: 16 yrs

Letters : 11793 Words : 2117

By: Anynomous

June 1999 Entries for the naturist diary of Stefany Conners. These were the last entries for the diary.

Thursday June 3th

Definitely neglecting my readers...

I haven't kept my promises ! Since I came to the center, I wrote only twice. But I am having so much fun, I don't really take time off to write. Plus, my life is quite boring

for the moment. Here is something I wrote a few days ago to a pen pal :

"I have been at the center since may 21st, and have been almost always naked since... that's 10 days in a row !  And when I did put clothes on, it was either simply something to protect me when cooking, or a bathrobe when it was too cold outside. I like it here. Everybody talks to everybody, and everyone is so kind to me : I am the cook, so I get a lot of jokes. But I think I am doing fine on the cooking part : Everybody is so silent when they eat ! It must be a good sign. I have neglected the internet these days, in favor of outdoor activities. We played a lot of volleyball these days, to get ready to the summer tournaments ( Especially since the weather is so fine ). I didn't take to time to add to my diary, but I will try to do so this week more often than last week. My parents came this weekend. They had a lot of fun, and they even slept at the center Saturday night.

Unfortunately, because of the dryness, the center's owners don't want us to lit fires outside the official fire place, so we can't have our private fire around which we talked hours."

I didn't take much time to update my web site until now, but it is raining today, so here I am.

By the way, I created a discussion forum about naturism. Post me ! Ask questions ! We will be able to stay in touch, even when I don't update my diary. Often, I exchange e-mail with pen-pals which are more precise than what I put on my diary, simply because they ask questions. Maybe the forum will lead me to write more often. 

You do not need to direct all remarks to me, they can be of a general nature.

Don't hesitate to write !

 Monday June 14th

It is so fun at the center, that I don't spend time on my diary. I am posting what I already typed of Annie's Interview. A lot is still missing, I will try to add to it in the next few days, but I don't make any promises. This week-end was a clothing-optional week-end. Therefore, a few of my non-naturist friends, including Emilie, came by. Suzie's sister also visited her. Some of the locals also came by. Saturday evening we had a big party, and some body painting. On these occasion, the goal is to paint ourselves in a way to mimic clothing. As such, the naturists don't look really naked.

I was painted a blue bikini with small flowers by Annie, who is a good painter. But the best was by Elizabeth : She painted badly torn shorts and a half destroyed t-shirt on John. He looked like an homeless person.

The town where the center doesn't have a big population, so everybody knows everybody.

Therefore, a lot of the locals know us and visit us when the center is "opened".

That way, they can swim in our lake.

In July, there is a day which we call "freedom day". The city locals are invited in the center, even if they keep their clothes on, for a volleyball tournament, naturist vs. non-naturist. The first half of the tournament is at the center, but some years, the second half is in a secluded city park, and the naturists are allowed to stay naked, even tough it is public property.

After all, like the old Mayor of the town said : We pay taxes like everybody else, but we don't use most of the facilities of the town : Garbage has to be picked up by a sanitation company, we don't need the snow to be removed, since the center is closed in the winter, and most members don't use the other services.

So, one day, after a clothing-optional volley-ball tournament at the center against some of the locals. The Mayor was there, and when he saw we were winning, he proposed to finish the game at a city park. The naturist replied that they would have to dress back up, but the mayor proposed to make an exception this time.

The way the tournament was rigged, was that the naturists made elimination rounds the day before at the center to determine two finalist teams, and the "textiles"

made similar rounds. In the end, the four teams played against each other, and the two overall winners play against each other.

That year, before the finals it looked as if the two finalists would have been naturists, but eventually, one of them lost against the non-naturist, ending up in a Naturist VS Non-Naturist Final game. It is at that moment that the mayor had proposed to move to the city park.

This year, we still don't know if one or part of the games will be at the city, and if the naturist will be allowed naked in the city park, but we are sure practicing a lot.

Most of the members of my gang are intro teams. Here are the teams in questions ( in order of Strength, from best to worst ):

Team 1

Team 2

Team 3

Andrew *

Charlie ( My boyfriend ) *

Conrad *


Stefany ( Me )


Peter *



Kristina *

Albert ( Audrey's boyfriend )






Patrick *

John *

* : Best players.

There is also two other teams at the center, by adults, with some of the parents of members of our group, but generally we play against each other.

In addition to volley-ball, we also play a lot of Water-Polo ( Especially when it's hot) and Badminton.


Wednesday June 16th


I did yesterday an Interview with Kristina, Peter's girlfriend. I chose her because I knew she had less experiences with naturism, so I could finish it up in one evening.


I don't have much to say... except that I am getting more and more pen pals from Around the world, it's nice to see that I am read from all around the planet.

Tuesday June 22th

Since I came to the centre, I didn't write much in my diary, since not a lot happens in my life: I enjoy a lot of good time, relaxing in a very routine way.

But a lot of readers have been asking me to tell exactly what is happening: "just what is your routine then ?".

So, here it is !

A typical day at the centre

I am amongst the first to wake-up every morning. my boyfriend is still deeply dreaming when I leave the chalet with the first rays of sun.

  1. The inner one, where all the installations are, including the lake, is surrounded by a big fence, which prevents textile from both entering the centre and from peeking inside.
  2. Behind the centre is a big forest, which is surrounded by a smaller, this time see-through, fence, with barbed wire on top. The area enclosed is much bigger, and is only present to prevent intruders in the private forest where we can take a walk.
  3. Right behind the fence is also located an area owned by the centre, but it is not protected: fences cost a lot and since that area is less used, the owner never installed a fence.

During the night, the fence between the inner area and the protected forest is closed, but can be opened on demand.

A key is hidden outside the inner fence ( but inside the outer fence ) to let members come back in when the fence is locked (the fence isn't locked from the inside, but if someone wants to return, he needs the key).

Furthermore, the fence also has a lock, but being the cook of the centre, I have access to the key. Therefore, every morning, I borrow the key and go take a walk in the forest. I open the outer fence and walk for a while in the tranquillity of the forest.

Outside the property of the centre (but far away from anything else), there is a little pond where I frequently see duck swimming in the morning lights.

The water is clean, and despite the fact that it is very cold, I generally take a swim, in the silence of the forest. Well, if you call that a swim... In the centre of the crystal clear water, the depth of the pond is only 4 and a half foot.

When I get hungry, I head back to the centre. The second time I went to the pond alone, I got lost and arrived by a road I didn't know! Fortunately, the road was desert, and I managed to walk back to the safety of our haven.

Once back to the centre, a few of my friend are generally talking by the lake.

I take a shower, and eat breakfast with my group.

After breakfast, we do a little cleaning, and once it's done, we usually jog a little in the inner forest.

Sometimes, some of my friends leave the centre to work, and after they left, those who stayed organise their day: Volley ball, swimming, basketball, badminton, water-polo and jogging are generally on the menu for the morning, before the sun is too strong to bother us.

Eventually, I leave to prepare dinner, while my friends often take the opportunity to swim a little.

Diner isn't served at a fixed time. Anyone can get a plate between 11h30 and 1h.

Of course, it often means that everybody eats at 11h30 since the food is best then, but the atmosphere is rather private: most people simply take the food to their chalet, while others save money by eating their own food.

During the weekends, the diner meal is nevertheless a big hit, but in the week, only people on vacation or on retirement stay at the centre, so I often stick to simple meals like hot dogs or hamburgers.

After diner, more often than not we will stay inside. We just finished eating and the sun is too direct. Board games and movies are on the menu.

Suzie works in a video-rental store, so she gets a lot of old movies at a real discount.

Later in the afternoon, we play a little sport again, generally either volleyball or something in the water if there isn't a lot of clouds. In the beginning, a few preferred sun tanning, but we are now all well done.

Supper, on the other hand, is more like an event. More complex meals are prepared, and sometimes animation is even provided.

But more often than not, supper turns out to be the social event of the day: everybody assists, and everyone takes the opportunity to hear from everyone else.

During the weekend, guests are generally marvelled by the friendliness of the members when eating.

After supper, the activities resume, and on our side we generally take the opportunity, when our friends come back from work, to practice our volleyball.

Sometimes a little dip in the lake after sunset is in order, other times a discussion by the fireplace, or even, just everyone splitting into couples to get close to their loved one.

That's about a basic day at the centre.



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