Mark and Jenny, Chapter 1 : Prologue

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Published on 17.11.09 14:10 Age: 13 yrs
Category: Mark and Jenny

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By: The Administrator

This is the first chapter of the Mark and Jenny story which will be published on this website at the reason of 1 chapter per week . It is a prologue which explains who Mark and Jenny are.

It's not easy to be a teenager. At least, it wasn't for me. Girls didn't see me other than for occasional team work for school. Boys didn't see me either. I didn't belong to any of the groups.

You could say I was a reject, but rejects also had their own little clubs. A few people have mistaken me for a nerd even thought I dressed better and didn't have glasses, but soon enough they would realize I didn't have the grades or wits to help them out.

In a way, I didn't mind that much since no one picked on me. But I was tired of always being in the shadow, almost invisible.

I did have a few friends. Steve and Jason were guys I had known in junior high. Back then, I had not really been friend with either, but after I introduced them to each other and they became best friends, they started to hang out with me, perhaps out of pity.

William was rather distant and clumsy, but he completed out quartet as the silent member. I remember that Steve, Jason and I would argue on a subject while William would simply doodle in his notebook. I know he eventually became a web graphic designer so I guess he was already practicing.

But what made our team different from the rest of the groups were Jenny and Samantha. Samantha was Steve's neighbour, and Jenny was her best friend.

In grade school, I had learned that girls often come in pairs for some reason. Guys usually form gangs, but girls seem to hang around only with their best friend.

In high school, it seemed to change for a lot of the girls, but for Jenny and Samantha, they seemed to prefer it in the old way.

They hang a lot with us, but it was more like in proximity to us than directly with us. They would sit next to us for lunch or hang out in the courtyard, but most of the conversations were held in parallel mode, with the girls having one subject and the guys having another.

Yet, slowly, the pattern was changing. The guys didn't seem to notice, but more and more, I was involved in the girl's discussions, leaving Steve and Jason to their computer gaming talks and William to his doodles or silent dreaming.

Some people say that girls mature faster. In our group, it sure sounded so. Jenny and Samantha were often talking about politics, the environment, their future or just their philosophies about life in general while Steve and Jason were just talking about pointless gaming facts or about a television show or a movie they saw the previous week-end.

At first, Samantha seemed uncomfortable with a guy taking part of their discussions, but she rapidly accepted me as her equal, especially since I wasn't only addressing her to hit on her, possibly her biggest fear for some reason.

Slowly, bit by bit, I discovered that one of my motivations for these entrenchments was actually Jenny, whom attracted me mysteriously.

As the first few weeks of school went by, it became clear in my heart that my biggest objective of my year would not be in my report card, but rather would reside in upgrading my relationship with that wonderful brunette.

The game was on. After years of passively waiting for something to happen in my life, I had a clear and well-define purpose.

All I needed was a plan.



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Comment from : Mark b

Wednesday, 03-02-10 11:37

What no chapter this week ?


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