Mark and Jenny, Chapter 4 : Getting Closer

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Published on 06.12.09 23:00 Age: 13 yrs
Category: Mark and Jenny

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By: The Administrator

Thanks to the birthday party, Mark is getting closer to Jenny and Samantha.

Already, the next Monday, I could see a shift in the relationships. Over the week-end, both girls had listened to the CD and loved it, approving me as a music expert. I wasn't, but it felt good to be appreciated.

I know that at this point, you'll ask what the CD was, but that's a detail my mind didn't register. To make it worse, not once did Samantha lend me the CD or put it on while I was at her house, so I never actually listened to it.

But the relationship had changed. It was no longer a group of four guys and two girls, with one of the guys talking both ways, but rather two groups of three teenagers. I was in the right gang.

Like Jenny, it was subtle. I already knew their secrets, but now, I was a party in them. Instead of talking about the movie they watched the night before, they would either invite me, at least let me know they would watch it so I had a idea of what was going on.

Gradually, we started spending Friday nights together. More often than not, it was at the theater. At first, I was the third wheel, but after a few weeks, it became regular for them to let me pick the movie. 

On the other nights, we would almost always spend them at Samantha's, in her room, much to her parent's dismay. 

Sure, I didn't fit very well. When they would try make-up, I would read a magazine, but at least, I was in the room. We never hanged at Jenny's house, but once or twice, I managed to invite them over, to the delight of my parents.

With retrospect, if I ask my gay friends, a lot of them used to hang out with girls in the same way as I did. My motivation was to date one of them, but if I had been gay, it would have been roughly the same. Scenario. But, my parents were still happy I was seeing girls.

I started to also call them during the week. My calls to Samantha were decoys, so it didn't sound like I was only calling Jenny. A typical call with Samantha would last five to ten minutes while a call with Jenny would last between 30 and 90 minutes.

Of course, not every conversation was brilliant, and in many cases, there would be silence or we would both listen to a song on the radio. You might think it's boring, but it was doing something with the girl I loved.



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Comment from : The Admnistrator

Friday, 11-12-09 13:59

The whole story as a whole is naturist fiction, but the first few chapters are there to set up the characters and the settings. Don't worry, the naturist parts are coming soon !

Don't hesitate to check the other stories on the website in the meantime.


Comment from : Joe Master

Monday, 07-12-09 17:26

I thought this was naturist fiction.


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