Mark and Jenny, Chapter 6 : The Magazine [fixed]

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Published on 20.12.09 23:00 Age: 13 yrs
Category: Mark and Jenny

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By: The Administator

Mark discovers by accident a weird magazine in Jenny's room which provides insight into the lifestyle of the girl he loves [Update : the content was originally the content from chapter 5. It is now fixed]

Christmas came by and went away, briefly interrupting everyone's routine. Sadly, I had never gotten the courage to break the routine and either admit my feelings or simply move forward and kiss her.

I was 14 at the time, and I had never tried to seduce a girl before, especially one I liked so much. What am I supposed to do ? Risk it all away ? I had a good thing. I was close to her, we shared everything, and we spent considerable amount of time together.

I did watch for signs she was interested in another boy, but the signs never came. She seemed happy with her life as it was, so who was I to change it ?

But something did change. On a late January (or was it early February ? ) Thursday, I had brought a graphic novel to show her what boys liked. Hey, it seemed a good idea at the time.

This prompted her to take out a book from her bookcase which she had just borrowed from the public library and was about to return over the week-end.

When she took it out however, a few books and magazines fell, and on top of it, was a copy of a magazine I had never seen before, "H and E". To my surprise, it had a smiling nude woman on the cover, with the title of articles hiding her nipples.

I quickly grabbed it while she yelled at me to give it back to her. I flipped the pages and discovered that the various pages had picture of nude families, and not just nude woman like playboy and other adult magazines.

I gave her back the magazine and notice she was blushing seriously, as if she was ashamed of having been seen with it.

I explained I didn't care what she read, that it didn't make her any less of a friend, but I sensed there was something bigger at play.

She tried to say a few things, but seemed to be unable to voice anything. As such, I decided to simply ask her what kind of a magazine it was, saying that I had never seen any magazine like it.

She was still pretty freaked out, and she held to the magazine, clutching it to her chest almost reducing it to shreds.

I motioned her to sit down on her bed and sat next to her. I held her shoulder and simply waited.

"It's a naturist magazine. It's a magazine about people who enjoy social nudity"

It was not the first time I had heard about nudists, though it was the first time I heard the term naturist. Of course, I mostly had heard jokes about nudism, such as "Who is the most popular guy at a nudist camp ? The guy who can bring two cups of coffee and half a dozen donuts at the same time".

I decided to be supportive by simply saying : "I will not think less of you if you want to be a naturist."

Her answer was to hug me in silence, letting the magazine drop on the floor. After a few minutes, small tears left her eyes, but it was entirely in silence.

Eventually, she admitted that her family and her were naturists. This meant that a lot of the time, they were nude at home during the school year and that they spent their summer at a naturist center on the outskirts of town.

I did more listening than talking, only from time to time adding that I wasn't judging her or that it sounded nice.

I did ask a few questions which I now realize were the more frequently asked questions by newbies such as "what about during periods ?", "what about erections ?" and the classic, "What if you are cold ?"

I also asked personal questions about her own experiences with it, discovering she was a naturist since birth and that the time I caught her in a bathrobe was indeed because she was nude alone at home. She also explained that her family wasn't always nude at home when it was just the three of them, but that there was no time when it wasn't appropriate. In short, it was how each felt.

After a while, she started asking me questions about how I felt about it, and I tried to be as open minded and accepting as possible. I even admitted I was interested by it, that it seemed liberating.

I took some of the words she had used in another context, and explained that it was as if clothes were a barrier between humans, dividing us and isolating us. She was originally talking about fashion, but I now realized it could apply to everything, especially in this context.

She quickly hugged me and thanked me for being such a friend. In my mind, this made it so much easier to later start dating her, having never heard of the good guy complex or of the friend zone. But hey, I was 14.
It was eventually my time to leave, but I mentioned casually that I didn't mind if next time, she preferred to undress. She thanked me and I went home.



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Comment from : Joe Master

Monday, 21-12-09 09:40

This chapter is the same as the last one.


Comment from : amb Ati

Monday, 21-12-09 03:42

the episode 6 is exactly the same with episode 5 (copy paste) I think there is a problem.... :)


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