Mark and Jenny, Chapter 8 : The aftershock

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Published on 03.01.10 23:00 Age: 13 yrs
Category: Mark and Jenny

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By: The Administrator

In one of the shortest chapters of the Mark and Jenny series, Mark suffers from the aftershock of his declaration.

I'd be lying if I said this didn't cause harm to our friendship in the short run. We barely spoke Friday during lunch, and when we were at Samantha's house, there was some tension between us.

But I did call her over the week-end, and we managed to talk about some serious stuff like how to deal with the new parameters and how we could function.

Monday was still a little tense, but already, the next morning, we were starting to get closer. By Thursday, we were close enough for me to drop by her house as if nothing had happened.

This time, she was fully dressed, but the tension was gone. We had a great time together and she laughed to a few of my jokes and even made a few of her own.

Our talks over the week-end on the phone went well and lasted longer than usual, as if we had time to catch up.

During the next two weeks, each day brought a new victory in mending the chasm I had created, including another movie where I sat in the middle.

On the third Thursday since the fateful declaration she spoke of the naturist center where they spend the summer. I even got to browse a few naturist magazines with her, giving my comments on the activities and how fun it seemed to be.

When I left on that day, I simply told her that one day, I'd like to try naturism. That it looked awesome. I left without a reply from her part.

That next week was wonderful, with Jenny smiling almost everyday and the two of us being generally inseparable. When in private, such as on the phone or during recess, we would sometimes talk about naturism, but even when we didn't, it felt as if we connected even more than in the past.



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