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Published on 23.11.19 06:12 Age: 4 yrs
Category: Emails to Bob

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In this sequel to "Why is being married to a radical naturist wife is awesome", our main character replies to an email from Bob

Hi Bob, I am so happy to have gotten such an accepting email from you. I knew I could trust you. We can talk about naturism Monday or you can call me if you want, but I wanted to address what you asked and expand on what you said.

First, no, I am not offended that you found her blog and that you agree with me what my wife is sexy. It's not like you were flirting with her! Society is currently trying to teach the lesson that complimenting a woman on her looks is almost a horrible as rape. Perhaps it's just us, but we feel that naturism is one of the ways to break from such social programming. We don't hide our bodies and while it's weird to do it in person and to our bodies, your comment was not out of place.

Second, this is from the end of your emails, but not, I wouldn't want nudity to be legal in public, and neither does my wife. There is one thing to make clear: naturists are not exhibitionists. The former is a person who enjoys social nudity... among people who enjoy social nudity. The latter is a person who exposes himself (or herself) to either shock or provoke a sexual reaction in the non nude people around them, for sexual gratification

An exhibitionist will prefer to be the only person nude in an area so that the attention is fully on them, but a naturist isn't trying to get attention: he is simply trying to live more freely, more in harmony with others and with natures. To break the shackles of, well, social programming.

A naturist you see, a full one, doesn't like dishonesty or superficiality. We like to see people as they are. I say a full one, because I'll be the first to admit that for many naturists, the only part of the philosophy they use if the loving social nudity part and that's fine! You don't have to do more. We do, but it's up to every person to decide.

In the end, between you and I, that's what I like the most about naturism: not the nudity itself, but that for many naturists, nudity is a return to a time before pretenses, before lying, before trying to have your grass be greener than your neighbors.

Oh, that takes me to one of your questions. You had so many and it's refreshing! No, I do not mow my lawn in the nude, because I do not wow my lawn, because I simply do not own a lawn. Let me explain. We own a house. It's a nice, small, but nice house. It was built here by a crew (yes, they were clothed) and you can find similar houses elsewhere. There is nothing really special about the house. It was partially pre-fabricated so it only took a few weeks to finish, but it's not a mobile home or anything like that.

We own the house. It's ours. But we don't own the land it's built on. That belongs to the resort and like if we were in a mobile home park, we need to pay them rent for it. Yes, it's a risk and that's why we picked a small house: if the resort jacks up the rent or we want to move for any other reason, only another naturist can buy our house. But at the same time, just like everyone else, we don't own lawn: the resort has a tractor that mows it for us and a team to maintain the grounds. We do have a patio to eat outside and a garden for tomatoes, lettuce, etc... behind our house, and that's kind of our area, even if don't actually own it. So, house? Ours. Land it's on? rented.

And yes, you are right, if you do decide to come with your wife, you would have to be nude, and to pay to come. Sadly, it's a resort. It's not expensive to come and with our rent we get free admission tickets every year for visitors, so the first time you and your wife come, we could let you come for free. Now, if you came, you could park your car by our house, were we park ours: there are dirt streets you know, and you wouldn't have to undress until you park. Then, you could leave your car and get into our house. What occurs inside our house is our business alone.

So, if you are both unsure, you could come visit us, see around by the windows, visit our house, eat with us, without undressing. You could leave in your car without having ever stripped down. Sometimes, one (or two) of my two friends who came to my wedding come to our house and neither undress, but they have to stay into the house. We don't mind having clothed people with us, but many naturists are ill at ease. They feel judged or something. So yeah, if you want to just see, just call me and drop by! My wife says that even tonight, you and your wife could come to eat with us, inside, and you would get zero pressure from us to undress.

But if you do, we could show you around and you would see how wonderful the place is. I promise you, all it takes is 5 minutes and then, you are fully at ease: you were actually born nude!

And that ties to your other questions: what about erections? They sometimes happen the first time your undress, because you aren't used to it, and some teenagers have a hard time (ah!) controlling them, but in reality the atmosphere isn't sexually charged so you shouldn't have problems. However, I have to warn you, if you do come see us and remain clothed, you might indeed get an erection while clothed: then you aren't really a naturist, you more have the position of a voyeur, of someone watching from the outside. It's natural and you just have to wait.

And no, we aren't swingers. You wife has nothing to worry about. We are in an exclusive monogamous relationship. Sadly, there are ill-intention swingers who visit naturist resorts to hit on everyone but unless they go to specific naturist resorts for swingers, they usually leave disappointed. Now that's it's out of the way, your question (well, her question) wasn't judgmental about swingers (which is fine). If you are indeed swingers (not saying you are, it's just that normally, we get a judgement with that question, so good of you two to not fall into that). Anyway, if you are swingers and are not coming to either have sex with us or with other residents you are welcomed anyway. There is a couple that used to live near us who were swingers, but strictly outside of the resort. They eventually left, but they didn't caused any problems while they were here.

I think their philosophy is that naturism for them was about sharing your body or something like that. It's not for us. To us, it's all about being transparent, free and honest. Not hiding anything, not judging anyone.

Now, what I like about your last question is how different it is! Yes, we go to church! At the resort, there is a chapel and we go to mass every Sunday morning. Everyone there is indeed nude, including the pastor, but he doesn't live here, he is just a casual naturist. He gives a nondenominational ceremony which is fine by us.

So, don't hesitate to call me. You can even talk to you wife if you'd like, and your wife can talk to her too! You'll see, we are nice people. I can also come to your house to talk, but obviously, my wife won't come with me.



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