The Pitch

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Published on 31.03.11 06:13 Age: 11 yrs
Category: Susanna's World

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By: The Administrator

The pitch for the new spin-off series from Eden's Creek called "Susanna's World"

"Come in guys", was the first thing he said, in a warm friendly way. Tim and I entered his office, filled with Emmy awards  and framed posters of hit TV shows he produced.

I know that many if not all of his Emmy awards are replicas. Producers do not win Emmy awards, at least, not anymore. Actors do. Directors do. Heck, script writers like me do.

But producers? They just throw money around. They are dead weights who only serve to distribute money in the capitalistic TV industry.

A few years ago, when advertising almost died the Web became a lucrative way to produce TV shows. But then, the economy crashed and people stopped wanted to pay for premium content. They even stopped paying for big unlimited Internet plans.

And so, a return to the television occurred and people like Jack Griffin now hold the fort of the almost century old industry.

"So, you have a wicked proposal for me. I am told it's highly controversial. Better than anything we have yet."

You see, TV has an advantage over the WEB. It doesn't have to find it's viewers. People turn on the TV and it's content appears. When you lack advertising, you push your own shows so people will watch you even more. It's like pushing candies into the mouth of children.

Tim took the stand. That was the plan. I am the backup. With 3 Emmy awards of my own, I can afford to weight my words. Tim however, is young and inexperienced. He needs to prove himself. He needs to make up in enthusiasm what he lacks in knowledge.

Plus, I trained him. We had this conversation hundreds of time and many of his words would be mine in a younger mouth. That's what people like Jack Griffin wanted.

A young human drone  with lots of future so he could be milked for decades for new projects. I knew too much, I was no longer as easy to manipulate, but Tim could have came in with one interesting project and out with another boring one the network thought of.

Jack knows. I know it, what remains to be seen is if Tim really understands it.

Tim's first words were important, so they were mine.

"Yes Jack, my project is going to be the talk of the country. Many young woman today end up in low-paying jobs because they think they don't have what it takes to be star. We'll find one and make her into a star, by making her do her low-paying job on TV"

Ok, so they were not exactly my words. Tim wasn't as punchy as I coached him, but Jack seemed interested, perhaps only because I was sitting next to Tim. But he called him Jack and not Mr. Griffin. That was very important. 

"So, a reality TV show like Who wants to be a cab driver?"

I had predicted his answer successfully.

"No, we'll get only one young woman and directly get her the job. She just has to survive for the season to keep doing it."

Hold the pitch, that was my idea. Jack likes to try and understand what the person has to say before they say it. We have a big enough pitch to destabilize him.

"So what job is it ?"

"A grade school teacher in a private school, teaching all grades at the same time because it's a small school"

This was the most dangerous period of the pitch. Jack could kick us out now without knowing anything more.

"We never had a reality TV show about teachers. What makes you think it's spicy enough for TV? What's the angle?"

"We already have the school. The kids and their parent's already signed the waiver. We even have already enough advertisers signed-on to cover roughly 3 times the costs, and they are willing to pay up front, regardless of the ratings."

"Now, that's something I like. But unless people want to watch it, even if the costs are covered, I can't show it. Even an infomercial costs more nowadays."

"I know Jack. But I know for a fact that roughly 20% of the US population be will wanting to watch it. That's 1 household out of 5. It's better than any of the pitched TV show you have on your desk. A dedicated fan base before the pilot is even made"

"I don't get it. What's so interesting about this teacher? Is she famous?"

"We haven't picked her yet. What's special is the school. It's in a naturist resort."

That's when I was to step in.

"The FCC has rules 4 years ago that nudity in a naturist settings is perfectly acceptable on TV after 6 PM. Channel 4 news in San Diego had shown an uncensored news segment about naturism with full frontal nudity and the ruling was that it was acceptable. Roughly 20% of the US population has lived  or been a member at one point or another in a naturist center. There are a few naturist webcasts including a few short TV shows, 3 or 4 minutes per week, and they have amazing ratings comparable to network television. We think it's time to test it. 30 minutes per week, the only prize is the house where she will live during the filming and her job, if she completes the show. But we can have a second season..."

Our agreement was to not let Jack speak at this point, so Tim took the stand without missing a beat.

"We can film a full season in a few weeks, under the radar. The costs would be so low if we don't go on TV that you can wait until you have the full season to really commit. The price of the option would basically cover the basic costs. If you don't like the end result at all, we scrap it. If you like it a little, we can reshoot it or re-edit it until it fits. But believe me, the series will be the talk of the town in naturist circles. You'll even get a lot of people interested by the concept just for the curiosity of it."

"But what's interesting? Is it just school without clothes? I mean, do we really want to show how to multiply on TV?"

I was now the primary speaker.

"The focus will not be on the teaching. It will be on her adaptation to naturism. How she deals with it. How she reacts. How the community works. What living there is like"

"So she's not a naturist?"

"No, that's the beauty of it. We find a sexy young teacher fresh out of university who wants to break into television, and make her want to come on board without telling her. She knows about it 24 hours in advance, to give her time to prepare."

"We'll name it after the girl. If the teacher is Amanda, it will be Amanda's world"


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Comment from : Bruce brucoe

Monday, 09-05-11 09:29

Certainly, I aim to please...

1) "The Reluctant Nudist" by A.W. Palmer, a humorous crime novel. A
non-nudist British couple gets lost in Southern France, late at night
they discover a) a corpse and b) that they have accidentally entered
the grounds of a naturist resort, where the murdered man had lived.
They are then rquired to stay at said resort for further
2) "Clothing Optional" by James Arlandson, is also a crime novel with
a naturist resort as the crime scene, this time located in Florida.
The owner of the place is killed and his daughter has to travel there
to inherit the place, having not the slightest idea that it is
cloting optional. The detective gets to know all the residents and
falls in love with the female manager. The ending is somewhat bizarre
for my taste, but overall the book is really enjoyable.
3) The "Runaway Nudist" trilogy by Byron and Kay McAllister. I have
yet to read the whole books, but from flipping through the pages i
daresay they´re really fine.

There´s more to come from me, if you like, but PLEASE do not hesitate
to drop a few hints to titles you might know yourselves, or give me a
feedback what you think of the titles I mentioned. If you want to
find out more about them, I suggest the books/English books sections
of the various Amazon sites around the world, for that´s where I
found most of them.


Comment from : The Admnistrator

Wednesday, 04-05-11 09:55

Thank you Bruce for the support and sorry I didn't approve your comment sooner.

I just posted the second chapter after the Pitch. I plan to make it look like it's a nudesploitation series, but turn it around... Wheter it will be a success or not remains to be seen.

Could you suggest me books? I could post a section on the site listing good ones, but I haven't read many myself.


Comment from : Bruce brucoe from Germany

Monday, 04-04-11 06:32

The idea behind this story is a really creative one, though your motivation to do it is quite sad. I so wanted to believe that the Catherine Reynolds movies could be done and was looking eagerly forward to them. Still... please continue The pitch, I've missed your writings a lot, since this kind of fiction is hard to find these days, on the net or elsewhere. By the way, maybe you or somebody else can toss out some advice on books with naturist fiction? I've read a few ones myself and could mention the titles, if anyone is intersted.


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