The Same Place, Introduction and Disclaimers

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Published on 15.02.10 09:21 Age: 10 yrs
Category: The Same Place

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By: Cedar


First, Loxie and Zoot, The Bare Pit, and any characters mentioned within this story are the intellectual property of their creator, Stephen Crowley. Stephen has graciously endorsed the writing of fanfiction. You will encounter some familiar characters, and some new ones. Still, Stephen deserves the lion's share of the credit. Without Stephen, there would be no Loxie and Zoot. This fanfic would simply not exist. I am just a simple fan trying to show my appreciation.

Second, this story should be considered non-canonical. None of the events described should be considered as having any bearing on the main storylines written by Mr. Crowley. This fanfic assumes the events of "Noodtoon #9: First Time for Everything" to have never taken place If you are interested in timeline, the events are supposed to have taken place some time after the events of "It's a Nood, Nood, Nood, Nood World!" and that is as specific as I am willing to get.

Third, it should be said that I am a non-Australian. Any inaccuracies regarding the geography, flora, fauna, culture, and peoples of Australia are the result of my own ignorance. They are not meant to offend, and I apologize in advance if they do. I am simply uneducated.

Fourth, is the "don't try this at home" disclaimer. Some of the survival tips are grounded in reality, some are merely conjecture, and some are downright inaccurate. If you're going camping, bring a guide book, or an experienced nature guide. Don't rely on this fanfic for any real wilderness survival tips.


I would like to thank my editors. Their contributions have made this a better story. Indeed, without their creative inputs, I dare say this story would not exist. Their support goes beyond mere editing. These are the people who have encouraged my writing. So, thanks guys.

I would especially like to than Stephen for his help in editing. I don't know how many fanfic authors have the input of the source material's creator. Stephen's edits have truly enriched this project. Most notably, he helped make the story "more Australian" and helped fix Mungo's dialogue. I am an American, and it showed in my writing. However, Koala Bay is an Australian local, and so Stephen's comments were invaluable. In my early draft, I tried to make Mungo sound "wise," but he ended up sounding more like an intellectual. Stephen helped me fix Mungo's dialogue, and it has a very organic feel now.


I have been a Loxie & Zoot reader since late 2001. If I remember correctly, the first storyline The Koala Bares was still running. Since then, I have made it a point to read the strip regularly. When the strip made the transition from Loxie & Zoot to The Bare Pit, I still kept reading. I have read every strip to date, and continually go back and re-read each of the stories.

I found Kylie to be one of the most compelling antagonists in the Loxie and Zoot universe. And, yes, I do use the word antagonist. She is not close minded or diabolical, like Tex Tyler. Nor is she an enterprising con-artist like Erman. Nor is she a prankster like the team of Mac and Daria. Nor is she a sleaze ball like Frank. Yet in the early days, she was still an antagonist. She created trouble for the residents of Koala Bares out of her own prejudices. She later learned the error of her ways, and was reformed as a full-fledged naturist. I think that her willingness to re-examine her beliefs makes her the most human of the Loxie & Zoot "rogues' gallery" (though I can see similar traits in Andy).

It is through her interactions with Mungo, that Kylie is finally shown the light. Granted, I can't downplay the importance of Dr. Geena Alletti in her role in Kylie's transformation. Yet I've always found the character relationship between Kylie and Mungo to be an interesting one. The second to last page of The Koala Bares focuses in on the dynamic between Mungo and Kylie. Similarly, the opening of It's a Nood, Nood, Nood, Nood World! opens with a scene of those two characters. If that's not important, I don't know what is. I've always found the relationship between those two characters compelling, and I've tried to capture that same magic in this fanfic.

I hope you'll enjoy reading it as much as I've enjoyed writing it.

[Note, The Same Place was edited by Noodtoonist, Simonsebs, & Upnorth]



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Comment from : Warren Jr. Reaume from Seligman,Az.

Thursday, 18-02-10 17:45

A very good story I liked it and went ang got my book The Koala Bares to read it agine


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