Mark and Jenny is the working title for a currently being written story by the Administrator of 13 chapters are already written, including the final epilogue.

Each Monday, one new chapter used to be published here until February 1th 2010. For now, Mark and Jenny are on pause, to give time to the author to write more articles. You can follow his writing on "Stories Progress Report"

The first mention of naturism only occurs in the 7th chapter (Published on December 21st), so please, be patient. 

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Mark and Jenny, a new serialized novel


Mark and Jenny: the forgotten epilogue

Back in November 2008 (11 years ago!) when I was writing Mark and Jenny, I had written a short epilogue to help me guide the story. I found it and I am publishing it. It was meant to be published after the main story ended, but I...

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What's happening with Mark and Jenny ?

An explanation as to why there are no more articles in the Mark and Jenny series for now.

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Mark and Jenny, Chapter 1 : Prologue

This is the first chapter of the Mark and Jenny story which will be published on this website at the reason of 1 chapter per week . It is a prologue which explains who Mark and Jenny are.

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Mark and Jenny, Chapter 2 : Why Jenny ?

In the second Chapter of Mark and Jenny, we learn why Mark wants to date Jenny.

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Mark and Jenny, Chapter 3 : The Birthday party

It's Samantha's Birthday party. Will Mark be able to capitalize on the event to get closer to Jenny ?

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Mark and Jenny, Chapter 4 : Getting Closer

Thanks to the birthday party, Mark is getting closer to Jenny and Samantha.

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Mark and Jenny, Chapter 5 : The Visit

Mark decides to act and visit Jenny, instead of just calling her.

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Mark and Jenny, Chapter 6 : The Magazine [fixed]

Mark discovers by accident a weird magazine in Jenny's room which provides insight into the lifestyle of the girl he loves [Update : the content was originally the content from chapter 5. It is now fixed]

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Mark and Jenny, Chapter 7 : Opening up

Jenny opens up to Mark thanks to the previous events, forcing Mark to finally open up to Jenny.

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Mark and Jenny, Chapter 8 : The aftershock

In one of the shortest chapters of the Mark and Jenny series, Mark suffers from the aftershock of his declaration.

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Mark and Jenny, Chapter 9 : An insider view

Mark finally gets a peak into Jenny's lifestyle, and thus, a peak under her bathrobe. But is he in for more than he bargained for ?

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Mark and Jenny, Chapter 10: A new routine [Fixed]

Mark is getting used to spend time nude at Jenny's house. Social nudity is his new activity. [Sorry, this is the second time the wrong chapter was programmed]

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Mark and Jenny, Chapter 11 : and odd Saturday afternoon

Mark is invited for supper at Jenny's house so that her parents get to know him better.

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Mark and Jenny, Chapter 12 : The Invitation

When Mark arrived home, Jenny was already on the phone with an invitation. This is the shortest chapter so far, as it is more of an epilogue to the previous one.

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