Eden's Creek is a town in Arizona which was initially built in the early 2020s as a military base to test Terraforming theories. When the base went bankrupt despite it's technical success in the 2030s, Naturists bought the town thanks to its military charter and turned it in the first naturist city in the USA.

Eden's Creek


A Letter to my mom [From the Eden's Creek universe]

This is a letter from a teenage girl living in Eden's Creek, a fictional town set 20 years into the future. This letter is sent 3 years into the Eden's Creek universe and will most likely be the last episode chronologically,...

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Interview with General Langley, Part 1

Eden's creek is a universe I have been working on for over 3 years. This is the first short story in chronological order and it is set years before Eden's creek became a naturist city, back when it was still Base Sigma

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The Official Launch of KMBS 98.5 FM in Base Sigma

This is the broadcast transcript from the first broadcast of KMBS 98.5 FM, the only radio station of Base Sigma and eventually Eden's Creek. Still no Naturism, but KMBS will be in the center of the Eden's Creek universe.

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The Interview Part II (The visit of Base Sygma)

Neil Flemmings continues his tour of Base Sygma on his second on location. This is the very beginnings of the Eden's Creek universe and thus, doesn't contain any naturism so far. Still, it lays the foundation of the future first...

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An exclusive announcement from KMBS

Another KMBS 98.5 FM transcript, this time with the shocking news that Base Sygma will become Eden's Creek, a naturist city in 3 to 4 months.

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The "job of a lifetime" offer from Mark Kelso

Eric Taylor is a very good project manager. He lives in a naturist center in Florida with his beautiful wife Natasha and their 11 year old daughter Kim. Why would a certain Mark Kelso want to talk to him about on a Saturday...

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The Taylor's new house

Mark Kelso shows the Taylor's to their new house and presents this family. Has Natasha taken more than she can handle ?

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The Richardson family is coming to town

The Richardson family cannot explore their new house yet, so they have to sleep at the only Bed and Breakfast in town. In route, they briefly visit the beach.

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4 Families and an old friend

The first 4 families of Eden's Creek meet for a nudist brunch along with a new friend well known character for existing readers of

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KMBS 98.5 FM Transcript of Eric Taylor

Eric Taylor, Lily Langley and Duncan Clark are live on KMBS 98.5 FM to discuss the future of the town.

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First day in school at Base Sygma

Megan Beck is the new 6th grade teacher in the only grade school in Eden's Creek. She has the delicate task of teaching the oldest kids in grade school how to deal with the fact there will be naturists and textiles in the same...

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Kim Taylor's first day in school

An Extract from Kim Taylor's diary about her first day in school.

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The Book Report: Revisiting nudity in the new world

Transcript of the Television show "The Book Report" in which Professor Kyle Langley talks about his new book which is study of Naturism in America, with a strong focus on Eden's Creek.

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Kim Taylor's transition day morning

It's Transition Day and Kim Taylor will need to be nude in elementary school in her 6th grade class. Will she be the only naturist kid nude ? How will the textile kids react ? Kim wonders as she gets ready for school.

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The first day of naturism at school

Naturism is now legal in Eden's Creek and for the first time in the world, naturist kids go to school with textile kids. This story highlight the first day at the grade school.

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KMBS 98.5FM Interview with Malcolm about the fight

On the first day of Naturism at the Eden's Creek High School, there was fight between 2 seniors, a naturist and a textile. Malcolm Jacobs, captain of the football team and avid naturist, talks on 98.5FM about his fight.

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Amy's new job

A few weeks after writing her letter to her mom announcing that she is a naturist now, Amy decides to apply for a job at DeriMark systems. This is a sequel to "The Letter".

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