This section lists self-contained stories which are only 1 article long and for which are not part of a serial.

Stand Alone Short Stories


The pool is saved, but Heather and Stephen still work

In this sequel to the 2009 short story "SAVING THE POOL: CAN NATURIST FIND A PLACE TO SWIM, AND SAVE IT FROM CLOSING ?", Heather meets Cassandra and Susan at the mall, giving her some courage.

This first new story since 2019...

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Cathy's college years Part 1

This is actually the first naturist story I ever wrote, back in 1996, if I remember properly. It involves some "forced" naturism which is why I never shared it, but Cathy soon embraces the lifestyle and doesn't regret her...

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The Deserted Beach

Two couples decide to rent a boat to spend a week on a deserted atoll in the Bahamas. One of the couple are naturists and intend it to be a nudist vacation. I began writing it in December 2009 and only finished it in August 2011....

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Saving the pool: Can Naturist find a place to swim, and save it from closing ?

Stephen and Heather work at a private pool which is hit really hard by the bad economy. Can Richard, the manager, save the pool ? This story was written months ago, but lacked any drama, plot points or real character development...

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A fiery teenager

Susan is a 17 year old poor and liberal student in a rich and conservative town. Her schoolmates ignore her, increasing her frustration and boiling her blood with rage. A naturist super-power exclusive story written by the...

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Growing up in the bathtub

A rather peculiar story about a girl growing up. At the start of the story, she spends almost all of her free time in the bath. Interestingly, there is no real action or dialog. It mostly is auto-biographical (but still...

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Suzy and her Father, a day under the sun

A story submitted by a reader about a teenage girl who wants to get closer to her father, whom she only sees from time to time since the divorce of her parents.

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The secret beach

A 14 year old teenager and his twin sister discover a naturist center by accident while on vacation in a boring cottage with their Mother

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A twist of Faith

Mark falls in love with a beautiful mysterious stranger, Faith he met at various airports over the course of 2 years. He decides to chase her and find her secret identity. There is sensuality, but in a PG-13 way.

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