Catherine Reynolds is a widowed naturist criminal defense lawyer. Each story in the series will feature a single case, with some description of the personal life of Mrs Reynolds at the naturist center where she lives full time.

The author is the webmaster of the Naturist Fiction Archive, and also the author of "a twist of Faith" and "The secret beach"

Catherine Reynolds, naturist attorney


The case of the falling woman (Episode 1)

Lawyer Catherine Reynolds has a new case, a purse robber whose last victim fell and got severely injured. Will her friends at the naturist center where she lives be able to help her ?

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The case of the Armed Robbery (Episode 2)

Catherine Reynolds defends a 4.0 average university student accused of being an accomplice to an armed robbery he didn't commit. She also gets closer to Lily's family.

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The case of the Magic Trick (Bonus Episode)

A Magician perform a magic show at a naturist center. This is in the Catherine Reynolds series, so guess who he meets after the show ?

Letters : 10039 Words : 1909


The case of the stolen jewels (Episode 3)

Catherine is defending a call-girl accusing of stealing a necklace from a client, while Lily fight a terrible sickness. Eric the Magician makes another appearance.

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The case of the author notes (Bonus Episode)

A few notes from the author on how and why he created he Catherine Reynold series.



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The case of the child abuse accusations (Episode 4)

Lily has recovered and is back to school. Catherine is in love, and everything seems to be perfect. Or is it ? Will the problems lead to suffering, or just an even better life ?

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The case of the cop-killer (episode 5)

The son of a famous industrial kills a cop, which entices the biggest law firm to hire Catherine for the case. Yet another major change in the not so quiet life of Mrs Reynold.

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The case of the money laundering (Episode 6)

A Chinese immigrant operating a dry cleaner shop is accused of money laundering for the organized crime. Everyone at R.K.D. is convinced it's a lost cause. Will Catherine and Susan find a way out ? What will be the repercussions...

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The Case of the Funeral (episode 7)

Catherine Reynolds talks about the famous Vittorio Bene case which made her famous across the USA after it was covered by CNN.

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The case Catherine didn't want (episode 8)

This new episode of Catherine Reynolds, after an 18 months hiatus, was partially written a year ago and tells the story of a case that Catherine really didn't want to take: defending a man accused of rape.

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