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Published on 02.08.11 08:02 Age: 13 yrs
Category: Site News

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By: The Administrator

I just realized that there was a lot of unmoderated comments and I just published them, at least, the non-spam ones and those which aren't direct questions to me.

I am now faced with a dilemma.

I have received dozens of stories for publication. I read most of them: the majority are less than 1000 words each.

All of them follow more or less the same pattern of having a main character who is a teenage boy who secretly is a naturist without really knowing why, and who discovers that an older girl he likes is also secretly (or not) a naturist.

They skinny dip once, and the story ends with both teenagers (and sometimes their friends) remain skinny dipping partner without any character development.

You would say it's not that much different than "Mark and Jenny", but I maintain that it's rather different for a few very important reasons:


  1. Mark isn't a naturist and as such, there isn't a big coincidence of both Mark and Jenny being naturists in secret and suddenly falling for each other
  2. Jenny's parents are naturists. It's not a story containing only horny teenagers skinny dipping but there is a real naturist background with discussions on how to behave, the rules, etc...
  3. There is character development, perhaps not perfectly, but Mark doesn't simply discover naturism in one paragraph and is naked by the time the next one starts. It creates a narrative. A story isn't about the ending, it's about the journey... the stories submitted have no journey: the character doesn't really know the sexy teenager (often the older sister of a friend) and within 2 or 3 paragraphs, both are great friends naked in a pool with the original friend out of the story.
  4. I am not a perfect speller. Really, I am not, but all of these short stories would need complete rewriting to sound vaguely professional. 

My goal for Naturist-fiction.com was to build a community of writers who are dedicated to creating free online quality naturist stories which show what naturism really is about.

I do not think that showing teenagers skinny dipping without adult supervision really shows naturism in a good light.

If on top of that the stories are neither interesting or well written, I do not see how to salvage them.

What do you guys think?





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