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Published on 03.06.10 14:45 Age: 14 yrs
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By: The Administrator

Two new stories are in progress for the website for the Catherine Reynolds series. A little more details about the potentially upcoming movie(s) featuring Catherine Reynolds

I have recently announced that a movie (or two) about Catherine Reynolds might be made in the next 2 or 3 years. I was optioned for a scenario and I am working hard on it.

The trial itself isn't my idea, but rather, is an original idea from the producer of the movie. The personal life of Catherine Reynolds shown in the movie will be her meeting of Eric, her boyfriend, thought he might not even be a magician (sorry folks... not my idea. The producer doesn't want to go in that direction).

But working on Catherine Reynolds inspired me 2 new cases to go along with the future events on her life.

In her last case, Catherine discovered she was pregnant. I had already decided that in her next case, she would deliver her baby, and the one after would feature the baptism.

But I didn't have those 2 cases to inspire me, at least, not then.

The first one, "The case Catherine didn't want", is now 621 words long and is going to be the first sex crime story in the Catherine Reynolds serial. I partially touched it with the case of the diamond thief, but Catherine kept telling me to let her fix it. It might have been the 3rd or 4th case, but then, I just didn't have the proper angle to do it. I think I now do. The story is more or less fully planned until the personal conclusion (the birth of her child).

the second one doesn't have a clever title yet, but is for now called : "The case of the collusion". It is a business criminal case. Could be boring if I don't pay attention, so I will try to.

I don't know at which speed these two stories will be written. The script for the first movie is my top priority. 



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