Updates on February 19th 2010

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Published on 19.02.10 10:13 Age: 14 yrs
Category: Site News

Letters : 1837 Words : 325

By: The Administrator

New colored dates, 2 new pages and 5 stories published this week.

You probably have noticed that the grey box in which the articles date is listed can now have 4 colors:


  • Red if the article is less than 3 days old
  • Green if the article is less than 7 days old
  • Dark Grey (the previous color) if the article is less than 45 days old
  • Light Grey is the article is older than 45 days old

This will help clearly distinguish the newest articles and if the site is being update or not.

Also, 2 new pages have been created. The first is "Stand Alone Short Stories", which lists all of the Short stories which are not part of a serial. This was required by the fact that the stand alone short stories were swallowed by the Catherine Reynolds and Eden's Creek stories which both already had their own page.

The second one is a "Where to Start ?" page which helps new readers get a grasps of what's currently on the site.

Even if you think you have read everything the site has to offer, I recommend you take a look at it in case you missed something !

Story-wise, I successfully published 5 stories in the Eden's creek universe, and I already have 7 more stories in the pipeline with a rough outline. I thus hope to be able to publish 5 more stories, but this will probably be the last 5 stories week. I plan to slow down to 1 or 2 stories per week afterward.

I hope you like the Eden's creek stories, because I find them a lot of fun to write !





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