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Published on 08.06.11 08:38 Age: 13 yrs
Category: Susanna's World

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By: The Administrator

Susanna just received her contract for Susanna's world and speaks to the camera for the first time on why she accepted to be on the show

Tim came back a few hours later with my contract signed by the network, with the terms more or less consistent with my demands.

There were many conditions which would void the agreement, but they were mainly guidelines in case I was trying to scam them and I knew I wouldn't cross those lines.

I was filmed signing the contract and was asked to give my first impressions. After making sure no one would see the take until the next day, I asked Tim to leave the cameramen alone with me while I shared my thoughts.

"Hello everyone, I am sure you are dying to know why I would accept such a daring proposition. Let me tell you a little about what they got into. I am not a naturist, at least, not yet. By the time this confession is broadcasted, I am pretty sure I will have embraced the lifestyle, but so far, I have never taken my clothes off in public. I admitted it during the interview and they still chose me.

You see, just because I never undressed doesn't mean that I don't know naturists. I have studied to be a teacher with a few girls living on naturist resorts or in naturist families. I went to their houses where their whole family was nude. I didn't mind. I didn't undress because I am not a naturist myself, but they respected that and so I respected their lifestyle.

When the producers decided to make a TV show about a naturist teacher in a naturist school, they could have picked any of the naturist girls I studied with to run their show. It would have made sense. A few of them expressed the desire to teach as a clothing optional or naturist school. They would have jumped on the occasion to live their dream life and have their dream job.

But no, they voluntarily hid the fact that it was a naturist school. Not once before today was I told and pre-screening questions mentioned the subject, most likely eliminating any candidate who was already a naturist.

That tells me something very important about this show: they want it to be controversial. They want it to be shocking. They want it to make the headlines because of it's provocative content. They probably want people to scream: "A sexy naked teacher with grade school kids!  Call child services at once!"

But I'll tell you what the biggest controversy about naturism is. I'll tell you the most shocking truth I discovered while visiting my study partners in their so called ghettos.

The scandal about naturism is just how normal it looks. The first time I went, I was scared, I didn't know where to look. I felt ashamed for these people to be out there naked and exposed, but within a few minutes, the shame changed side. I felt ashamed for having judged them in the first place.

The naturist girls I studied with were in no way more perverted or deranged than any of the other girls I studied with. Eating supper with their nude parents or their naked boyfriends was in no way more sexual than with my own parents, when I was a kid.

So when I realized all of this, my first reaction was to run away. Do I really want to show myself naked on TV? Do I want to spend the new few months if not years teaching kids while fully naked ? No, I don't.

But I would hate for them to pick another girl who would make naturism look bad on television. By taking this role, especially with my final cut rights, I can make sure that they won't cause a witch hunt against naturists. I can ensure that my friends will like the show and recognize themselves in it."

I realized I had said too much for TV. TV works fast, quickly, they need short sound bites. But it was material filmed anyway. I could pressure them to perhaps use my speech or parts of it as a voice over during my arrival.



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