Kristen Chapter #2: Black Knife Beach

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Published on 23.02.06 11:14 Age: 18 yrs

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By: Nemo

Kristen arrives at Black Knife Beach, before the opening.

Kristen got up early on Saturday morning, eager to drive out to Black Knife Beach and have a look around.

She grabbed a quick shower, then wrapped a towel around herself and padded down the hall to her bedroom, where she started to pack her beach bag. She slipped some papers into the bag from the orientation meeting the day before, including a map and the card with her locker assignment. She put her sunglasses and a bottle of sunscreen into a pocket on the outside of the beach bag, and she stuffed a couple towels into the bag. The beach wouldn’t be officially open for several more days, so she hoped to have a chance to enjoy the sun and sand before the crowds arrived.

She felt a rising tickle of excitement in her stomach as she opened a dresser drawer and pulled out the bikini she had bought the night before. She loosened the towel she had wrapped around her body and let it fall to the floor. She looked into the bedroom mirror and held the bikini top before her breasts, trying to get a sense of how she would look in the swimsuit. It wasn’t a particularly daring outfit, but it was quite a departure from the one-piece suits she had always worn before.

Kristen felt comfortable with her body. She wasn’t conceited about her looks, but she knew she was pretty. She could see it in the mirror; she could see it in the way men’s eyes followed her hungrily wherever she went.

Her one-piece suits did nothing to disguise her beauty, but they were strictly utilitarian garments, unlike this bikini. Kristen had never worn an outfit designed specifically to show off her body, but now that she was out of high school, now that she had completed years of dedication and self-denial preparing to become a lifeguard, now she felt ready to cast her inhibitions to the wind and have fun.

Her face flushed and the tickle in her stomach grew as she thought about the plan she had formed when she bought the bikini—she would wear the bikini instead of underwear today. With the swimsuit under her clothes, she wouldn’t have to stop at a changing room when she got to the beach. She could stretch out her beach blanket on the sand, then just start taking off her clothes, right there on the beach. She had seen other girls do it. For some reason she didn’t fully understand, it was exciting to think about undressing out in the open. There might be hundreds of eyes watching her.

The more she thought about it, the more vivid the image grew, and the more flushed her face became. Suddenly, with a startled gasp, Kristen was overwhelmed with a sense of embarrassment and shame. What was she—an exhibitionist? Shuddering, she realized that she simply didn’t have the nerve to undress on the beach. She looked at the bikini in her hands. Maybe someday, she thought with regret. Definitely not today.

She put the bikini on top of the dresser, then opened her underwear drawer. She put on her usual underwear, a white cotton bra and panties. Then she pulled on a green t-shirt and a pair of green shorts. The color seemed to complement her smooth tan skin. Finally, she pulled on white ankle socks and clean white tennis shoes.

She put one of her old one-piece swimsuits into the beach bag. She would put her swimsuit on in the changing room, just as she had always done when she went to the beach. After a moment’s hesitation, she grabbed the bikini from the top of the dresser and put it into the bag, too. If the beach wasn’t crowded, maybe she would have the nerve to wear the bikini.

She stuffed a few more odds and ends into the beach bag, then she checked the mirror. With a few quick strokes of a hairbrush, she tamed her dazzling blonde pageboy bob, and she was ready.

The drive to Black Knife Beach was a long one. The beach was well away from the heart of the city, and the road narrowed as it entered the steep hills on the outskirts of town. The road snaked and turned back on itself, climbing some shallow slopes, and dodging around the steeper ones. The many twists in the road must have added ten miles to the length of the drive, and forced every car to creep along at a snail’s pace.

“I’ll go crazy making this drive twice a day for the whole summer,” Kristen thought. She needed to find an apartment somewhere near the beach, and the sooner the better.

Finally, as she rounded one sharp curve, she saw one of the familiar wooden signs of the Department of Parks and Recreation. Black Knife Beach, at last. Just past the sign, a narrow gravel road branched off through a thick screen of trees and bushes. Feeling a bit uncertain, Kristen turned onto the gravel road.

The gravel path ran for only about thirty feet, then opened up onto a sizable paved parking lot, with neatly painted rows of parking spaces. The lot was almost entirely empty. A large sign at the edge of the lot reassured her that she had come to the right place—this was indeed Black Knife Beach. Kristen could see the ocean beyond the sign, but she couldn’t see the beach.

She parked near the large sign. As she got out of her car, she realized that the parking lot was on the top of a bluff towering almost a hundred feet above the beach. There was a steep and rocky trail winding down the face of the cliff, leading down to the beach.

Kristen took the beach bag and her beach blanket from the car and walked to a redwood staircase that marked the beginning of the trail down to the beach. A small sign at the head of the stairs read “ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK.” The trail was rugged: in most places, it was nothing more than a narrow gravel path. In some places there were hand rails, and in a few particularly steep places, there were short redwood staircases, joining parts of the gravel path.

The steep slopes beside the gravel path were littered with a jumble of dark jagged boulders and rocks. There were many fragments of jet-black rock, broken into pieces with edges that looked razor-sharp. In bygone times, Kristen thought, perhaps people used these rocks to make hatchets, arrowheads, or spearheads. She didn’t know enough about geology to recognize what kind of rocks they were, but it seemed obvious that they were the reason this place was named Black Knife Beach.

In a few places, some of the rubble had rolled or slid down the slopes and partially obstructed the gravel path. It wasn’t difficult to step over the rubble, but Kristen started to wonder just how stable the cliffside trail was. Hadn’t she heard something about people who had died from falls or rock slides at Black Knife Beach a few years ago? It was obvious that improvements had been made to make the descent safer, but it seemed that Black Knife Beach was not for the faint of heart.

Kristen was surprised when she reached the base of the rugged slope. The ground was cluttered with rocky debris for about twenty to thirty yards from the base of the cliff. Beyond that, the beach was an immaculate stretch of pristine white sand. It was beautiful! The surf was light today, and the deep blue water splashed gently against the shore. The beach was almost completely deserted. Far down the beach she could see two or three people splashing about in the water. She turned and looked up at the cliff towering above and smiled. Now she understood why people would risk the perilous trail down to Black Knife Beach. This was paradise!

Not far from the foot of the trail was a small wooden building. A sign near the door at the front end of the building said “Lifeguard Station,” and the door was open wide. It seemed like the obvious place to begin her exploration.

Kristen paused for a moment outside the open door. The front part of the building was a small office, with a desk and several filing cabinets. The walls were covered with maps and bulletin boards. There were stacks of cardboard boxes on the floor, and one of the file cabinet drawers was open. Everything was dusty, but there were cleaning supplies arranged on the desk, and it was obvious that someone had recently started working at cleaning up the room.

Kristen knocked timidly on the open door and called out, “Hello? Is there anybody here?” When no one answered, she stepped into the office. Through an open door in the back end of the office, she could see a row of lockers. There were lights on in the locker room. “Hello,” she called again, a little louder than before. “Is there anybody here?”

“Yes, just a minute,” came a woman’s voice from the locker room.

A naked woman stepped through the locker room door. “Hi, can I help you?” she asked.

Kristen’s face turned beet red. “Oh, I’m so sorry,” she said, and backed toward the office door.

The woman smiled, stretched out her hand, and walked toward Kristen. “I’ll bet you’re Kristen!” she said. “I’m so glad to meet you. My name’s Beth. I’m the senior lifeguard here.” She grabbed Kristen’s hand and gave her a hearty handshake.

“Uh… pleased to meet you,” Kristen stammered.

“I just came in today to try to start getting things in shape for the start of the season next week,” Beth said. She looked around the dusty office. “The place is really a bit of a mess.”

“They, uh… they said at the meeting yesterday…” Kristen’s mouth suddenly felt very dry. “They said that I should come out here this weekend, and, uh…”—she lowered her eyes to the floor—“try to, uh, take a look around.”

Kristen was surprised at how awkward she felt, talking to this naked woman. She and her friends had often had long conversations in the shower room or the locker room at school, without a trace of embarrassment about their nudity. Somehow this was different.

Probably Beth had just got out of the shower when Kristen came in. But her hair wasn’t wet. Maybe she had only been getting ready to start a shower when Kristen arrived. Someone could walk through the wide open office door at any second, but Beth didn’t seem to notice. It was almost as if she didn’t even realize that she was naked.

Her body certainly was nothing to be ashamed of. At 5’8” tall and 125 lbs., Beth had the kind of body that could make grown men weep. Her tan skin looked somehow like velvet—it seemed so inviting to the touch. Her reddish-brown hair fell long and loose over her shoulders. The neatly trimmed triangle of reddish-brown pubic hair was as tempting to the touch as her soft smooth skin.

“Have a seat,” Beth said, motioning to a chair just inside the door. She turned to the open file drawer and pulled out a folder. “I have your folder right here,” she said, as she seated herself behind the desk. She opened the folder and glanced over the contents. “So what do you think of our little corner of Eden here?” she asked.

Kristen struggled to regain her poise. “The beach is beautiful,” she said, “but I think you really need to install an elevator.”

Beth laughed. “Just think of the trail as the initiation test for Black Knife Beach. Survival of the fittest.” She turned another page in the folder, then looked up from the papers.

“We have eight lifeguards here, working two shifts,” Beth said. “Because this is your first year, you’ll spend at least the first couple weeks on the morning shift, with me. Just so we can show you the ropes, you know.” Kristen nodded.

“We’ll have three women and one man on the morning shift. The afternoon shift is two women and two men. After you’ve learned the ropes, we may shift some schedules.”

Kristen looked at the open locker room door. “I notice there’s only one locker room,” she said.

Beth nodded. “Yeah, share and share alike. We’re a pretty small station, and, of course, out here it doesn’t make any sense to spend a lot of money putting in two separate locker rooms.”

Kristen nodded. With only four lifeguards on each shift, it would be no hardship for the men and the women to take turns in the locker room.

Beth stood up and put Kristen’s folder back into the file cabinet. Looking at Beth’s bare ass only a couple feet in front of her face, Kristen realized something she hadn’t noticed before. Beth had a nice tan, but no tan lines. “Oh, I hope she’s not this casual about being nude when the men are here,” Kristen thought, with a sudden rush of renewed embarrassment. She looked again into the locker room.

Beth turned her head and looked over her shoulder at Kristen. “Say, why don’t you go on in and find your locker. Then you can get undressed and I’ll show you around our little half-acre of Heaven.”

“That sounds like a good idea,” said Kristen. As Kristen walked into the locker room, Beth knelt down and took some file folders from one of the boxes on the floor.  She turned and started to file the folders in the file cabinet. She was still naked, and she still seemed completely unconscious of her nudity.

Kristen fished her locker ticket from her beach bag. She found the locker easily, and had no trouble opening it. The locker was empty, except for a baseball cap on the top shelf. The cap had the neatly embroidered logo of the Department of Parks and Recreation, and large letters that read “LIFEGUARD.”

“Hey, this hat is pretty neat,” Kristen said. “They must be new. I haven’t seen the lifeguards wearing them before.”

“No,” Beth called from the other room. “The caps were made especially for Black Knife Beach. Nobody else has them.”

“Wow,” said Kristen. “I guess we’re an elite crew!” She pulled the cap on and looked at the empty locker. “It looks like our uniforms aren’t here yet.”

Beth stepped into the locker room doorway and looked at Kristen for a long moment. “No, the uniforms are here,” she said. Kristen turned and looked at Beth. “The baseball caps are our uniforms.”

Kristen’s brow furrowed in puzzlement. “So… so we have to provide our own swimsuits?”

Beth frowned. “You really don’t know?”

“Don’t know what?” Kristen asked, with a growing sense of dread.

“Black Knife Beach is a nude beach. Nudity is mandatory at all times—no swimsuits allowed.” Beth pulled her own baseball cap from her locker. “The cap is the only thing you’re allowed to wear on the job.”

“Oh, my God!” said Kristen. Her face turned a ghostly white. “I—I can’t do that!”

“Sure you can,” said Beth, with a reassuring smile. “A year ago, I was just as uncomfortable as you are. But after a couple hours, the embarrassment was completely gone. After a couple days, I hated to get dressed. Take your clothes off, then let’s go take a walk around the beach. You’ll see.”

“I can’t,” Kristen protested. “I’ll die of embarrassment! I just can’t!”

“Come on, Kristen. You have to get used to it eventually. Why not start today, when the beach is almost deserted? On Monday there will be more people here, and you’re not going to have a choice. You clearly have a nice body. You don’t have a thing to be embarrassed about.”

Kristen’s face turned bright red once again. She pulled off the lifeguard cap and ran her fingers through her hair. “I—I—I’m not a natural blonde!” she choked.



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