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Brief description of that naturism is and isn't.

The one characteristic that naturist around the world share, is that the perform in some activities without clothes in a setting where a non-naturist would wear some. For example, taking a shower in private in the nude isn't a naturist activity. Sleeping in the nude isn't generally considered naturist, but it depends on the context. In many areas of the world, taking a same-sex communal shower after a sports game isn't a naturist activity. Being topless on a beach isn't a naturist activity either, because a bikini bottom is worn, but for a woman to wear a pair of shorts at a nude beach because of her periods is naturist. A person staying nude alone at home most of the time can be considered performing naturism, but not social naturism.

Naturism isn't sexy. It isn't exciting sexually. Many non-naturists (which naturists call textiles) think that nudity is sexually attracting, but it is the case only when there is sexual tension such as in an erotic setting. At naturist events there is an absence of such eroticism and sexual tension, in fact, most of the activities are performed in the same way as if clothed. Almost all naturists will tell you that a bikini is a lot more erotic than the total lack of clothes, because imagination is the greatest aphrodisiac and with total nudity nothing is least to the imagination.

Many naturists are also environmentalists and try to reduce the damage they cause. Some naturists also try to live simpler lives, such as eating natural food, becoming vegetarian or growing their own food. It is not the norm and for a lot of naturism, it is a hobby practices part time instead of a way of life.

Some clarifications about true social naturism :

  • There is no sexual activity in public
  • Naturists usually sit on a towel when sitting down, and they usually carry their towel with them, often on one of their shoulder
  • Naturists usually look at each other in the eyes only
  • There are children at most naturist centers, and the centers are generally kid friendly
  • Naturists do not all look like Adonis and Top Models. There naturists of all age and size
  • The majority of Naturists are not voyeurs and exhibitionists : they do not become naturists get sexual excitation out of either being seen or seen others nude
  • Men almost never get erections at naturist events
  • Women may wear shorts when in their periods, and no-one makes a deal about it
  • There are naturist events, where nudity is mandatory, and clothing-optional events, where nudity is optional
  • Even at most naturist events, some clothing may be found such as for some kids, when it is cold, when you have a sunburn, when leaving and arriving, etc.
  • Some naturists wear some protection gear when doing sport, including kneepads and sporting bras
  • In general, most of the naturists do not live in naturist centers. They usually only visit during the day, rent a chalet or have a RV or camper on the site
  • The vast majority of naturists do not impose their nudity on others. For example, they will wear clothes when receiving friends and family at their house if they are not naturists
  • Naturism isn't a way for life for all naturists. Some only practice naturism while on vacation. Some only participate on week-ends.
  • There are usually more man than woman in naturism
  • Most organized naturist center enforce a gender ratio to prevent man from outnumbering the woman. Usually, they simply require all adult man to be accompanied by an adult woman.
  • Almost all of the naturist centers do not allow minors to attend without their parents, thought some non-landed clubs allow older teenagers
  • Some naturists do live at naturist centers, and some of them have built a house on location.
  • Some of these houses are worth as much as other houses in the area, but some are just fixed mobile homes
  • Some naturists shave all their body hair, including pubic hair. They sometimes call themselves smoothies.
  • Naturists are like others : some have piercings, tattoos, disabilities.
  • Yes, there are blind naturists since unlike popular belief, naturism is not about voyeurism

Ideas of locations where naturism can be performed for your stories:

  • At clothing optional beaches, whether legal, tolerated or illegal
  • Inside private houses
  • In the backyard of some houses, but it is unsuitable for most houses
  • At official naturist centers, which are usually camping sites more or less well organized and which are naturist or clothing optional
  • A non-landed naturist club events, which are events organized by a naturist club such as renting an indoor pool for exclusive access
  • Illegally in secluded areas, such as for short periods in a forest or a deserted field or beach
  • On a private boat, away from other boats. There are, for example, naturist sail boat clubs
  • On vacation, at naturist resorts

Children and naturism

  • Children raised as naturists are reported as being less ashamed of their body, and into having their first sexual experiences from 1 to 2 years older than other child
  • During puberty some, but not all, naturist children prefer to wear some clothes during their transformation into an adult
  • Otherwise, naturist children and teenagers are like others. They can be extroverted or not. Intelligent or not. Disciplined or not.



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