My life so far


Episode 41 of my life to far now written!

News about progress on the currently active serial

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My life so far now has over 86,000 words, even if writing slowed down

An update on My life to far

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My daughter has a new summer job!

A pause in the writing of My Life So Far? Explanation here.

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Good progress on My life so far

My daughter and I are making good progress on My life to far, with 25 episodes written and over 58,000 words!

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19 episodes of My Life to far written? And teaser of upcoming episodes

My daughter and I wrote a lot of My life so far and programmed episodes now show up

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A new collaborative way to write My life so far

My daughter and I are editing her story in Google Docs, each adding new parts, but yesterday, we had a big evening together

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Site is now responsive, and progress on "My life so far"

Work on the site, and more writing with my daughter

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The naturist fiction archives, now bigger and better than ever!

On this May 17th 2022, the site got major changes and is now bigger and better than ever.

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My daughter wrote most of the sequel for "Can the pool be saved", and a new serial

A blog about a new collaborator and an upcoming serial.

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I read some of my old stories and feel ashamed

After half a decade without thinking about this site, I decided to write more stories, so I had to read old stories and they made me cringe.

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My professional life in 2019

My is my professional life now, in 2019?

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An update on my professional life

If you ever read the article on what I do for a living, you should have a good idea of what my life consists of.

I make money on maintenance contracts for my old software, but also for custom modules. Once again, the hardware my...

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Different levels of writing

My story "The Deserted Beach" was criticized as being badly written and I thought I might explain a little more about writing.

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Slight Site Restructure

I made some changes to the structure of the site, now that I know a little more about how the site is actually used

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Diagnosis: Depression

I went to see my Doctor and it's official, I am in situational depression.

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More updates on my life

What has happened in my life since I was last active...

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Update on my life

November 10th 2010: As you may have noticed, I haven't posted any updates since last June.

I have a lot on my plate on several levels :

My professional life is booming. I am working over 60 hours per week and I charge...

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