Visitor progression - First 3 months since relaunch

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Published on 05.08.09 20:23 Age: 14 yrs
Category: Site News

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By: The Administrator

A summary of the progression of the visits on the site since we relaunched the site and added statistics

We relaunched Naturist-Fiction in late April. If we remove the visits by the administration team, we discover a slow progression in the number of visitors each month :


  • 5773 page views in May (there was a lot of initial visits due to the relaunch)
  • 5940 page views in June
  • 7961 page views in July, despite the lack of new stories

If we check the actual visitors, the numbers are even more interesting :


  • 1195 unique visitors in May
  • 2290 unique visitors in June
  • 4557 unique visitors in July

Sadly, this means the number of pageviews per visitors is going down, but perhaps the lack of new stories published was a major factor.

Speaking of new stories, 2 new exclusive stories were added today, "Growing up in the bathtub" and "Suzy and her Father, a day under the sun".

We are currently reviewing other submissions which were initially rejected after a first reading, but which might be possible to approve with small changes to make them more suitable for a general audience.

Don't hesitate to post comments or rate articles. Most of our articles are not yet rated.

Speaking of stories, here is the top 5 of stories, in order for the month of July :



  1. How Kristen spent her summer vacation (introduction)
  2. Kristen, Chapter #3 : In Uniform
  3. Kristen, Chapter #2 : Black Knife Beach
  4. Kristen, Chapter #1 : Orientation Meeting
  5. Stefany Conners's naturist diary







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Comment from : Matt A. from Manchester,NH

Monday, 31-08-09 00:34

I just wanted to mention that I do like the stories on the site, my favorites are the Kristen series and the Catherine Reynolds series. Will there be anymore of the Catherine Reynolds stories coming up in the near future or is that going to be all of them?? I think it would be really interesting to read one more story where Eric and Catherine have been married for a little while and she takes on another case. Maybe one that happens at the Naturist Center or at another local Naturist Center perhaps?? I'm not a very good writer but I think that would be another fine installment in that series. But thanks for the stories so far and nice job on the website.


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