The case of the author notes (Bonus Episode)

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Published on 16.05.09 09:05 Age: 15 yrs

Letters : 2956 Words : 546

By: The Administrator

A few notes from the author on how and why he created he Catherine Reynold series.

As webmaster of the Naturist fiction archive, I wanted to show what naturist fiction could possibly be. In all of the old stories from the first version of the site, the main character discovers naturism and gets converted to it.

In "How Kristen Spent her Summer Vacation", by Nemo, a young woman gets assign as a lifeguard to a nude beach and is forced to either work in the nude or resign.

In "Stephany Conners' naturist diary", Stephany and her friends are introduced to naturism by Stephany's boyfriend and his friend.

In my own story, a twist of Faith, a network consultant gets introduced to naturism in the climax of the short story by the girl he was chasing.

Even the new story I wrote for the relaunch of the website, The secret beach, features two teenagers who discover a naturist center.

In all of these stories, naturism is at the center of the story. It's one of the plot points. I wanted to show that naturism could be used in a story without requiring it to be the basis for the story.

This is were The Case of the Armed Robbery started. I created a simple structure. Catherine gets a new case and between the initial arrest and the trial, she spends times at the naturist center where she lives, and slowly makes new friends.

At first, it was planned to be a stand alone story to inspire our readers to write more stories like it, but I loved the structure so much that I wrote a sequel (The case of the Armed Robbery) almost twice as long as the original.

By then, I knew I had a gem for my inspiration. All I needed was a case for Catherine to defend, and some back-story to occur at the naturist center. In the first two episodes, I focused on her relationship with the Langleys and the mysteries of Catherine's past.

As soon at I published the second episode, a series of ideas inspired me the third episode (The case of the Stolen Jewels) and the future fourth episode.

In the case of the Stolen Jewels, the story grew vastly in size as the back story took a lot more place than the actual case. The introduction of a new character, Eric, was eventually published from his own point of view as a bonus episode (The case of the magic trick). Nonetheless, the case of the Stolen Jewels, with 9150 words, is still the longest story so far on the Naturist Fiction Archives.

I hope to wrote a lot more stories in the Catherine Reynolds series. They are fun to write, and place naturism as simply an activity to enjoy instead of the main conflict of the story. Oddly enough, the next episode will break that rule and focus a lot more on naturism itself, but future episodes will resume the normal structure.

By the way, like Eric, I am also a part time magician. Even thought I am personally a naturist, I have never performed any of my tricks nude, but like him, I could if I wanted to. All of the magic tricks he has performed are taken from my own repertoire of magic tricks I have performed in my shows.



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