Mark and Jenny, Chapter 11 : and odd Saturday afternoon

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Published on 23.01.10 23:00 Age: 14 yrs
Category: Mark and Jenny

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By: The Administrator

Mark is invited for supper at Jenny's house so that her parents get to know him better.

The next morning, Jenny called me at 10h00 sharp. Usually, I was the one calling during the week-end, but I can easily picture her sitting on her bed waiting for the minutes to slowly turn until it was finally a proper time to call me.

She quickly told me that her parents had liked me and wanted to get to know me better. As such, I was officially invited to go eat supper at with her family that night and Jenny hope I would agree.

Of course, he excitement registered in my mind as a new step crossed toward her heart but it is much more likely she was just happy to share her lifestyle with someone her parents approved of.

I asked permission from my parents who were just delighted I would eat with the family of the girl they had so frequently seen and who they hoped would soon be my official girlfriend.

My mother even gave me money to stop at the bakery to buy desert : "It's the polite thing to do".

As soon as diner was finished, I jumped on my bike on that warm March afternoon and pedaled as fast as I could to the bakery to buy an apple pie. I went to put it in my backpack, and only then realized it was too fragile for such a trip.

I managed to slowly drive my bike with one hand holding the bike steady, and the other keeping the pie stable.

On arrival, Jenny opened the door seconds after I rang. I have no doubt she was waiting for me on the other side of the door.

I quickly came up to the kitchen and greeted her nude parents, offering the pie as a gift. I was warmly thanked, by a handshake from Jenny's father and a kiss on each of my cheeks by her mother.

Jenny and I retreated to her room where I undressed, but not before emptying out my backpack which contained another graphic novel and a few comic books and CDs. 

While she was looking at my selection of entertainment, I put all of my clothes in my back pack, and tucked it away in a corner of the room.

Jenny selected one of the CDs, from Enya if I remember properly, and we browsed the comics books as well as some of her naturist magazines.

I wouldn't say she was particularly interested in my comic books, but I think she mostly wanted me to know more about her lifestyle and didn't want to look too obsessed about it. Me, on the other hand, didn't want to look too much at the magazines, for fear of being seen as a pervert looking for nude pictures.

But we talked a lot, like usual. Philosophy, politics, world hunger, were some of the subjects touched. After a few hours, we went in the living room and she offered to teach me to play Go, a Japanese board game.

Like the previous night, Jenny's mom, Margaret, brought us some cheese and soft drinks soon after we sat down, this time however, she sat on the sofa next to us with a book, and remained there without saying a word until it was time for her to prepare supper.

By then however, her father had taken a chair in the kitchen and decided to help me learn Go by pointing out tips on moves I could do and warning me of errors.

Normally, having the father of the girl you are seducing including himself in a conversion is already stressful; so imagine if the father in question is nude, with his private parts less than a few feet away from your own exposed ones.

Despite the initial tension in my upper back, I quickly eased up and soon enough, Margaret went to the kitchen to prepare burgers for supper.

At first, I was worried she would burn herself while cooking the burgers, but I felt stupid for thinking that when I saw her put an apron on, to protect herself. It still felt odd to see her bare buttocks  peeking out of the apron.

I learned a lot about Go and ended up liking it very much. Hey, I still play it today. Jenny explained that Go, unlike other board games, shows you a lot about the personality of the player.

Do you scatter your resources ? Do you build bases ? Do you try to over-reach or do you want to firmly control your areas. Do you constantly attack simply to force the other player to defend himself or do you only try to make successful breaches in his defences ?

She said the most successful players adapted their style to the occasion, but that if you checked the "default" styles of play, those that were used when no style was preferable, you could learn a lot about the personality of the player.

Today, I am in perfect agreement with her, but back then, I was highly sceptical and I remember that the discussion continued well into supper, with Jenny and Robert, her father, arguing for their point, while I tried to argue that many players would simply copy the style of others without thinking and as such, no deductions could be drawn.

I am not sure how exactly, but the subject was changed to school, perhaps by Margaret, and we ended talking about classes, homework and our friends.

I had never asked Jenny beforehand so I asked her if he had even mentioned naturism to Samantha.

Margaret became uneasy and Jenny replied without lifting her eyes from her plate, in a semi-monotonous tone.

"I tried once, last year. I told her that I had learned that there was a nudist camp nearby. I said it must be exciting to just walk under the sun without clothes on and feel the sun on your body. She replied that it was perverted and threw a lot of prejudice. I never re-opened the subject, with anyone else until I spoke to you"

I really didn't know what to answer, so I simply apologized for Samantha's behaviour. I tried to explain that to outsiders, all we ever heard about naturism was silly jokes which made us think that it was just about sex.

Margaret approved, and explained that she felt the same way when Robert mentioned he wanted them to visit a nude beach. It only by listening about it and trying it that you can fully understand that it's not only about sex.

Ok, so perhaps she didn't say "it's not only about sex". She probably said that it's not at all about sex because that was naturists usually say about their lifestyle. Today, I simply do not agree with that statement. To me, naturism is a little about sex, just as dressing up for a wedding is a little about sex. 

Everything you do is a little about emotions, a little about the intellect and a little about sex. Back then, as a teenager willing to impress a girl and go out with her, I simply agreed with her mother.

But even today, I wonder. Do naturist really believe that social nudity has NOTHING to do with sex, or do they simply pay lip service to the official philosophy which might only be there to detract perverts and divert attacks ?

After all, why do girl wear make-up to work ? It's not to have sex with a co-worker, but its certainly liked to their sexuality.

Anyway, that's not where I was. Today, when recollecting the story, my mind wanders philosophically, but back then, I had only one thing on my mind: Impressing Jenny and her parents.

I stayed focused, and the four of us exchanged ideas on the prejudice that naturist were receiving from the mainstream media. I notably shared a few of the jokes I knew, some of which made the whole family laugh despite the obvious stereotypes.

The apple pie I had brought was delicious, but more importantly, I felt like I belonged in the family. I was accepted. It was still a long road for Jenny to accept me as a boyfriend, but at least her parents liked me.

Jenny and I cleaned the dishes after supper, which felt odd doing it entirely nude, but it also made me realize that the meal itself had been entirely natural. I didn't feel ashamed of being nude or of being surrounded by nude people.



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