A Letter to my mom [From the Eden's Creek universe]

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Published on 27.01.10 08:58 Age: 14 yrs
Category: Eden's Creek

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By: The Administrator

This is a letter from a teenage girl living in Eden's Creek, a fictional town set 20 years into the future. This letter is sent 3 years into the Eden's Creek universe and will most likely be the last episode chronologically, despite having been written first.

Two novellas had been planned prior to this story, once depicting Eden's creek foundation and origins and one telling Jake and Emily's story.


You know we are unable to talk nowadays, so I thought I'd write to you instead. Please read the whole letter before trying to find me, for I have a lot to say.

I know you hate what the town has become, but I don't share your point of view about it. Sure, there are no better jobs available for you, but that's your choice, that's your life. Not mine.

I understand you were raised in a different time, but does that mean I need to sacrifice my future because of you ? You keep saying I will have a bright future, but can you still say that now that most of the jobs are overseas ? 

This is one of the rare towns with jobs actually available.

And yet, I still told you we could have moved to a different town anytime. I'm sure the post office could relocate you despite the economy. You decided to stay. Perhaps it's out of emotional attachment to dad. I know you visit his tomb almost as often as I do, so I can relate.

But we are no longer in Fort Jacob. We are in Eden's Creek now. Now that the military has pulled out, only a few of us are left on the base and you know that.

Do you remember the first day of school under the new order ? We were in the majority and we made fun of them. Now, almost everyone of us has moved away and we are the laughing stock.

I tried to tell you, but you never listen anymore. All you do is drink and yell. You say it's all because of them, but I know you miss dad.

He was a great husband, a wonderful father and an amazing sergeant. Everyone who knew him misses him. 

Or is that why you are sad ? That every month one of the old families is moving out and is replaced by an outsider who knows nothing about dad ? Sometimes, when you are coherent enough, I can hear you mumble against some of the families that are leaving.

Regardless, I decided a few weeks ago to try and conform to the new way of life in town. I tried it one week-end and took a walk around the old armoury. It felt so great I decided to continue my walk to the new artificial lake where most of the other teenagers were relaxing.

And you know what mom ? It wasn't at all like you said it would be. It was good clean fun. Nothing dirty. I knew of course most of the kids from school and they all accepted me.

Not just because I had joined their way, but it was like in the past I seemed to reject them. It turns out they don't care what we do, as long as we don't care what they do. Because of all of your yelling and drinking, I kept blaming them until I realized it wasn't their fault.

You could have left and you didn't. That was your choice, and now I am making mine. The next Monday, I was a different girl in school. I chose to fit in. Did you know there were only 4 of us left full time in my grade anyway ? Last year, when Jake starting going out with Emily, it caused a lot of waves.

Sure, it varies from day to day, but only 4 kept refusing. Now, it's down to 3.

So yeah I intend, for the moment, to try it full time. The rest of the kids in my class are doing fine, so why can't I ?

Hey, DeriMark Systems is looking for a new part time receptionist for the week-ends. With my new lifestyle, I might apply. I know you hate them, but what you don't realize is that without them, the town would have closed and you would have lost your job.

How many packages do you deliver to their office every day ? How many letters do they send every week that you get to carry to the distribution center ?

Whether you like it or not, the only reasons we do not get a rural route is because their huge quantity of mail justifies your salary and that the town is secluded enough that it's less expensive to ask you to drive you to the mail depot 3 hours per day than to have it sent. But just one of the reasons wasn't enough. The post office needed enough revenues to cover salary while knowing that any alternative would be too expensive to implement.

Plus, without the families they brought to town over the last three years, the school and the hospital would have closed. Sure, both are small compared to a normal town, but most of the villages don't even have clinic, let alone a hospital with operating rooms and specialists. And please, will you accept the fact that even with the massive immigration of families, the loss of the military families hasn't been compensated yet. We are no longer a town. We're a village now.

So, do what you want. Continue to drink and bitch about them. But know what now, your own daughter is one of them and that there's nothing you can do about it.

I am 17. If you try to force my hand, I'll get emancipated within a week. After that, I will be free to do as I please.

So, here's the deal. If you want to accept me, leave the front porch light open tonight and I'll come home. If you don't want, just leave it closed and I'll manage to live on my own, but then, don't try to contact me.

But don't be afraid for me. I know the economy is down and there's no jobs available, but DeriMark Systems is constantly hiring and they offer good working conditions. Even with a part time job, I'll be able to get my own house in a few years  with their home owner program. 

Unlike other employers, they force you to finish your education instead of encouraging you to drop out and work more hours. 

So, that sums it up. I've decided to change my life around. They didn't brainwash me, it's not a cult or anything. I just have to be reasonable: Eden's creek might be a clothing optional village, the only way to move forward is if you're a naturist.



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Comment from : Don Durito from USA

Wednesday, 12-01-11 23:42


I'm re-reading this after first seeing it about a month ago. Just like the last time around, I thought this intro did a nice job of hooking me as a reader into this particular universe, making me curious to learn more.


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