For you, what is the link between naturism and sexuality ?

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Published on 17.03.10 14:04 Age: 14 yrs

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By: The Administrator

How the administrator perceives the link between Naturism and Sexuality.

The big question. For me, there is a link between the two, but first, let me explain how. When I put on clothes in the morning or when I purchase a new piece of clothing, it is also a sexual action in the sense that the image I project to others is partly a sexual.

Seduction is a complex operation. Not necessarily sexual seduction, but when you meant a client and try to convince him or her to buy from you something, you are in a way trying to seduce that person. Why do you think that pretty saleswomen are often the best to sell clothes to man ? Because we want our clothes to be attractive and when a pretty women tells us that it looks good on us, we tend to believe it's true.

For me, that's all part of sexuality. It's not erotic, but it is sexual. Every single day my wife does things totally unrelated to sexuality or erotism which turn me on. Her action might not be sexual or erotic in nature, but it certainly contains an involuntary sexual context.

They say the human being is a social animal. They also say that 80% of our communication is non-verbal, which includes the way we look, move and dress. I believe that a portion of that non-verbal communication and social exchange is sexual in nature.

I don't mean that I am pervert... I see the Islamic veil or the burqa as items with a strong sexual message, the message being: "I am not interested". A deep cleavage is a message saying either: "I think I am attractive" or "I hope I am attractive". A well cut business suit is a message saying: "I am successful and can support my family".

In none of these cases, it is an erotic act. It's not exhibitionism to wear those clothes and it's not voyeurism to look, but part of the message has a sexual undertone. I think we can't avoid it. We can avoid picking up on the messages left by the others, but we cannot avoid sending those messages anymore that we can avoid sending messages when we are bored, fascinated, excited, tired, etc...

I don't think that the reason we act the way we do or dress the way we do is sexual in nature, but I think it's one of the reasons. We decide to dress someway to project an image of ourselves and part of that image is sexual (or asexual) in nature.

For me, when it comes to naturism, all those half unconscious sexual motivations do not simply vanish into thin air. We will have them, but we have decided to drop the one static portion of our non-verbal communication which is artificial in nature: our clothes.

When I first started, I thought this meant more authentic social interactions. I felt as if clothes were invented to deceive others and social nudity what the only way have true and honest exchanges.  Part of my reasoning was from various naturist magazines and quotes which proclaim exactly that and part of it was that during my first experiences, I did meet very open and direct people who felt exactly like I did.

So, when I come back from a naturist activity, am I turned on ? Yes, I am, not because I am exhibitionist or a voyeurs but rather because I got the chance to be totally myself, without clothes to hide my real nature. When my wife joins me, I also get the chance to see her be totally herself  and it increases my attraction toward her for later, when we are alone in our bedroom.

So, for me, is naturism erotic ? No, it's not. I do not get an erection during naturist activities. Is it sexual ? Yes, like everything else.



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