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Published on 18.03.10 18:29 Age: 14 yrs

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By: The Administrator

What is the original inspiration for the Eden's Creek Universe ?

I want to continue to write small chapters from multiple point of views into the Eden's creek universe. I want to constantly add more characters, more stories and more locations as I see fit.

When I first designed the universe, it was to become a novel. I wrote a series of character arcs for the novels, mostly the story of Jake one of the original teenage boys (a textile) who develops an affection for Emily one of the new citizens (a nudist).

Surrounding them was the severe recession in the USA which left Eden's creek one of the rare prospering towns causing the textiles to stay in town despite their ever decreasing numbers. As a back drop was the terraforming which transformed the valley into almost a paradise while the rest of the USA was becoming increasingly arid due to global warming.

The General was an omnipresent force in the town in the way he built and designed it even if he was dead prior to the first page of the novel. His legacy affected the dynamics of the town like a ghost hunting it and causing friction.

The reason is that the General had decided to separate the town into 2 sectors : the military one and the civilian sector, with the businesses in the civilian sector and the high school, hospital and industrial buildings on the military side. There was 2 grade schools, one for naturists and one of textiles. When DeriMarks came in, in the novel, they only took control of the military sector and only legalized nudity across the town without any enforcement.

As a result, most of the textiles never went on the military side (unless they had to go the hospital) and most of the naturists avoided the civilian side (they lived in the old military houses).

The end result was that the high school kids were the only real source of conflict since they had to go to school in the naturist sector of town. Parents were polarized in the fight and only the kids had to deal on a daily basis with the other side of the fight.

Jake thus became the first textile to join the naturist ranks out of love for Emily.

But the novel would have been a failure. The characters were all too one-dimensional for a novel. That's fine for support characters in a 1200 words short story, but in a 60,000 words novel your support characters need to have a certain depth.

And financially, the town didn't make any sense. Why build houses both in the outskirt of town and in the middle of the base ? If the textiles lived exclusively from commerce, this meant the naturists would also shop in their stores and thus, create tension there.

I am usually write 800 to 1200 words per day. If I keep my stories 800 to 1200 words long, I could write 1 story per day as long as I am inspired.

Eventually, I will run out of inspiration, but I can clearly imagine writing at least 1 new chapter per week, giving me plenty of time to think about the next chapter.



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