The Official Launch of KMBS 98.5 FM in Base Sigma

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Published on 16.02.10 06:32 Age: 14 yrs
Category: Eden's Creek

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By: The Administrator

This is the broadcast transcript from the first broadcast of KMBS 98.5 FM, the only radio station of Base Sigma and eventually Eden's Creek. Still no Naturism, but KMBS will be in the center of the Eden's Creek universe.

"Welcome to the official launch of KMBS 98.5 FM, the first and only radio and live news source of Base Sigma. I am Ian Mackenzy, your host and operator of KMBS. It is 904.

If you have news to report, just visit our website at and We'll be happy to report it live !

But first, a musical interlude."

[We didn't start the Fire, by Billy Joel]

"And we're back ! That was "We didn't start the Fire" by the still excellent even if a little retro, Billy Joel. KMBS is a low power station, with only enough juice to reach the perimeter of the base, but I hope you'll tune in so that we can have our own little identity.

Let me start by talking a little about myself. I am a recent graduate of Base Sigma High School, meaning I am one of the first 6 graduates of our fine local establishment. My father is Captain Stephen Mackenzy of the bureau of civilian relations. I know you all love him or at least, that what he thinks ! "[Laughs] 

"I am one of the many fine young man from the base who have no desire to join our omnipresent military force and frankly, I don't have enough money to move abroad.

All of my fellow students from BS High School know that all I do all day is talk, talk, talk so I thought, why not just start a radio station ?

Let me start by describing my business model. I am operating from my father's basement for now, but I am seriously hoping that each and everyone of the members of the public will agree to sign a petition intended for Herr General Langley to let me use one of the unoccupied business unit or house for free until as a community, we can really afford a radio station.

Speaking about money, it is time for our sponsors.

First of all, I would like to thank Clark Electronics, Base Sigma's only electronic store. Jim Clark, the owner, has agreed to finance the purchase of the equipment to run the radio station in exchange for only 6 months of free advertising. I know the rumour is that he overcharges on everything he sells, but he offers great service, great quality and if you take into account that we are in the middle of nowhere, he is quite affordable. Don't forget that only the special Base Sigma sales tax is applied on your purchases. To reward our listeners, any purchases made today will be discounted a further 10% to commemorate our launch.

[Steel my sunshine, Len]

"Speaking of Sunshine, here is a weather update. The weather office of the base is announcing that today, the maximum temperature for the base is 15 degrees Celsius and the maximum is . That's roughly 59 Fahrenheit for you civilians. One of the benefits of KMBS is acurate weather prediction. If you work near the main compound, you can easily read the billboard next to the Airport, but otherwise, the Weather channel is announcing 41 degrees Fahrenheit on this cold February day. That's a whooping 18 degrees that the perimeter is keeping locked inside the city.

Aren't you happy to be living in the only terraformed city on planet Earth ? Wait until this summer when we should maintain a nice 90 Fahrenheit throughout the entire 6 months instead of constant fluctuations between 65 and 125. I know, they've been saying that for years, but don't you agree we were rather close last year ?

A bit of news because we start a non-stop musical segment.

Congratulations are in order for Maggie and Tom Fuller for the birth of their beautiful daughter Kelly. Well, I haven't seen Kelly, but with parents like Maggie and Tom, the child cannot be ugly, right ? Kelly was born last Wednesday and we wish all of the luck to the new parents.

Two new houses should be completed this week, on the 7th avenue. These two are model houses for two new bigger models unseen before in Base Sigma. Anyone will be able to visit them as soon as completed (We'll keep you updated) and the model will be available for order in two weeks. I don't have the civilian prices yet, but I am told that they are Category F military dwellings so they are appropriate for military officers with a least 2 kids under the age of 16.

For those who haven't heard yet, the accident two nights ago on the corner of the 3rd street and the 6th avenue did not cause any deaths despite the amount of debris find on the street corner the next morning. We don't have much details, but we now know the accident occurred between two members of the military and as such, our good Sheriff Gentry will not investigate the issue. Rumours  circulate on the identity of the two drivers, a private and a corporal, but Captain Mackenzy  begs everyone to keep the tone down and wants to reiterate that it was just an accident and that no alcohol was involved.

Speaking of the good Captain, I have a note here, left on the fridge, that indicates that he will be touring the beach construction site today. If you want to share a comment about the constructions or say, thank him for the support in opening the first radio station in Base Sigma, don't hesitate to tell him in person on the site, or to call tonight at 1800 at his first radio appearance for his daily talk-show.

Before we leave for 30 minutes of non-stop music, if you want to host your own show on our waves, just e-mail us for a Interview. If you want to sponsor our programs, call us right away ! Our advertisement packages are really affordable.

Speaking of which, after the 30 minute break, I will be personally doing a remote broadcast directly from the store of our main sponsor, Clark Electronics until 1100."

[Highway to hell, AC/DC starts]



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