Why are almost all your protagonists teenage girls or guys chasing a teenage girl ?

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Published on 19.03.10 13:14 Age: 14 yrs

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By: The Administrator

I had my first girlfriend when I was 18, but I had been interested in a relationship since I had been 11 due to an early puberty. Sadly, the interest from girls was not mutual and as such, I ended up alone until a blind date in college changed my life from a lifetime celibate without any sort of self-esteem regarding the opposite sex to a normal college kid.

But sadly, this means that I had missed the whole "immature" relationships that high school usually bring during which you get to learn the mysteries of dating. Instead, all my dating experiences occurred when I was already an adult.

This fascination however, is only in my writing. When I was 14, the perfect woman in my mind was 14. When I was 16, the perfect woman in my mind was 16. Now that I am in my thirties, I follow the same pattern: younger woman have no appeal for me because of their lack of maturity. Only women in my age group seem potentially intriguing in real life.

And yet, I still find them less interesting when it comes to writing, perhaps because I like broken protagonists. I like to create immature characters which are opposite to my calm and reasonable personality. I like to express the primal personality I used to have because it become so much easier to express conflict at the personality level.

Teenagers reinvent the world, they reject all authority. They are in transition from the carelessness of childhood to the responsibility of adulthood. If you want to write a "coming of age" story, teenagers are the perfect vessel for such a progress.

Plus, if you want to write a seduction stories in the type of "boy meets girl", I still believe that the teenage years are the best, perhaps because I met my eventually wife when I was only 19 and has such, have no idea how full post-education adults actually deal with it or perhaps because I am a romantic who believe in young and eternal love.

The Deserted Beach, only features adults in their late twenties, thought their actual age isn't mentioned (as it is irrelevant) but once again, features a female protagonist.



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