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Published on 18.02.10 05:30 Age: 14 yrs
Category: Eden's Creek

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By: The Administrator

Another KMBS 98.5 FM transcript, this time with the shocking news that Base Sygma will become Eden's Creek, a naturist city in 3 to 4 months.

Ian: "Hello  KMBS 98.5 FM Listeners. I have a very special report and an exclusive news on the future of Base Sygma.

As you all know, after the tragic death of General Langley roughly 3 months ago of a heart attack the US Military has decided to close Base Sygma and sell it's asset to the company with the best offer.

Most of you know that only one company decided to bid for the base and got it for a fraction of it's actual value. 

I have with me here the two founders of the company called Eden's Creek Conglomerate to talk about the future of the town.

Mark Kelso and Derrick Summers, welcome to KMBS 98.5 FM."

Mark : "It's a pleasure", 

Derrick: "thank you Ian for having us"

Ian: "Mark and Derrick, you are the incredible duo behind the successful DeriMark System corporation. Why does a fortune 500 corporation suddenly decide to buy a former military base ?"

Derrick: "Ian, Mark and I are visionaries who did what every economist of the post Wall Street meltdown said was impossible to do : build a successful new electronic US corporation which functions without outsourcing any of its jobs. We succeeded by building a new business model for our products based on automation, high quality and customization to the customer's need. Not only is it working, but every year, our sales rise by at least 25%"

Mark: "Sadly, this means that we have outgrown our current head office and need a new facility. We already have factories across the USA, what we now need is a good location to centralize all our designers, software developers, accountants as well as our telephone support center, one of the rare ones still on US soil. Thanks to the airport, massive unused data connections and the potential availability of thousands of homes, we expect to be able to both decrease our costs and increase our employees satisfaction."

Ian: "Could this mean jobs for soon to be unemployed Base Sigma residents due to the pull out of the military ?"

Mark : "We don't have jobs as far as I know for current residents of the city. There will be massive immigration of our employees over the next 3 to 4 years,  and the influx of new residents will mean increased sales for existing businesses. We will personally offer to buy any house in Base Sigma for at least it's highest value during the Base Sigma years, but due to the future demand, certain houses might actually increase in value. We already have over 200 famillies ready to  "

Ian : "What, do you want to get rid of us ? "

Derrick : "Let me be honest with you right away. There will be a major change in town over the next few weeks. Once we take control of the base, there will be a series of changes to the city laws. As you know, the charter of the city places us above the actual state laws, allowing the military to impose custom laws on every citizen of the base, including restrictions on who is actually allowed to enter the premise. We made it clear that the Eden's Creek  Conglomerate would take the place currently occupied by the military and continue to oversee the city charter."

Mark : "Don't worry, our plan is not to become dictators. There will be elections for a city counsel for day to day business, but the long term planning of the city will remain within the control of the conglomerate for a very good reason. The town will aim to become the first naturist city in the USA and possible the first real naturist city in the world."

Ian : "Naturist ? What do you mean ?"

Derrick : "DeriMark system is a company which exclusively hire naturists for its head office, meaning people who prefer to live without clothes when possible."

Ian : "You mean nudists ?"

Mark : "We prefer the term Naturist, but yeah, essentially, every new citizen immigrating to Eden's Creek, which you still call Base Sigma, will be to be an almost full time nudist."

Ian : "What about the current citizens ?"

Derrick : "The current laws of the city forbid public nudity like everywhere else. This law will remain in place for 90 days after we get control of the city, which might take another few weeks. Some of our employees, including our own families, will have moved in by then but for respect of the current citizen, public nudity will be banned during that transition."

Mark : "Yes, but on that 90th day, you should expect every new citizen in town to be nude most of the time. Businesses will be required to equally serve any citizen whether they are properly dressed or fully nude. New businesses will be allowed to require nudity for its employees, but existing companies will be able to either require its employees to wear clothes, require nudity or leave it to the individual employee."

Ian : "Wow. That's a lot to take in. What about those who are opposed to nudism ?"

Mark : "We'll buy their house in the next few days and compensate them to help them move, but if they stay, they'll have to respect the naturist around them."

Derrick : "But don't worry, nudity will not be required anywhere for existing citizens or their eventual children. If you currently live in the city, you will be allowed to wear clothes without any problems."

Ian : "What about schools ?"

Mark : "What about them ?"

Ian : "Does this mean that non-nudist kids will be in classes with nudists ?"

Mark : "Possibly. There is only 1 high school and 1 elementary school on the base. This means we simply cannot separate the students. The schools will decide if they split the classes or not."

Ian : "But don't you think it will cause issues when the nudist kids will interact with the non-nudist kids and vice-versa ?"

Mark : "Perhaps, but we'll offer special guidance for the students, and in the 90 days buffer, several naturist kids will attend the school but keep their clothes on. Well recommend to the school administration to possibly prolong the buffer time for the school, but we do not think that avoiding the problem in the short term will be beneficial in the long term."

Ian : "And what about sex ?"

Derrick : "Naturism isn't about sex. Public sexuality will still be illegal. The only change to the law is that nudity will be allowed for current citizens and general required for new ones"

Mark : "The naturists will already be somewhat used to the situation because of the way they were living. On naturist center, that's an issue that occurs a lot less frequently than in non-naturist communities. For the non-naturists it might be harder and that's why we'll have special councillors to help them during the transition"

Ian : "Got it, I'll change the subject. If I decide to become a nudist, will I later be allowed to change my mind ?"

Mark : "You are a current citizen of the town. Regardless of what happens, you will be allowed to wear clothes, or not, as you wish."

Ian : "And what if I simply don't want to see naked people ?"

Derrick : "Then you can sell us your house directly within the 3 to 4 months and move out before nudity is legal in town"

Ian : "Listeners, this is a major issue, and as such, I'll leave the lines open for questions and comments, but for now, I'll pause for a word from our sponsors".


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