Kim Taylor's first day in school

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Published on 03.03.10 07:08 Age: 14 yrs
Category: Eden's Creek

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By: The Administrator

An Extract from Kim Taylor's diary about her first day in school.

So, my first day of school wasn't as bad as I thought. Naturism was the topic of the day, but it was all respectful. Megan, our teacher is great. She is warm, nice and on top of that, she is a naturist like me.

Each naturist kid in class got assigned a textile partner. When she announced it, I was anxious after all of the fighting in town since we moved in; fortunately, I got Jackie Steward.

When we sat down in a corner to talk, both of us were highly nervous but quickly enough, the tension passed.

She had of course heard of my Dad thanks to his frequent interviews on the radio, but she explained to me that since her mom, Isabelle, worked in the tax collection department in city hall, she had met my dad a few times and liked him.

I discovered her dad, Francis, was a butcher at the big grocery store. I think I met him a few times when my mom asked for grounded veal. He seemed really nice.

When my dad came home, I asked him about Isabelle and he remembered her well since she was "one of the rare employees in city hall who was not totally hostile to the change of regime". 

I don't know if this means that Jackie's mom gets into trouble with her co-workers like my dad does. Perhaps not.

I knew many of the naturist kids already from the Sunday morning brunches, but I knew none of the textile kids.  I had seen a few in town but I had never spoken to any of them.

Mom and Amanda both said that at the high school, it was very unpleasant. A lot of the older textile kids got into fights with the new kids and the teachers had to break the fights. But the worst was that some of the old teachers were actually enjoying it. They usually punished only the naturist kids which they recognized simply by the fact that they were new in town.

At my school, it was a lot calmer. For one thing, most of the elementary school teachers decided to leave for another town so that the majority of the teachers were naturists. Ellen had explained the situation clearly last week-end when the Summers came to eat at our house. She managed to get the one of the two 4th grade classes. I wonder if her day went well.

Anyway, I spent most of the day with Jackie. That was our task for the day. Normally, we just play games to get to know each other in general, but today, we did mostly games to get to know our partner.

Jackie seems really nice. She invited me to play at her house tonight after supper so I can meet her parents. I guess I'll invite her over tomorrow and to be polite, we'll all stay dressed.

I spoke to some of the naturist kids I know from my class and most of them complain that their partner seems to refuse to talk about naturism even if the assignment was to get each other comfortable.

Jackie, on the other hand, kept asking questions and questions and questions. "Did you ever get a sunburn on your butt?", "What do you do when it's cold outside ?" and of course, a ton of questions on the boy's anatomy.

I tried to give as many answers as possible, but just because you grew up as a naturist doesn't mean you know everything about boys. I don't tend to stare at their stuff.

Still, we managed to get along fine and we began to bond a little.

For Amanda however, her first day of high school wasn't as pleasant. For one thing, there were a few fights amongst the older boys. My mother confirms that amongst the older teenagers, the tension is really high and just an odd look was enough all day to provoke hostilities.

Amanda knew some of the naturist kids, but was unable to make friends with any of the textile kids in class. There really seems to be a rift between the two communities. My mom said that tomorrow, there will be a lot of counseling to help solve differences, but Amanda is really skeptical it might work.

I guess I should simply thank the Lord that I moved in while still in grade school and not older and just pray to him that soon, things will be better everywhere in town.


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Comment from : The Administrator

Monday, 08-03-10 10:56

If you click on her name at the bottom of the article, you will be able to read all of the articles in which she appears.

Kim Taylor was introduced in [The "job of a lifetime" offer from Mark Kelso] and in that story, it is told she is 11 and is in 6th grade.

This story occurs about a month after her first appearance.


Comment from : Alexa Livy from Milwaukee, WI

Saturday, 06-03-10 23:42

More background on Kim Taylor "First Day" Age of event, Age when told. Location.


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