The first day of naturism at school

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Published on 19.03.10 13:30 Age: 14 yrs
Category: Eden's Creek

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By: The Administrator

Naturism is now legal in Eden's Creek and for the first time in the world, naturist kids go to school with textile kids. This story highlight the first day at the grade school.

Tension was high, but for the grade school students, it was mostly lived internally. The textile kids had wide eyes trying to get used to all of the bare parts they were seeing for the first time. The Naturist kids were afraid the situation would degenerate.

Well, not all of the naturist kids, for most were simply happy they were finally able to get rid of their clothes while others were simply happy to have gotten rid of their anxiety about how today would occur.

Not all of the textile kids were uncomfortable with the nudity around them. Some of the younger kids evacuated their awkwardness by laughing it off, but after while, even the oldest kids started to get used to the idea that more than half of their colleagues were naked.

Kids in classes where pairing was implemented usually reacted the best to the situation because they had reached a relatively good understanding of what naturism was about before the today.

Mrs Green, from 4th grade was one of the notable exceptions. She didn't implement pairing but used her own method in which she alternated between games opposing the two lifestyles to show that both kinds of kids were identical and team bonding in which she created small groups of kids which changed from day to day. Of course, she had the odd combination of having both the smallest class in school and the highest ratio of naturists to textiles. For an odd reason. Only 5 textile kids were in her class of 21 students.

In Megan Beck's sixth grade class, the kids handled the situation relatively well considering she was the only naturist teacher in 5th and 6th grade.

Kids in the first few grades are not yet approaching puberty, but in the final two years of grade schools, many of the girls had started to have breasts and most of the boys had started to think about girls.

Megan had thought that being the only naturist teacher with older kids would have caused problems, but her day went relatively smoothly.

In her class, all of her naturist student were nude on the first day which she saw as a sign of trust toward her. She was proud of all of her students alike, except perhaps Dale Rudy, one of the textile kids she knew could be trouble.

Dale spent most of the day looking at his classmates with an odd grin on his face. At recess, Megan kept him in class to talk to him, but his behaviour didn't really improve during the rest of the day. Fortunately, only Megan seemed to have noticed and all of the other textile kids reacted relatively well.

Jackie Steward was quickly seen as the textile kid who was the most at ease with the new situation. Not only was she relaxed and calm, but she helped a few of her friends reach the same inner peace she seamed to have.

But for Jackie, a fight was occurring just below the surface and her calmness was just an attempt to hide her own apprehensions.

Kim, her friend and naturist pairing partner, was able to see that something was different about her, but Jackie wasn't ready yet to talk about it.

It's only later at home in the middle of supper that she decided to ask her parents the important question that had been running thru her mind all day long.

"Mom, Dad, what do you think of naturism ?"

The Steward had answered that question numerous times in the past and as such, Isabelle's reply came without having to think about it.

"You dad and I think it's something natural. That's why we have no problem when your friend Kim was undressed at our house. You shouldn't discriminate against the naturist kids in your school"

Jackie's throat was half dry when she managed to reply :"I know that. What I mean is, what about you ?"

This time her parents took a long look at each other and her father replied, diplomatically : "Are you asking us permission to try naturism ?"

Relieved, Jackie still almost hid herself under the table to reply in the affirmative, convinced that her parents would ground her or yell at her.

Instead, her mom stood up and hugged her to make her feel warm and accepted. "Honey, you will have to decide by yourself what you want to do. If you want to try it, we have no problems with it. Just make sure you are doing it for yourself, not just to please someone or make friends".

It's only about an hour after supper that Jackie got the courage to undress in her house. She had been nude with Kim and even with Amanda, but that was at a naturist house. Being nude with her parents in the house she grew up in sounded weird at first but soon enough, she felt the peacefulness that the other naturist kids mentioned.

Not longer after, it was time for her bath and soon after, she went to bed without bothering to put clothes on.

Before falling asleep however, Jackie thought long and hard about her future. Starting today, most of the residents of the city would be naked all day long, including her best friend and her teacher. 

One day or another, she knew she would embrace naturism. It felt natural and simple compared to endless doubt over what to wear to fit in and be accepted.

When the news of the transition broke out months ago, her parents had made sure that she would accept these people as they were. Her mother was particularly clear that it wasn't something bad and that if their lives had turned out differently, perhaps they would be nudists too.

Well, Jackie felt she was at a crossroad. What did she want ? She had felt good naked at the Taylor's house. She felt good naked in her house. How would she feel at school ? There was only one way to find out.

The next morning, she did put clothes on, but she made sure to pack a small towel in her school bag.

When she arrived, she searched for Kim to and quickly dragged her to the closest bathroom where she showed her the towel she brought.

The already nude Kim hugged her best friend in silence, but as soon as the girls separated, Jackie began putting her clothes in her bag, keeping only her socks and her shoes on.

Nervously, the formerly textile girl followed her best friend to their classroom where their entrance was definitely noticed. As Jackie walked to her desk, almost as naked as the day she was born, the eyes every student were locked on her, amazed at her transformation.


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Comment from : The Administrator

Saturday, 20-03-10 07:46

Oops.. I guess I was tired when I was writing the article and wanted to return to my bed ;-)


Comment from : Cor Cor

Friday, 19-03-10 14:16

... Jackie began putting her clothes in her bed, keeping only her socks and her shoes on....
Shouldn't bed be bag?


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