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Comment from : nudist nudist story

Thursday, 21-07-11 14:39

I find that quite an inspiring story. Depression sucks, it drains you big time and I think nudism is the answer!


Comment from : Bruce brucoe

Monday, 09-05-11 09:29

Certainly, I aim to please...

1) "The Reluctant Nudist" by A.W. Palmer, a humorous crime novel. A
non-nudist British couple gets lost in Southern France, late at night
they discover a) a corpse and b) that they have accidentally entered
the grounds of a naturist resort, where the murdered man had lived.
They are then rquired to stay at said resort for further
2) "Clothing Optional" by James Arlandson, is also a crime novel with
a naturist resort as the crime scene, this time located in Florida.
The owner of the place is killed and his daughter has to travel there
to inherit the place, having not the slightest idea that it is
cloting optional. The detective gets to know all the residents and
falls in love with the female manager. The ending is somewhat bizarre
for my taste, but overall the book is really enjoyable.
3) The "Runaway Nudist" trilogy by Byron and Kay McAllister. I have
yet to read the whole books, but from flipping through the pages i
daresay they´re really fine.

There´s more to come from me, if you like, but PLEASE do not hesitate
to drop a few hints to titles you might know yourselves, or give me a
feedback what you think of the titles I mentioned. If you want to
find out more about them, I suggest the books/English books sections
of the various Amazon sites around the world, for that´s where I
found most of them.


Comment from : The Admnistrator

Wednesday, 04-05-11 09:55

Thank you Bruce for the support and sorry I didn't approve your comment sooner.

I just posted the second chapter after the Pitch. I plan to make it look like it's a nudesploitation series, but turn it around... Wheter it will be a success or not remains to be seen.

Could you suggest me books? I could post a section on the site listing good ones, but I haven't read many myself.


Comment from : Bruce brucoe from Germany

Monday, 04-04-11 06:32

The idea behind this story is a really creative one, though your motivation to do it is quite sad. I so wanted to believe that the Catherine Reynolds movies could be done and was looking eagerly forward to them. Still... please continue The pitch, I've missed your writings a lot, since this kind of fiction is hard to find these days, on the net or elsewhere. By the way, maybe you or somebody else can toss out some advice on books with naturist fiction? I've read a few ones myself and could mention the titles, if anyone is intersted.


Comment from : James Ward from Mid-Atlantic

Friday, 21-01-11 17:00

I thought the story had merit. I can almost see where this story "can" go, but I am unsure what to say at this point, as I am new to this sort of fiction.

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