Good progress on My life so far

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Published on 01.06.22 20:26 Age: 2 yrs
Category: Blog

Letters : 1439 Words : 259


My daughter and I are making good progress on My life to far, with 25 episodes written and over 58,000 words!

But more than that, the story is moving forward and one by one, the characters designed mostly by my daughter are coming alive.

Lucy and her boyfriend Clark are now in the story, and in a good part of it. They are older teenagers who befriend Mindy and Julie, and who are really cool. Well, they are supposed to be, anyway.

Julie's parent have more and more a personality of their own, same for Mindy's parents, but plot points on them are for later.

Edith is in the story, and is rather important. With Mindy and Julie, she completed a trio of girls who hang out and are friends. Edith, accepts the 2 girls' naturism and even goes topless despite self-image problems to Mindy's house, but never goes fully nude. My daughter insisted on it.

Soon, in a few chapter, we will meet Bobby, a love interest for Mindy. Sure, it's an immature one, just an interest for each other, but it will sort of isolate Mindy a little, and push Edith and Julie closer.

At this moment, things are moving slowly, with often several chapters on the same day, but soon, it will get colder, and weeks will fly by, with Mindy more preoccupied by Billy, and Edith and Julie just hanging up, playing video games.

We need time to fly, because the starting point of the story is Julie at age 12, but but events occur much later, when 13, 14 and 15. We can't write 1000 episodes to cover 1000 days!

But that's for later. Right now, it's day by day, or almost...



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