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Our policy about what is acceptable and what is not in stories published on this site.

This site is a repository of naturist stories, but the definition of what constitutes a naturist story changes from one person to another. For some, a naturist story is any story with nudity in it, including for sexual purposes. For others, a naturist story is a story with card carrying naturists. As such, we feel it is important to clearly define the rules of what type of stories are acceptable for this site.

For the purpose of this site, a naturist story is a narrative in which one or more of the characters experience or talk about naturism in a form compatible with the majority of naturist associations and centers.

Here are examples of what can take part of an acceptable story :

  • Characters enjoying social nudity, in a kid friendly environment
  • Characters discovering social nudity, discussing frequently asked questions such as the fear of having an erection
  • Summary description of the appearance of a nude character, including approximate breast size for females
  • Kids enjoying social nudity

Here are examples of what can make a story totally unacceptable:

  • Forced nudity, especially for the goal of humiliation
  • Explicit sexual relation descriptions
  • Hints on the sexuality of pre-teens
  • Hints on the sexuality of teenagers with adults, or of teenager with pre-teens
  • Hints of multiple partner sexual relation, or partner exchange ( swapping/swinging )
  • Any sexual connotation occurring in plan view at a naturist event

Here are examples of situations which, if treated in a clean matter, might be tolerated if they add to the story, but would require a good reason

  • Hints on the sexuality of teenagers with teenagers the same age (such as a characters feeling attracted to one another or dating)
  • Implicit sexual relations (such as lightly mentioning the characters had sexual relations)
  • Sexism, gender discrimination, homophobia, but only if used to highlight the close-mindedness of an individual
  • Naturist imposing their nudity in non clothes-optional events
  • Description of genitals
  • Exhibitionism / voyeurism

In general, you story must not be an erotic tale. It must not be pornographic in nature. Naturist events must be treated as family-friendly. Sexuality may be mentioned, but lightly. Think about PG-13 movies in which we see characters kissing, still fully clothed, while dropping on the bed, with the next scene occurring after the event. The actual sexual act isn't shown on the screen.



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