How to incorporate naturism in your story

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Brief guide on how to add naturism to your stories

Plot points are important events in a story that change radically the story. Everything prior to the first plot point is the prologue or the setup. Everything after the last plot point is the resolution or the epilogue. Most stories have 2 primary plot points, usually the first and the last, thought the actual number of smaller plot points in between may be radically different.

Naturism may be introduced in the setup of the story, for example, when the characters are already naturists. It may also be introduced as the first plot point, with the discovery or choice of naturism being the radical change. You may also prefer to incorporate it as the final plot point, possibly as the resolution of the story. For example, a character might discover his best friend is a naturist as the first plot point, and decide to try naturism as the final plot point.

If you submit multiple stories, try to use the various options for incorporating naturism. The importance is to be creative and interesting.

Naturism may also serve a great role, such as all of the action occurring at a naturist center, or a smaller role such as having a single visit to a clothing-optional beach. As long as your story follows our guidelines and is of interest to naturists, we will publish it.

You could even write a narrative without a single character undressing but which still presents naturism in a positive light such as characters talking about going to naturist events. Nude friendly stories in which, for example, naturism isn't mentioned by the characters but their participate in a nude friendly atmosphere will also be reviewed. An example is the movie Starship Trooper in which characters of both genders take a common shower without a sexual overtone.

In reality, we do not want to suggest what to do, we want you to surprise us !



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