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Where to get inspiration for new naturist stories, and ideas of what we are looking for in a nudist story

We believe that one of the main reasons for the absence of naturist stories is the fact that, let's be honest, naturism in itself is not a very inspiring subject for a narrative. Good fiction is based on conflict, and naturism is peaceful in nature. This is perhaps why non-naturist authors write about full time naturists who insist on answering the door nude : because it creates friction. This is perhaps why they speak about shame of being nude, or fear of erections : because it creates tension.

And yet, there are many ways to write interesting naturist stories without touching the familiar "clue less non-naturist character discovers the naturist characters by having them answer the door nude" or the "character finds a naturist beach by chance" arc.

Here are a few ideas on how to write a story with naturism in it :

  • A traditional story, such as boy meets girl, occurs at a naturist center. The center is only the setting for the story, not the story
  • Incorporate some informal naturism, such as a skinny dipping adventure between friends
  • Put one or more naturist characters amongst non-naturists, and have them deal with the pressure of conforming
  • Write a story about a non-naturist falling in love with a naturist, or vice-versa
  • Write a personal journey with the character trying naturism

But naturism doesn't need to be the center of the story. It doesn't need to be fully explicit : there is no need for the characters to actually undress. Simply treating the subject with respect can be interesting such as characters planning during the winter their next summer vacation. Regardless of what you do, try to be original.

Here are possible bad ideas for a story, unless you make them very interesting and pertinent:

  • First time stories : there are plenty of true first time stories on the Internet. If you simply want to describe the first visit of a new naturist to a beach, it has possibly been already done. Try to add more.
  • Immature naturism: games like strip poker or nude twister are not naturist. They are made or imagined by non-naturists as erotic, sexy or titillating. Of course, a strip poker game might lead to more discoveries, but if the game itself is the center of the story, it is not about naturism.
  • Naturism as a result of a bet. In many stories, characters bet to go nude either as a result of losing a bet, or as the actual bet itself. Once again, it is a very risky subject
  • Streaking : running nude in a non-naturist event isn't generally naturism, it is generally exhibitionism, but in some rare cases, such as at the burning man festival, it is tolerated.

And don't forget, naturist stories may occur anywhere, anytime, and may be about anything! You may write a fantasy story set in the past, a space opera adventure, a murder mystery, a ghost story. Your stories may involve drama, comedy, romance alone or in combination.

You are encouraged to develop your own characters, ideas and locations, but you may use a share universe manifest in order to get started. You may also participate in a collaborative novel. You may develop a pitch or a synopsis written by some one else.



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Thanks for information!


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