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Explains the reasons behind the creation of this site, which fills a unique niche

Naturism and nudism include the participation in social nudity: activities performed without clothing. Even thought naturism is relatively popular in many countries, rare are the fiction stories written on the subject of true naturism, and nudism is under-represented in the popular media.occasionally, certain movies will touch the subject as a pretext for humour, such as non-naturist characters visiting a stereotyped nude beach but in almost all of these movies, the naturists are only non-speaking figurants appearing exclusively at the nude beach. In rare television shows, a naturist guest will be present for a single cop show, usually in a small role such as the wife of a missing man, or the witness of crime. The witness always lives in a non-naturist building, but still answers the door nude and never offers to put clothes on.

Other shows, such as "This simple life" with Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie have filmed at a naturist center, but rarely do the naturists get the chance to present a true vision of what naturism is and the location is purely used for shock value.

On the Internet, Naturism gets a much bigger view, partially thanks to an active naturist online community, but also, unfortunately, due to laws allowing public pictures of nude children and teenagers only in a naturist or artistic settings. Because of this, many producers, notably in Russia, have started to publish on the Internet "naturist" movies and picture of kids and teenagers at naturist events, blurring the line between naturism and pornography.

To add to the problems, many erotic writers have published free stories occurring in so-called naturist centers with exhibitionism, orgies, swinging and other sexual activities occurring in plain view. While there are swingers everywhere in society, including at naturist centers, almost all naturist centers forbid overt sexuality.

Other forms of writing very popular on the Internet are forced nudity and humiliation stories in which girls, often teenagers, are forced to undress in a public setting such as at school and are humiliated doing so.

Naturists are not ashamed of their nudity, and are not humiliated if caught nude by accident by non-naturists, but they generally do not try to impose their nudity on others.

We decided to create this site to both encourage internet writers to publish naturist stories, and to create an interest in such stories. The strict guidelines imposed on stories are to safeguard against stories moving too far away from the spirit of naturism.

Additionally, we want the majority of the stories to be rated the equivalent of PG-13, avoiding overt sexuality.



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